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Welcome to the first edition of the LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly. This report uses LinkedIn data to examine what co...
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In the first quarter, C-level executives engaged more often than the typical LinkedIn
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Content Insights Quarterly: Q1 2017


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We used LinkedIn data to examine what kind of articles members are engaging with on the platform. This quarter, we look at the articles and topics that interested CXO executives.

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Content Insights Quarterly: Q1 2017

  1. 1. Welcome to the first edition of the LinkedIn Content Insights Quarterly. This report uses LinkedIn data to examine what content LinkedIn members are engaging with on the platform. In this quarterly offering, we also use LinkedIn data to examine what kind of articles a specific audience is interacting with on the platform. This quarter, we’ve examined what articles and topics caught the interest of CXO executives. And finally, we dove into the specific and important topic of “ad viewability” to gauge what articles about the topic are resonating with LinkedIn members. Among the top five topics, three involved hiring or employee retention: • No. 1 Recruiting • No. 2 Employee Engagement • No. 5 Recruiters In the first quarter of 2017, LinkedIn members published more than 100,000 articles weekly on the platform. This list shows the topics that generated the most engagement on LinkedIn. TOP TOPICS* TOP GROWTH TOPICS** TOP ARTICLES*** Four of the top five article topics showing the highest growth in the first quarter involved the hot topic of immigration: • No. 1 Naturalization • No. 2 L-1 (Visa) • No. 4 Immigration Issues • No. 5 Visas The article topics showing remarkable growth in engagement in the first quarter offer a window on how business is being influenced by the world at large. Two of the top three articles posted on LinkedIn in the first quarter of the year addressed the subject of sales. Finding good salespeople and uncovering the secrets of effective sales are perennial preoccupations of businesses. Another preoccupation of businesses is establishing a positive culture to attract and retain employees, and five of the top 15 articles examined hiring and culture (e.g., “High Performing Jerks = Culture Crushers”). 01 • Content Insights Quarterly CONTENT INSIGHTS QUARTERLY 1. NATURALIZATION 2. L-1 3. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE 4. IMMIGRATION ISSUES 5. VISAS 1. The best answer I’ve ever heard to “sell me this pen” —Dailius R. Wilson 2. This Study Reveals The 5 Biggest Regrets People Have Before They Die—John-Paul Iwuoha 3. My 5 Essential Tips for Selling Anything to Anyone —Robert Herjavec 4. 9 Bad Manager Mistakes That Make Good People Quit —Dr. Travis Bradberry 5. From the Ritz to a Padded Cell: A Workaholic’s Lesson on Love and Loss”—Lindsey Boggs 1. RECRUITING 2. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT 3. SELF-ESTEEM 4. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 5. RECRUITERS 6. EUROPE 7. LEAN MANUFACTURING 8. SALES 9. INVESTMENT BANKING 10. VENTURE CAPITAL 6. YOGA 7. INTERVIEWS 8. STRATEGY 9. FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS 10. TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION Q1 2017
  2. 2. 02 • Content Insights Quarterly In the first quarter, C-level executives engaged more often than the typical LinkedIn user with article topics that dealt with finance on either a personal or business level. In fact, five of the top 10 article topics engaged with by CXOs on the LinkedIn platform involved finances in some fashion: • No. 1 Joint Ventures • No. 3 IPO • No. 4 Inheritance Tax Planning • No. 6 Hard Money Loans • No. 7 Venture Capital AUDIENCE OF THE QUARTER: TOP TOPICS THAT ENGAGE CXOS AUDIENCE OF THE QUARTER: TOP ARTICLES THAT ENGAGE CXOS TOPIC OF THE QUARTER: AD VIEWABILITY The top articles on LinkedIn that C-level executives find engaging tend to cover business growth and personal growth—or the intersection of both. For instance, one of the most engaging articles for CXOs in the first quarter was “The Human Side of Responsible Growth.” Half of the articles in the top 10 explored how to achieve personal or business growth with articles that include “The Human Side of Responsible Growth” and “18 Rookie Errors Founders Make Pitching to VCs”. 1. JOINT VENTURES 2. TELEHEALTH 3. IPO 4. INHERITANCE TAX PLANNING 5. MANAGED HOSTING 1. 4 signs that your business needs financing—Ami Albernaz 2. The Scoop on New Workplace Fads—Travelers 3. The Human Side of Responsible Growth—The Atlantic 4. How much do I need to retire?—Fidelity 5. Are You Sabotaging Your Career by Being Perceived as a Doer and Not a Leader?—Darleen Ghirardi 6. 16 Rookie Errors Founders Make Pitching to VC— And Passing the “20 Minute” Test—Jason M. Lemkin 7. Why do hospitals lose so much money on employed physicians?—Greg Mertz 8. Adding Our Voice to the Indexing Dialogue—Tim Armour 9. The Social Selling ebook | PayPal—PayPal 10. Why Big Companies Should Invest in Startups—Lando Barbagli 1. Kellogg Finds Viewability Matters, Likeability Even More —Jack Neff 2. Nielsen Catalina Solutions and Moat Help Marketers Study How Viewability and Attention Metrics Relate To Offline Sales—Yahoo! 3. Rubicon Project and Integral Ad Science partner to create video viewability scores—Mumbrella 4. Marketers Want to Start Measuring Emoji Viewability —Lauren Johnson 5. Ad Trade Groups Push for Standardized Mobile Viewability Metrics—WSJ 6. HARD MONEY LOANS 7. VENTURE CAPITAL 8. BUSINESS PLANNING 9. GEMS 10. HARM REDUCTION *Top Topics: These are the topics that have the most engagement on the LinkedIn platform; engagement is defined as any of the following actions: click, like, share, comment. **Top Growth Topics are the tagged content topics that have shown the largest increase in quarter over quarter engagement. ***Top Articles are ranked by total number of engagements (click, like, share, comment) with that article in the quarter. In the marketing and advertising sector, viewability is one of the hottest topics. It’s an issue that needs to be resolved so that advertisers only pay for ads that their audiences have actually seen. The articles receiving the most engagement ran the gamut on the viewability issue, from measurement to news to a bit of argumentative posting. To take full advantage of the content marketing possibilities offered by the LinkedIn platform, download the LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan. L I N K E D I N C O N T E N T M A R K E T I N G TACTICAL PLANA daily playbook for successful content marketing on LinkedIn