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Lirec gaming app call to tender

Call to tender for the Lirec iPhone/iPad game app. Deadline March 30th 2012.

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Lirec gaming app call to tender

  1. 1. Call to Tender: Pets vs. Robots an iPhone/iPad appCommercial in ConfidenceSchool of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Queen Mary University of LondonCall Budget: £22,000Tender closing date: 30 March 2012, 3.00pmHow to respond: • Full Costing and justification (competitive tender) • Timeline and deliverables for product • Example gameplay storyboards and game sequence • IP allocation agreement in principle • Response to be sent to Prof Peter McOwan ( by 30 March 2012 with Pets vs. Robots game App tender in subject lineHow will the University will respond to proposals? • Decision on tender to be made by 10 April 2012, no discussions will be entered into with those who are not selected. • Negotiations, Financing schedule and Contract to be agreed by 27 April 2012. • Final user tested Product delivery by 14 June 2012.Have any questions? Please ask Peter McOwan ( Computer Science Building School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Queen Mary University of London Mile End Road London E1 4NS Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 5224 Fax +44 (0)20 8980 6533 Web More details on Flash robot at And videos at
  2. 2. Pets vs. Robots Game App briefThe app to be developed for iPhone and iPad platforms and must pass instore submission bythe deadline.The app is based on elements from an EU research project www.lirec.euIt should be fun to play as the levels increase, it also needs the player to think about socialencounters between humans and robots and the impact on existing pets.The game involves a cartoon of an actual LIREC robot (FLASH), in a scrolling ʻrun towardsthe cameraʼ format. Game play elements include avoiding collisions with objects, socialencounters with humans and overcoming ʻjealousʼ household pets.The game involves amassing points, scoring against time and with ability to tweet high scoresThe game needs to have minimum amount of written text to allow EU wide uptake.The game will contain a series of short, self contained levels of increasing difficulty. The gamewill include sound effects and music.The game will be pseudo 3D i.e. will contain shaded 3D looking objects, robot, obstacles, petsbut these can be superimposed on a moving 2D perspective background.The control of the main robot character can be either by finger slides or by tilting thephone/pad (TBD)The app should also contain a mechanism to display appropriate adverts (TBD)The app will also allow players to find out more about the LIREC project if they wish.Ownership of the code and all IP will reside with QMUL on final delivery and may be reused inother later QMUL projects.This document describes the core game elements of the app, tender bidders can embellish asthey see fit, innovative approaches welcomed.Pets vs. Robots Game scenario (see slides in ppt in attachment)