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From our BrandConnect:12 event in NYC, Meera Bhatia, Head of Product Management for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions provides an exclusive view into the latest and greatest LinkedIn tools for marketers that enable you to drive relationships with results.

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  • What kind of content., updates from brands was #2 most expected type of content.
  • What kind of content., updates from brands was #2 most expected type of content.
  • John williams…how do we tell these stories visually?-john w node in middle. Then build out 2nd connections then 3rd connections, then stats come up (on click…160 members, 7 million CXOs etc.Theme: 1st degree connections, 2nd, and 3rdThis is a LinkedIn map, showing one person’s connection. This graphic is fine except that the background will most likely need to stay white unless we can modify it without degrading the graphic/nodes.Then we build out 2nd degree connections, which would show more nodes and connections layered on top of the existing nodes, while also expanding. Then we build out 3rd degree connections, which is far more complex, with nodes filling the entire screens, a myriad of connections with each other. Nodes fade to the background.On click, across the nodes reads: 160M+ Members Worldwide3.2 CxOs, $83K Average income, 71% College Graduates
  • Theme: B2B Value PropThis slide has a lot on it. One idea is to draw up one more word cloud with the following anchor words in bold, smaller words follow:Data: targeting, analytics, research, insightsMedia: LinkedIn Ads, Display, Poll/Content Ads, Social AdsSocial: Company pages, groupsIntegration: Plug-ins, APIsOur LI ecosystem is geared towards helping Marketers build these relationships, whether through Companies and Groups or through more traditional forms of paid mediaNow, I’d like to share a couple best in class examples of how brands are using our unique assets
  • First, let’s look at how Cathay Pacific leveraged LinkedIn to promote their newly designed business class cabin. They wanted to specifically target business travelers in the US who fly to Asia frequently and often travel business class. They wanted to raise awareness of the new cabin and generate engagement and recommendations among these travelers.                                                          We worked with them to help them leverage the sophisticated data on LinkedIn to segment and target business travelers who regularly fly between Asia Pacific and the West Coast. First, we used demographic targeting such as seniority and function to identify professionals who are likely to travel frequently are would be more likely to travel in business class. In order to isolate members who would be likely to travel to Asia, we overlayed the demographic targeting with participation of groups such as the China Network Groups and the connection of members in the US to people in Asia to find those with a high propensity to travel between the two markets.  The campaign was highly successful in reaching the right audience with an engaging message in the right context. 70% of campaign audience planned to take 1+ business class flights in next 12 months1300 poll responsesThe currently have over 675 recommendations, which are extremely valuable because of the relevance of the people who are recommending Cathay such as this example here.
  • LinkedIn Product Spotlight: Marketing Solutions

    1. 1. LinkedIn Product Spotlight:Marketing Solutions
    2. 2. Meera BhatiaHead of Product Management,Marketing SolutionsLinkedIn #inBC12@meera_b
    3. 3. “ Social media exposes the need for courage because doing it right requires engaging in a dialog and “ relationship with other people Charlene LI Founding Partner at Altimeter Group
    4. 4. Members want a relationship with you 7 out of 10 members expect companies to have a presence on LinkedIn
    5. 5. Members want a relationship with you 79% Up-to-date information 51% Product/service information
    6. 6. They’re here and they’re connected175M+ Members Worldwide 3.2M CxOs Meera Bhatia $83K Average Income71% Graduates
    7. 7. What should you do?
    8. 8. Strut your stuff
    9. 9. Start by establishing your company presence 2.8M+ Active Company Pages
    10. 10. Establish your presence with a new experience
    11. 11. Establish your presence with a new experience “ We love the ability to add an image to the page that best shows off our branding. This give us the opportunity to sync the design up “ with some of our campaigns and content in a really nice way. Bryna Corcoran Social Media & Community Management, HP
    12. 12. Available Today
    13. 13. Partners to make things more efficient
    14. 14. Building Relationships
    15. 15. Connecting brands with professionals poll/content ads media social ads LinkedIn ads display plug-ins integration APIs social groups company pages
    16. 16. Creating brand advocates of tomorrow Solution Results – Follower acquisition – Drove followers from – Company page presence target audience to engage – Follower research across marketing calendar – 140K+ followers acquired
    17. 17. Creating brand advocates of tomorrow “ Through LinkedIn, we are working to identify and empower influential brand advocates to increase word of mouth and “ awareness of our products. Solution Results Heesun Kim Director of Media & Digital Marketing, Samsung – Follower acquisition – Drove followers from – Company page presence target audience to engage – Follower research across marketing calendar – 140K+ followers acquired
    18. 18. Send targeted updates
    19. 19. Content flows across screens
    20. 20. Community through content and conversation 61K Total Members 2.5x More Engagement Fastest Growing Group in 2012
    21. 21. Content that matters most
    22. 22. Online and offline relationships
    23. 23. Be more relevant than ever before
    24. 24. Product roadmap
    25. 25. Highly targeted content that fuels relationships Awareness Consideration Retention Preference Groups Paid Media Purchase
    26. 26. Content Data Integration Stay tuned…
    27. 27. Making the World’s ProfessionalsMore Productive and Successful
    28. 28. LinkedIn Brand Connect 12What will you do?
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