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Maximizing Campaign Efficiencies


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Erika Fields, Carnegie Dartlet and Tim McCarthy, LinkedIn share early findings on joint research on how prospects use social media in the enrollment process and a short case study.

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Maximizing Campaign Efficiencies

  1. 1. Erika Fields Social Media Strategist, Carnegie Dartlet Maximizing Campaign Efficiencies Tim McCarthy Account Executive, LinkedIn Case Study
  2. 2. Bachelor’s completion prospects have achieved critical mass on LinkedIn.1 Key takeaways 3 out of 4 grad school students and recent graduates are interested in continuing education. 2 Prospects are over 2x more likely to use professional networks over social networks to research programs and half of BA candidates and 60% of grad said they are very open to communicating with admissions via professional networks. 3 4 + 72% of bachelor’s prospects and 67% of grad prospects said they were still early in the decision process.
  3. 3. • Brand strategy generated 154 leads & 7 apply button click conversions • Workforce Certificates strategy generated 216 leads • InMail campaigns were a huge success – generating over 50% of all leads the client has received from LinkedIn efforts