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Linq 2013 session_green_2_trans_it

  1. 1. LINQ 2013, 16/17.05.2013TRANSversal key competences for lifelonglearning: TraIning teachers in competence basededucation [TRANSIt]Katerina RiviouEllinogermaniki Agogi,
  2. 2. LINQ 2013, 16/17.05.2013Main Objectives• to help teachers acquire and reinforce such skills and knowledge sothat they can design cross-curricular activities that support the keycompetencies acquisition (KCA) of their students.• to support teachers in the process of assessing competences withthe use of e-portfolios.• to raise the awareness of the administrative staff of schools inorder to support teachers in bridging the gap between policy andpractice (e.g. curricular reforms in order to support cross-curricularcompetence driven activities).• It is also aimed at teachers’ collaboration with colleagues, in orderultimately to become innovation leaders in their institutions.
  3. 3. LINQ 2013, 16/17.05.2013Target groups• teachers (in-service, pre-service),• teacher educators/trainers,• educational policy makers,• school leaders,• school ICT support staff
  4. 4. LINQ 2013, 16/17.05.2013Main activities
  5. 5. LINQ 2013, 16/17.05.2013Developing the training framework• The TRANSIt training framework is based on:– Level 1. Raising awareness of administrative school staff ontopics related to competency-based education– Level 2. Identification and sharing of informed practices– Level 3. Design of cross-curricular competence driven activitiesand e-portfolio assessment of key competences.• The development of the proposed training framework rests on auser-centred approach and participatory design through thesystematic analysis of the target groups’ needs. Prior to their designand development, the tools (training platform, e-portfolio and socialtools) deployed for the implementation phases will be structuredfrom a pedagogical point of view.
  6. 6. LINQ 2013, 16/17.05.2013• The TRANSIt project will develop a holistic learning,assessment and recognition framework based on:1.The TRANSIt competency framework2.The TRANSIt assessment framework3.The TRANSIt learning framework4.The TRANSIt recognition framework5.The TRANSIt transfer model
  7. 7. LINQ 2013, 16/17.05.2013Development of a systematic evaluationmethodology• The assessment of the training program will include extendedcycles of school - centred work.• Authentic assessment methods will be used using indicatorsfor measuring the efficiency of teacher training, analysingqualitative dimensions, such as attitudes/the behaviouralchange of in-service and pre-service teachers towards theimportance of KCA by theirs students, the qualitativecharacteristics of user-generated content uploaded in e-portfolios.• Guidance will be provided to teachers, as how toauthentically assess students’ activities
  8. 8. LINQ 2013, 16/17.05.2013Involvement of a wide range ofstakeholders• The TRANSIt consortium aims to involve teachers from 2kinds of schools:– a) innovative schools in Europe (eLSA & eLSA AdvancedSchool Networks (Austria), Digital Schools (Ireland), eTwinningSchools, as well as– b) small rural schools, members of the European Network ofRural Schools (Rural Wings).• The involvement of such networks of schools will allowfor research and evaluation of different attitudes andimplementations of competences in education providingways for intercultural dialogue.
  9. 9. LINQ 2013, 16/17.05.2013ODSeLSADigital SchoolseTwinningRural schoolsTeacher CommunitiesTRANSIT TRAININGFRAMEWORKTRANSItportalToolsAGROWEBCOLLAGENatural EuropeeTwinningExisting EducationalRepositories/Practices
  10. 10. LINQ 2013, 16/17.05.2013Main Outcomes• Training Framework in a modular format/Web portal (trainingplatform + community building mechanisms+ eportfolios) thatincludes a competency and assessment frameworks• Piloting with the users in 2 phases/Integrated Report from ValidationActivities– a) workshops/seminars conventional & online– b) school-centred work• European Workshop on “Challenges in Training Teachers about KeyTransversal Competences: the TRANSIt Experience”• TRANSIt Guide of Good Practice (a common set of guidelines in thedidactics and assessment of competence driven education).
  11. 11. LINQ 2013, 16/17.05.2013Learning innovations & quality today…• Authentic learning & assessment;• Open Access: ensuring access, equity andopportunity for all students/learners;• Adoption and scalability
  12. 12. LINQ 2013, 16/17.05.2013Join the TRANSIt community!www.transit-project.eu1st TRANSIt Summer School @Crete, July 2013transit.ea.grThank you!
  13. 13. LINQ 2013, 16/17.05.2013