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Double Your Content Engagement via Employee Advocacy


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Our product experts walk you through the benefits of employee advocacy and how LinkedIn’s platform, Elevate, works. You’ll see LinkedIn Elevate in action and learn how you can use it to increase reach and engagement with your content.


-- The benefits of employee advocacy
-- The LinkedIn Elevate platform and how it works
-- Company success stories

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Double Your Content Engagement via Employee Advocacy

  1. 1. Double Your Content Engagement via LinkedIn Elevate Jeff Weiner Chief Executive Officer Katie Levinson Senior Product Marketing Manager LinkedIn Elevate Chris Carollo Senior Enterprise Director LinkedIn Elevate
  2. 2. We’ll cover… 1. Definition of Employee Advocacy 2. The LinkedIn Elevate Platform 3. LinkedIn Elevate Success Stories 4. Q&A with Product Experts
  3. 3. What is employee advocacy? Empowering your employees to share content with their own social networks Employees build thought leadership and their professional reputations Companies extend their reach and engagement, and connect more authentically with their audiences
  4. 4. 90% of brands are already pursuing or have plans to pursue employee advocacy Early pilots, testing 38 % Leadership support for broad-based employee advocacy 26 % Employee advocacy is strategic, with strategic impact 16 % Trained employees in just a few departments 11% No plans 7% Employees not allowed to advocate 3% “What best represents the state of employee advocacy at your company?”
  5. 5. Companies with a formal program grow faster than those without one Firms with formal employee advocacy programs grow faster Other firms > 20% revenue growth
  6. 6. Employee advocacy extends your reach Your employees have 10x more connections than your company has followers
  7. 7. Employee advocacy drives higher click through rates Employees drive 2x higher click-through rates compared to company shares of the same content
  8. 8. Employee advocacy also increases engagement with company content While on average only 3% of employees share company-related content, they drive a 30% increase in the engagement with that company content Employee engagement Total engagement Like, click, comment, re-share
  9. 9. LinkedIn Elevate Overview
  10. 10. “ “The support staff at Elevate was another deciding factor. The account team that we have is fabulous. The level of personal attention really started us off on the right foot, and their continued support is a major factor in our success with the program.” Elizabeth Jurewicz Social Enablement Strategist, Rackspace RESULTS Employees are sharing 6x more frequently Over $1M in annualized earned media value 6x more views of employees’ profiles 5x more Company Page followers than before6x 6x 1M 5x
  11. 11. “ “We see many social tools that deliver on strategy or tactics – but not both. Elevate is one of the only platforms we’ve seen that can blend these roles, giving us the strategic approach that also changes tactics.” Katie Barmantje Senior Specialist, Global Interactive Marketing, Aon RESULTS Employees are sharing 2x more frequently 4x more Company Page views than before 2x faster network growth on LinkedIn than before 4x more engagement with content than before2x 2x 2x 4x
  12. 12. “ When employees share content, their network is reminded that they’re a Visa employee. We’ve seen it really spark interest in Visa as a brand and potential employer, with more awareness for Visa on social networks. Lucas Mast VP Corporate Social Media, Visa RESULTS Employees are sharing 5x more frequently Over 1% engagement rate on employee-shared content 3x more Company Page Views than before 4x more Company Page followers than before5x 3x 1% 4x
  13. 13. Q&A Want to learn more? Check out the resources in the console for Help Center links and more.
  14. 14. Thank you!