Documentary Mekong Watch Background information


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Documentary Mekong Watch Background information

  1. 1. Documentary  Film  on  Kmhmu  People’s  Life     and  Shi:ing  Cul=va=on     Land Issues Working Group Shifting Agriculture: Implications to land use planning and communal land tenure 29  March  2012   Satomi  HIGASHI,Mekong  Watch   Mekong  Watch’s  Research  Work  in  Laos  •  Community-­‐based  Watershed  Management  Project   in  Pak  Beng  District,  Oudomxay  Province    •  Environmental  Documentary  Project     •  Working  with  local  TV  staMons  (Khammouane,   Savanakhet,  Champasak,  AQapu,  Luang  Namtha,   and  Bokeo  provinces)   •  More  than  50  films  (Ex.  riverbank  erosion  in   Bokeo,  impacts  of  upstream  development  on   river-­‐seaweed  in  Luang  Prabang,  local  people’s   forest  management  in  Khammouane  etc.)   1
  2. 2. Mekong  Watch’s  Watershed   Management  Project   June  2005-­‐March  2012 Research Field: Pak Beng District, Oudomxay Province •  Pak  Beng  is  located  at  the   mouth  ( pak )  of  the  Nam   Beng  River.   •  Kmhmu’  ethnic  people   account  for  about  80  %  of   the  populaMon.   •  Most  people  in  the  district   make  a  living  from  shi_ing   culMvaMon.   2
  3. 3. ObjecMves  of  the  Project  Resettlement, village consolidation, establishmentof watershed forest and Land Forest Allocation haveresulted in significant impacts on villagers land andforest use •  To  find  ways  of  forest  conservaMon  that  are   compaMble  with  villagers  livelihood   •  To  create  a  forest  management  system,  in   which  villagers  can  parMcipate   Main  Ac=vi=es   •  Watershed   Management   CommiQee     •  Re-­‐zoning  of  Land  and   Forest   •  Environmental  Survey   on  the  Watershed  Area   •  Environmental  Trainign   •  Film  on  swidden   farmers  lives  and  their   forest  use   3
  4. 4. Documentary  Film  on  Kmhmu  People’s  Life     and  Shi:ing  Cul=va=on   •  Title:  “The  Value  of  Forests,  the  Value  of  People:  The   Kmhmu  of  Laos  and  Shi_ing  CulMvaMon”  •  Produced  by  Mekong  Watch,  in  cooperaMon  with  a   Lao  film  maker.  •  Purpose:  To  introduce  the  actual  situaMon   surrounding  the  pracMce  of  shi_ing  culMvaMon  to  the   government  officials,  development  workers  and   researchers  who  are  involved  in  land  and  forest  issues   in  Laos. Video Thank you! Contact: 4