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Bp@lionman foundation tlc 11-17-2009 final


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Bp@lionman foundation tlc 11-17-2009 final

  1. 1. LIONMAN Foundation, Inc. The Legend Of LIONMAN MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE TUTORING PROGRAM REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Application for Grant Funds from: The BP Educational Service Mr. Karl Connor At Mary D. Coghill Principal: Mrs. Aisha M. Jones Mary D. Coghill Elementary School Submitted by: GrandMaster Eric O’Neal, Sr. 7400 New Castle St. New Orleans, La 70126 (504) 258-7773 August 8, 2011
  2. 2. BACKGROUND INFORMATIONThe LIONMAN Foundation (LMF) was established in 2000 to build onGrand Master Eric “LIONMAN” O’Neal, Sr.’s long-term commitment to supportingthe youth worldwide. Our programs are based on the mental and physical skillsacquired through martial arts, combined with math and science tutoringprograms, mentoring and promoting higher levels of academic achievement.The goal of the LIONMAN Foundation programs are to foster the future success ofyoung people by helping them to acquire the self-discipline and attitudes thatsupport academic achievement in school as well as in life. The purpose is tosupport the improvement of student achievement in the areas of mathematicsand science by encouraging, educational institutions of higher education, andhigh‐need local educational agencies to partner with us to give high‐qualityprofessional math and science tutoring programs.LIONMAN - Math and Science Tutoring Enrichment Program seeks to meet threeneeds of low-income youth. First, low-income youth have a great need forproductive, supervised activities during the school year, and their families aretypically unable to pay for such programs. In addition, these youth, who arealready at high risk for academic failure because of lost of significant skills overthe summer time. Finally, these youth also struggle with low personal growthskills. They typically have low self-esteem, low self-control, limited abilities to setand reach goals, and limited views of their future opportunities. Our research hasshown that math and science a long with martial arts is an excellent way for youthto gain focus, concentration, strategic and self-esteem skills that benefit them intheir academic activities and all aspects of their life.The LIONMAN has been providing a positive refuge and learning experience forthousands of youth in New Orleans for over 25 years. Our foundation continuesto serve youth in school and after-school programs at several public and parochialschools. 90% of LMF students earn “A’s” and “B’s”, in their academic work.
  3. 3. FUNDING REQUEST The Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science Tutoring Program isrequesting $25,000 from Bp Educational Service, to provide 25 low-income, high- risk youth a full semester scholarships to The Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Math and Science Program at Mary D. Coghill Elementary School. 1. Provide professional math and science tutoring programs for a full semester to 25 low-income, working-class, and high-need students (Grade 7) to participate in the program. Our funding situation is such that the number of students we can accept is directly related to the funding we receive-fewer dollars, fewer students. 2. The funding will help to provide math and science tutoring supplies uniforms for the students, transportation, and food for the students to attend Dillard and Xavier University doing this semester. In addition to funds requested from Bp educational service, we are in contact with other local funding agencies to obtain funding for additional students. Additional funding support will be obtained from small grants, individual donations, fundraisers and local businesses for in-kind support.
