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Linq 2013 plenary_keynote_cross


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Published in: Education
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Linq 2013 plenary_keynote_cross

  1. 1. BusinessPeople
  2. 2. BusinessPeople
  3. 3. BusinessPeople
  4. 4. world getting more complex?
  5. 5. 1980 2000Tangible AssetsIntangible AssetsValuation of S&P 50020%80%Value became invisible
  6. 6. ClockworkComplexWork
  7. 7. ClockworkComplexTacitExplicitKnowledge
  8. 8. Institute for the Future“Practical Knowledge”
  9. 9. Abilities■learning how to learn■critical thinking & conceptualization■pattern recognition■personal knowledge management■design thinking■working others, co-creation■navigating complex environments■social sophistication■savoir-faireBelieve■optimism■confidence■curiosity■resilience■purpose■autonomyWhat workers need to do thrive amid complexity:Can-do■build relationships■distill information■focus deeply■debate■influence■facilitate■see the bigger picture■tell a story■draw meaning■write persuasively■manage group dynamics■solve open-ended problems
  10. 10. “Technical knowledge practical knowledge.”
  11. 11. “Technical knowledge practical knowledge.”Explicit TacitTaught by experienceTaught in college
  12. 12. Hewlett PackardMSEEStanford ITV
  13. 13. FormalLearningInformalLearningHow Knowledge Workers Learn Their Jobs
  14. 14. 70/20/10experientialfromothersformal
  15. 15. NowCollege Job
  16. 16. PlanCollege WorkExplicitTacitFutureWork2
  17. 17. A proposal: Corporate colleges• Move the bulk of learning to the workplace• Treat education as a profit center instead of a charity• Emphasize experiential as well as academic learning• Prepare people for jobs by helping them do those jobs• Break academia’s monopoly over granting credits• Fund higher education by the private sector• Assess learning through demonstrating the skill in lieu of paper and pencil testing• Make work-study programs the norm instead of the exception• Pay students to attend instead of charging them• Slash delivery costs by flipping the classroom• Use OER, YouTube, and other online media to present mainstream content• Tailor learning opportunities to people’s career goals and aspirations• Involve managers as mentors and learning coaches• Replace courses as the measure of learning with demonstrated proficiency• Make workload variable; some might complete the equivalent of a BA in five years,others in twelve• Eliminate terminal degrees
  18. 18. “This is business.”Michael Corleone
  19. 19. “Happiness is the meaningand the purpose of life, thewhole aim and end of humanexistence.”Photo creditAristotle
  20. 20. Discoveries50%
  21. 21. 40% up to you10% circumstances50% is geneticDeterminants of Happiness
  22. 22. FLOW
  23. 23. Creativity, ingenuity, andoriginalityCuriosity and interest inthe worldLove of learningBravery and valorHumor and playfulnessGratitudeHopeSpiritualityOpen-MindednessPerspectivePersistenceAppreciation of Beauty andExcellenceLoveKindnessSocial IntelligenceCitizenshipFairnessLeadershipForgiveness and mercyHumility/ModestyPrudenceSelf-RegulationIntegrityVitality FlowIdentify and Use Your Signature Strengths
  26. 26. Productivity+31%37% moresales300%morecreativeTEDxShawn Achor180% moreenergized 108% moreengaged50% moreproductiveHappyemployeesAverageemployeesTEDxShawn AchorHappiness is great for business
  27. 27. CROSS