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Linq 2013 session_blue_1_early-q


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Linq 2013 session_blue_1_early-q

  1. 1. EARLY-Q ProjectEvaluation of the quality ofEarly Childhood Education in GreeceGrammatikopoulos Vasilis,Zachopoulou EvridikiGregoriadis Athanasios
  2. 2. Early-Q is implemented through theframework of the Operational Program«Education and Lifelong Learning»Co-financed from the European Union(European Social Fund) and from Nationalsources (Greek ministry of education)
  3. 3. Duration of the Project: 45 monthsJan 2012 – Sep 2015Jan2012May2015
  4. 4. AimEvaluation of the Early ChildhoodEducation quality in Greece
  5. 5. Lack of evaluation proceduresfor the quality of early childhoodeducation environmentLack of valid and reliable instruments forthe evaluation of ECE in the Greekeducational setting
  6. 6. ObjectivesProvision of valid and reliable instruments for the evaluation ofthe quality of early childhood environmentsDevelopment of a training program for using the evaluationinstrumentsEvaluation of the quality of 650 early childhood classroomsCreation of a data base about the quality of ECE in GreeceQuality comparison of the provision of ECE among Greece andother countries
  7. 7. 1st Research Team(Evaluation & Training)2nd Research Team(Supervision of appliedresearch)3rd Research Team(Research Methodology &Statistical Analyses)External Contributors(school counselors & earlyeducators)EarlyChildhoodClassrooms
  8. 8. Researchers from 9 universitiesAlexander Technological Educational Institute of ThessalonikiUniversity of CreteFundação Carlos Chagas (São Paulo, Brazil)University of Bielefeld (Germany)Aristotle University of ThessalonikiUniversity of CyprusUniversity of Western MacedoniaUniversity of IoanninaUniversity of Southampton (UK)
  9. 9. Invited ResearchersEliana BheringMichael GlueerLoizou EleniTzavidis NikolaosFundação Carlos Chagas (São Paulo, Brazil)University of Bielefeld (Germany)University of CyprusUniversity of Southampton (UK)
  10. 10. 20 assessorsMunicipalities & Educational Districts
  11. 11. InstrumentsECERS-R (Early Childhood Enviroment Rating Scale-Revised)ECERS-E (Early Childhood Enviroment Rating Scale-Extension)Movement/Play scale
  12. 12. Completed actionsContent analysis & face validity of the translatedinstrumentsSelection of assessorsSelection of classrooms (multistage sampling technique)1st Training Seminar for the assessorsTraining evaluationPilot study – 4months (1 March 2013 – 30 June 2013)
  13. 13. Pilot Studyto collect empirical data for initial examination ofthe psychometric properties of the scalesto obtain feedback regarding the understandingof the items and indicatorsto enable the assessors to gain experience inusing the scales
  14. 14. Forthcoming actionsAnalysis of the data from the pilot studyAdditional adaptations to the instruments2nd Training Seminar for the assessorsMain Study – 15 months (1/2/2014-30/4/2015)Analysis of the data from the main studyDissemination actions (Conference presentations,publications, International workshop)
  15. 15. Envisaged main outcomesA well-documented evaluation for the Quality ofEarly Childhood Education in GreecePlethora of data and Reliable instruments that willallow future comparisons of the quality within theGreek educational system as long as with othercountries.
  16. 16. http://earlyquality.teithe.grThank you