  4. 4. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION1. The Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science Tutoring purpose is to support the improvement of student achievement in the areas of mathematics and science at Mary D. Coghill Elementary School. We will create a Math + Science Young Leaders Program to provides a partnership with Bp to highlight leadership examples for young students at a key decision-making point in their academic career. In addition to being tutored weekly they will also travel to colleges and universities.2. Martial Arts and Drill Team: Martial arts and drill team training provide the youth with a structural environment in which to develop self-discipline and self-control. Progression through the belt system and team leaders requires learning and executing specific skills that build progressively and are independent of age. Higher belts and becoming a team leader can only be achieved through diligence, focus, and self-discipline-all skills that are required for educational and professional success. Benefits: Respect for their ability to achieve progressively harder goals, self-discipline, patience and respect for others with greater skills and experience.3. Learning Skills: Long term educational (and professional) success comes from learning “how to learn,” techniques that are different for each student. The program will provide tutoring assistance in particular subjects, but the focus will be more on identifying learning patterns and teaching skills and techniques that will support those patterns over the long term. The self-discipline skills being learned in the martial arts programming will be tied with the learning skills, with staff using similar language and support patterns.4. Community/Cultural Mentoring: The program will involve volunteer “elders” from the community to mentor the students in areas of respect, goal setting, multiculturalism and professional success. The programming consists of large group presentations, meetings with smaller groups of youth with particular interests, and one-on-one partnering. This programming will also include opportunities for the students to participate in business and cultural experiences (for example, ethnic dancing, writing, singing, entrepreneurship, etc.)5. Focused Assistance: The program will provide small group and one-on-one sessions to teach goal setting and conflict avoidance behaviors. Each student will regularly set and monitor progress towards, progressive goals in education, martial arts and other areas. Conflict avoidance programming could include modeling responses to bullying or pressure on negative behaviors.
  5. 5. 6. Entrepreneurship and Business Skills: A challenge faced by young people as they seek their first few jobs is demonstrating an understanding of basic business skills and work ethics. We will work with the participants to identify business opportunities, develop business strategies, establish and operate a small business, all the time, learning the value and content of basic work practices and business skills.7. Family Support: Parents and other family members will be provided with regular verbal and written communications that will include ideas for reinforcing the program messages in the home. At the end of each four week session, the program hosts a family celebration program that will include belt testing and dance, music, drill team performances.The Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science Tutoring Program will beunder the direction of Grand Master Eric O’Neal, Sr. He will be assisted by anumber of staff members with training youth in martial arts, education,counseling, and tutoring. Staff and Volunteers will be drawn from the localuniversities and other established programs. All staff and volunteers will besubject to appropriate screening
  6. 6. PROGRAM EVALUATIONBased on our prior work, we know that at the end of the semester, the youthparticipating in The Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science TutoringProgram will exhibit increased ability to achieve progressively harder goals, andimproved self-discipline, patience and respect for others. They will havedeveloped improved personalized study techniques, and learned how toapproach classroom assignments with those individual techniques. This will allowthem to improve their performance within the classroom and on standardizedtests. The youth will also have an increased respect for and experience ofcultures, and increased connection with their parent/caregivers. They will havegrown to a greater understanding of the importance of education and settingrealistic goals. The youth will have increased their ability to manage and avoidconflicts, and improve behavior stressful and confrontational situations. Theseresults are measurable through pre and post program evaluations, and review ofreport cards and behavior reports. Many of our activities are designed to engageyoung people, as research shows this is when the importance of engaging youngpeople with math, science and technology is at its most critical.
  7. 7. Program DesignThe Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science Tutoring Program isdesigned to foster the future success of young people by helping them toacquire the self-discipline and proper attitudes that support achievement inschool and in life. The Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and ScienceTutoring Program reinforces education as a critical foundation for futuresuccess; self-discipline, self-esteem, and respect for others as the keys tosuccess in education. Initial Assessment & Data CollectionStudents referred to The Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and ScienceTutoring Program will have an initial assessment done by Program Evaluator todetermine current academic, attitudinal and behavior status, successes,strengths, challenges, perceived failures, interests, desires and needs. Thisassessment will involve face to face meetings individually and/or in groupswith students, collection of copies of pertinent data (report cards, etc.) fromstudents, parents, teachers and any other appropriate school personnel.This will form baseline data for comparative analysis at the end of theprogram. Results of student interests will provide basis for determining thearea of focus student will be guided to within The Legend Of LIONMAN ~Mathematics and Science Tutoring Program. Our staff will collect ongoingprogress reports from students, parents and school personnel as a part ofprogram evaluation and program monitoring. A final program evaluationreport will be compiled and shared with Mary D. Coghill Elementary School,Bp, Principal, School Administrators, students and parents.
