See 8 of the Most Effective Ad Campaigns on LinkedIn


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See 8 of the Most Effective Ad Campaigns on LinkedIn

  1. 1. FINANCIALCitigroup: Engaging professional womenthrough social platformObjectives•  Reach professional women unique forum•  Provide content to strengthen women’s financial futures•  Elevate awareness of Citi brandProducts§  LinkedIn Managed Group§  LinkedIn Today special edition§  LinkedIn Polls Results 30,000+ 18% members in the first 3 months week-over-week growthLinkedIn ©2013 All Rights Reserved MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM 1 MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM
  2. 2. SALES TOTAL FOLLOWERS: 11, Increasing follower engagementObjectives§  Directly target audiences through Company Pages§  Engage followers and drive event attendance§  Avoid message oversaturationProducts§  LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates Result 30% increase in engagement by followers 30% increase in amplification (sharing) of messagesLinkedIn ©2013 All Rights Reserved MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM 2 MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM
  3. 3. TRAVEL TIMING: 9 MONTHSCathay Pacific Airways: Targeting for brand awarenessObjectives§  Increase brand awareness among specific target groups§  Promote new Chicago-Hong Kong routeProducts§  LinkedIn Sponsored §  LinkedIn Display Ads Polls §  LinkedIn Company§  LinkedIn Research Page§  LinkedIn Status Updates Recommendation Ads Result Target US-based members in groups related to business in Asia to drive relevancy and results 70% of campaign audience planned to take 1+ 1,324 responses from three polls business class flights in next 12 monthsLinkedIn ©2013 All Rights Reserved MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM 3 MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM
  4. 4. HEALTHCAREPhilips: Creating global communitiesObjectives§  Position Philips as the thought leader in the healthcare industry§  Build credibility & drive awareness among key audiencesProducts§  LinkedIn Custom Groups§  LinkedIn Partner Messages§  LinkedIn Display Ads§  LinkedIn Polls Result 50+ Net Promoter Score (a customer loyalty Established largest LinkedIn group dedicated to healthcare innovation with over 38,000 members and 4,400+ discussions metric) generated from group, signifying high valueLinkedIn ©2013 All Rights Reserved MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM 4 MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM
  5. 5. SOFTWARE TOTAL MEMBERS: 2800+Microsoft: Building community to engage software developersObjectives§  Engage the developer audience across Australia§  Quickly build an engaged developer community§  Advertise to developers outside of networkProducts§  LinkedIn Groups§  LinkedIn Group Ads Result 896 members joined the first month 32.87% CTRLinkedIn ©2013 All Rights Reserved MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM 5 MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM
  6. 6. FINANCIAL TIMING: 8 WEEKSPrudential Retirement: Building thought leadershipObjectives§  Reach retirement plan participants and sponsors and create conversations§  Use poll results to help guide product development§  Build a reputation as an industry thought leaderProducts§  LinkedIn Polls Result 11,000+ 230+ poll responses comments from LinkedIn membersLinkedIn ©2013 All Rights Reserved MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM 6 MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM
  7. 7. ENERGY TIMING: 13 WEEKSChevron: Connecting with opinion leadersObjectives§  Connect energy leaders around the world for communication & learningProducts§  LinkedIn Custom §  LinkedIn Join Group Group Ads§  LinkedIn Display Ads §  LinkedIn§  LinkedIn Partner Research Messages Result 87% of group members are reading discussions 12,000+ membership and continued growthLinkedIn ©2013 All Rights Reserved MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM 7 MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY TOTAL MEMBERS: 7800+HP UK: Changing brand perceptionsObjectives§  Raise awareness of products and services for SMBs§  Engage directly with potential customers to change perceptionsProducts§  Custom Group§  Join Group Ads Result 20% more likely than non-group members to 75% of group members are regular visitors recommend HP to their colleaguesLinkedIn ©2013 All Rights Reserved MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM 8 MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM
  9. 9. AUTOMOBILEVolkswagen India: Inspiring recommendationsObjectives§  Create brand awareness among working professionals in India§  Build loyalty and aspiration§  Influence decision makingProducts§  Company Page§  Recommendation Ads Result 2,700 product recommendations in 30 days (exceeded goal by 400%)LinkedIn ©2013 All Rights Reserved MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM 9 MARKETING.LINKEDIN.COM