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Pace liliana


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Graffiti for 4th year

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Pace liliana

  1. 1. GRAFFITI AND STREET ART CLASSWORK FOR 4TH YEAR What do you think ? Profesora Liliana Pace Presentaciones visuales Postítulo en educación y Tic Ministerio de Educacion de La Nacion
  2. 2. GRAFFITI AND STREET ART   PART ONE  In your netbook desktop or in our class facebook group:  Class discussion : Watch the Power Point Presentation shared by your teacher  Do you like the images? What are they? Are they all contemporary? Where can you find them?  Have you ever seen any of them before? n person? Where? In a class? Which subject? Would you like to see more?  Have you ever taken part of activities like this? Expand
  3. 3. PART TWO  Visit the following sites on the topic and decide what they are about and which is the best in your opinion  3%B3rico+rupestre&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&s a=X&ei=U_3FUZSlFuffiALFkYCQAw&ved=0CEkQsA Q&biw=1163&bih=873   e-to-graffiti-50-beautiful-graffiti-artworks/  art-festival-2012#media-1395039
  4. 4.    https://encrypted- u5U7oQei5rTN6t7QXcP9Jszi  