  8. 8. ScheduleThe Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science Tutoring ProgramWe will serve: (25) Students at Mary D. Coghill Elementary School Students meet: 60 minutes/ 5 days a weekThe program will begin immediately upon execution of the agreementbetween The Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science TutoringProgram, commencing on the weekday and time selected by the schoolPrincipal. The program will run until the end of this year (Aug 2011-Dec 2012).A fall program can be developed if the Network so desires. AttachmentsFinancial Information/OverallThe LIONMAN Foundation was established in 2000 as a vehicle to provide self-discipline improvement activities for the community and educationalenvironments. To date, The Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and ScienceTutoring Program has submitted several grants for funding to Entergy, theLouisiana Department of Social Services, United Way, Rosemary Foundation,and other possible sources for funding its various programs. We’re alwayslooking for more opportunities to help fund programs for our youth.
  9. 9. Parental InvolvementParental involvement in their children’s schools is crucial to the success of thestudent, as well as, to the school. Therefore, parents will be encouraged toparticipate in The Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science TutoringProgram by volunteering at activities and performances and provide otherservices.Expected OutcomesThe Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science Tutoring Program willhave significant decrease in the incidents of violence and related disciplinaryproblems. The measurement will be logs of the number of violent and relateddiscipline events in the 2011-2012 school year prior to enrollment in the TheLegend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science Tutoring Program ascompared to after enrollment, as reported by administration and teachers,improved classroom behavior as reported by teachers, Increased academicachievement, as reported by teachers, administration and students, Increasedparental involvement, Increased self-esteem and self-confidence increaseplanning for future academic and professional goals.
  10. 10. BudgetThe Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science Tutoring Program is offering a 5 month program to the Mary D. Coghill Elementary Schoolstudents at a reduced cost. The program will cost ($50 per student). This figurewill cover operational cost of staffing pattern listed above, program suppliesand materials.Fee structure formula:25 students @ $50 per student @ 20 weeks @ $25,000.00This excludes the school closures based on:(1) week for Thanksgiving(2) weeks for Christmas.(25) Students at Mary D. Coghill Elementary School
  11. 11. Staff PositionsThe Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science Tutoring ProgramJoined together by a commitment to the future of our youth, synchronized tomaximize results and participant satisfaction, and trained in tutor youngsters andproviding positive reinforcement.OversightGrandMaster O’Neal, Sr. of the LIONMAN Foundation, Inc. is the programadministrator, directing the implementation of the program in the school andproviding the supervision of staff.Principal: Mrs. Aisha M. Jones - Mary D. Coghill Elementary will also closelymonitor all program activities.College Students as Trainers & MentorsThe Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science Tutoring ProgramHires the top college students from Xavier University, Dillard University, SUNO &University of New Orleans in the area of math and science. We provideparticipants in our programs proper training and guidance.
  12. 12. Graphic Design Facilitator - Matt KingThe Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science Tutoring ProgramHas an “in-house Graphic Artist who will serve as facilitator for students whoexpress interest in this field as it relates to contributing to the development ofLIONMAN materials. This program aspect will serve as a career exploration andskills building strategy.Program Evaluator - Charlesetta O’NealThe Legend Of LIONMAN ~ Mathematics and Science Tutoring ProgramEvaluator will conduct an outcome evaluation to look at the impact, benefits andchanges in the students- collecting baseline data at beginning of program andevaluating changes at the end of the program focusing on student academicperformance, attitude, behavior and student view of the future and interest.
  13. 13. Board of DirectorsThe Board of Directors for the LIONMAN Foundation is comprised of the followingindividuals: Grand Master Eric O’Neal, Sr., President of the LMF and BLKA Mr. Jose Conseco, Attorney and Entrepreneur Ms. Karen Dunn, Marketing Professional Mr. D’Juan Hernandez, Attorney and Entrepreneur Ms. Lynn Lee, Entergy New Orleans