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DREaM Event 2: Charles Oppenheim (Cases)

Workshop activity to accompany Charles Oppenheim's presentation "Research Ethics and Legal Issues" at the DREaM Event 2 workshop.

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DREaM Event 2: Charles Oppenheim (Cases)

  1. 1. ETHICAL ISSUES1. You are undertaking a research project, which requires access to certain electronicresources, which your employer does not subscribe to. Your partner works for anorganisation that does have access to these resources. Do you ask them for help?2. Your boss asks that you confine your background literature search just for “all thedirt on this company/person you can find”. Do you just present him/her with the“dirt” or do you provide a comprehensive survey?3. You are invited to a free event by a consultancy organisation that is bidding for amajor research contract with your employer. You have the decisive voice in who thecontract goes to. Do you accept the invitation? Who do you tell, if anyone? If it ismid-week, do you take a day’s leave to attend? Would it in any way affect yourattitude to placing the contract?4. You are aware that a researcher colleague is incompetent. What do you do aboutit? What if the incompetent person is your immediate line manager?5. You are doing a survey that involves face-to-face interviews. Do you give the sametime and attention to every interviewee? What if the person is unpleasant, has bodyodour, is argumentative or makes you feel scared? What if it is someone who you findattractive? Professor Charles Oppenheim October 2011