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CPI 2016: Developing Leadership Capacity for Not-For-Profits


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Published in: Leadership & Management
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CPI 2016: Developing Leadership Capacity for Not-For-Profits

  2. 2. “Building the skills of leaders is essential to ensure that interventions into the ecosystem of non-profit sector are transformational. Furthermore, investment in leadership development program can have a multiplier effect. If we really focus on these leaders, it puts a large onus on them to be the point-of- change at their organization.” “Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership-A missed philanthropic opportunity”(2015)
  3. 3. LIN Community Partnership Initiative (CPI) What?What? Developing Leadership CapacityDeveloping Leadership Capacity for ~15 NPO leadersfor ~15 NPO leaders through hands-on coaching, mentoring, and trainingthrough hands-on coaching, mentoring, and training programs provided by corporate/individual volunteerprograms provided by corporate/individual volunteer professionals.professionals. Who?Who? •An Advisory Panel of 6 volunteer expertsAn Advisory Panel of 6 volunteer experts •15 Mentor - NPO Teams of: 45 corporate/individual15 Mentor - NPO Teams of: 45 corporate/individual skilled volunteers & 15 leaders from local NPOs (60%skilled volunteers & 15 leaders from local NPOs (60% are women)are women) How?How? Skilled volunteers provide trainings, mentoring andSkilled volunteers provide trainings, mentoring and coaching to NPO leaderscoaching to NPO leaders WhenWhen April – October 2016April – October 2016
  4. 4. Bringing real social impact Recognition by community & public Adding values to Corporate Culture Improve employee retention, increase employee productivity and loyalty Personal Development CORPORATECORPORATE VOLUNTEERSVOLUNTEERS Raise awareness of mission NON-NON- PROFITSPROFITS Build professional skills Receive concrete CPI deliverables Achieved common goals & Stronger communities Mutual Benefits Have multiplier effect on leadership Opportunity to network with potential supporter
  5. 5. April May June July Aug NPOs Leadership Needs assessment & Leadership Skills Training Sep Oct Practice Leadership Skills NPOs Challenges Identification & Action planning Mar Recruitment of NPOs Orientation & Matching Recruitment of Volunteers CPI – Overall ProcessCPI – Overall Process Evaluate & Award ceremonyMentorship
  6. 6. Becoming CPI Funding PartnerBecoming CPI Funding Partner VND 418 million (US$ 18,800) will allow CPI Program to develop capacity for at least 15 leaders of NPOs (of whom 60% are female), who are working every day to provide services to thousand members of marginalized groups in HCMC. This means only ~US$ 1,200 will help to empower one NPO leader! Pick one of the following options and join CPI Program’s effort to transform our community by building the strong leaders! In addition, this is a superb opportunity for [the funding partner] to engage your employees with your companies’ CSR and the community as they can offer their skills to be either the members of Advisory Panel or mentors for the NPOs (subject to the suitability of their professionalism and the program’s requirements for volunteers)
  7. 7. Sponsorship AcknowledgementSponsorship Acknowledgement If required, LIN is delighted to acknowledge the contribution from [the funding partner] in the following ways: •Sponsor Trophy for Sustainability Sponsor, or Certificate of Appreciation for 2016 Sponsor •Invite to CPI’s events, and LIN’s Annual Appreciation party •Opening speech at CPI events as the Sustainability Sponsor •Brand exposure on CPI’s printed and online publications: o Logo & link on LIN Website in one year (two years for the Sustainability Sponsor) o Logo on other promotional materials (program’s posters, etc.) o Logo on events’ backdrop and banners (visibility to ~ 250 – 300 people) o Brand mentioned in LIN’s newsletter (once becoming the funding partner), and all media announcements •Complimentary consultation service to [the funding partner] on community philanthropy or volunteer opportunities We are happy to discuss any other requests [the funding partner] might have or keep this partnership anonymous too, if required.
  8. 8. CPI – Financial Cost BreakdownCPI – Financial Cost Breakdown Activities Expense Participants Recruitment • Approximately 45 meetings with potential corporate and individual volunteers and 15 visits to check in with the Mentor-NPO teams (cost for​ ​ transportation, coffee, coordinator) •1 event at a chamber of commerce to promote the program and recruit volunteers 36,000,000 NPO Assessment for Training Needs (venue, refreshment, stationary, coordinator, etc.) 15,000,000 Official Launch & Team Orientation Event for ~ 50 volunteer mentors and NPOs participants (venue rental, refreshment, stationary, facilitator, event coordinator, etc.) 20,000,000 Training/ Workshop Series on Leadership (venue rental, transportation, professional trainers, refreshment, stationary, coordinator etc. for 8 training)​​ 90,000,000​ Recognition and Program Closing Event • Event with ~200 participants (venue rental, refreshment, decoration, interpreter, sound system, facilitator, stationary, event coordinator, etc.) •Funding award to the best performance volunteer Mentor – NPO teams 120,000,000 50,000,000 Monitoring and Evaluation (venue rental, facilitator, refreshment, stationary, coordinator, etc.) 15,000,000 PR & Communication •Social media ads (facebook, LinkedIn) •Printing 30,000,000 2,000,000​ LIN’s recovery cost Contribution to the costs directly incurred by LIN in running this program in 10 months (office infrastructure, equipment, utilities, etc) 40,000,000 TOTAL 418,000,000
  9. 9. Contact: Ms. Le Thi Thanh Phuc, Volunteer Coordinator Email: Cell: +84 83512 0092 BECOMING CPI FUNDING PARTNER THANK YOU!!!
  10. 10. Contact: Ms. Le Thi Thanh Phuc, Volunteer Coordinator Email: Cell: +84 83512 0092 BECOMING CPI FUNDING PARTNER THANK YOU!!!