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Lirec gaming app - user scenario


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Game scenarion that goes with the call to tender for the Lirec iPhone/iPad game app. Deadline March 30th 2012.

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Lirec gaming app - user scenario

  1. 1. Splash and Tutorial Demo Screens Suggested Pets vs. Robots…. (1) Loading bar….(2) Intro and tutorial SCORE SCORE *** TIME *** TIME (f) (d) (d) (a) (b) (e) (c) i i
  2. 2. Currently proposed starting setup…. Can be modified to improve1. Splash Screen + loading progress bar, perhaps with theme tune?2. Demo screen (on first time though) showing a) How to move robot by finger swipe or platform tilt (to be decided) b) How to select face expressions from Happy, Sad & Neutral and how they work (this links to expression demo screen on next page) c) How bonus bolts pick up points work d) How to pause and re start the game, and change setting eg sound e) How the ‘i’ info button works to give option to replay tutorial select or to learn more about the project f) How the three lives are lost via collisions NOTE this section can be suitably reconfigured to allow in game learning by user- the avoid things and bolts as bonus points should be intuitive if graphics and sound effects make these activity clear, the need to solve the puzzle of the social encounters and pet interactions however needs to be conveyed in a suitable way or be left to be learned.
  3. 3. Expressions Tutorial Demo Screen Suggested (1) SCORE +10 (2) X SCORE - 10 (3) i (4) HUMAN ROBOT OUTCOME1. Display of SMALL EXAMPLES appropriate empathetic, Happy Happy +10 TICK mirroring ,social behaviour, each expression button greys Sad Happy -10 CROSS out in turn to show its effect Neutral Happy +5 ?2. E.g. Human Happy Robot Happy – correct3. E.g. Human Happy Robot Sad – in correct Happy Sad -10 CROSS4. Full set of empathetic interactions and scores are given in Sad Sad +10 TICK the table but not made explicit in tutorial, players need to Neutral Sad -5 ? learn these by playing and using their own social Happy Neutral -5 ? intelligence I.e. undertaking their own enquiry (note these score weightings may need to be changed as user testing is Sad Neutral -5 ? undertaken) and other suitable feedback icons and sounds Neutral Neutral +10 TICK can be used
  4. 4. Main Game Play Screen Suggested SCORE (5) (1) *** TIME (3) (2) (3) (4) i 1. For a particular level, the Robot rushes along ‘conveyer belt‘ corridor towards ‘camera’ ( once level completed this info is stored and new level is made available cf angry birds. 2. Finger swipes control direction of robot travel 3. Robot has to avoid household obstacles in path, e.g tables, lamps, a collision loses a life 4. Robot has to pick up ‘bolts’ for bonus points (sound effect) 5. Timer, lives remaining and Score/High Score display and chance to tweet this 6. The game proceeds through various different levels. As the game levels up 1) the speed of the ‘conveyor belt’ increases 2) as does the occurrence of bonus bolts, 3) there is an increase in the incidence of obstacles and different types of object can occur at higher levels, 4) the background colour changes, perhaps following the colours of the rainbow , 5) as levels increase there are more human encounters (later slide) and jealous pets (later slide), there is also a pause button to halt and restart play (grey out when paused) .
  5. 5. Social Encounter Game Play Screen Suggested (3) SCORE ** TIME (2) (1) SCORE (5) *** TIME X? (4) i i 1. Occasionally a human will enter the corridor, they will first look at the ‘camera’ so player can see their expression eg happy, sad or neutral then turn to look at the robot as the person moves into the corridor 2. A collision with human will cost a robot life 3. Bonus marks are available if the player remembers the correct human expression and makes the appropriate empathic robot expression in response e.g smile=smile, sad=sad etc (See earlier table for full scoring details) 4. Feedback on the effectiveness of this social encounter is via a tick/cross or question mark and sound effect and points given 5. Getting the social encounter right gives bonus points, getting it wrong removes points (see earlier table for scoring)
  6. 6. Pet Encounter Game Play Screen Suggested SCORE (3) (1) ** TIME (5) (2) (4) i 1. Robot occasionally encounters ‘pets’, more so as levels increase 2. Robot needs to avoid being hit by jealous cat fur balls being spat (very limited range, static cat) 3. Being hit with furball will cause loss of points 4. Robot needs to avoid collision with rapidly running round puppy (who unfortunately in its excitement tries to get under the robots wheels) 5. Collision with puppy or cat will lose one robot life and cause one unhappy pet.
  7. 7. End of BriefInformal enquiries to Professor Peter W. McOwanComputer Science Building School of Electronic Engineering andComputer ScienceQueen Mary University of LondonMile End Road London E1 4NSTelephone: +44 (0)20 7882 5224Fax +44 (0)20 8980 6533Web details on Flash robot at www.lirec.euAnd videos at