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  • Online Resource offered through SPL. Free to use with a library card (don’t forget your pin)
  • How to get to Homework Help: Go to then click either reasearch, teens, or kids.
  • The fastes way to get to HHN is by clicking “kids” which brings you to the kids page on the library webpage, then “homework help”. If you have never looked at the kids page on the SPL webpage, you should! It has some cool stuff on there.
  • Another way to get there is by clicking on “teens” then “research”, or…
  • By going straight to our research page and click on “students (k-12)”
  • Homework Help Now! Can be found under the “students (K-12)” list. We have a lot of resources available for students to use in their research for school. All are free to use for our patrons. When accessing them at home you will need your library card number and pin handy.
  • Make sure your card is in good standing and has not expired. Good standing means: fines are not over $5, there are no blocks, due to billed items.If you do not remember your pin, you have the option to reset it. You will need to have an email address associated with your account to be able to do this. OR you can come in to any branch and have us reset it.
  • You need to create an account to access this resource. Please use your library card number as your username. You can use your pin# as your password if you wish (might be easier for kids to remember)
  • There are three types of help you can get through HHN. Expert help, Study, Collaborate (work with others)
  • All tutors have at least a Bachelors degree in their field and have had a background check.Today you pay $30/hr or more for tutoring. This service is offered through the library for free.
  • They use “white board” to chat with you about your question(s). You can request assistance in Spanish for all live help. Tell your friends and family about this option. Just enter your grade and subject and press “Get Live Help”. I real life tutor will then help you out online. Wish I had this when I was in school.
  • The student enters the grade and subject, the tutor asks what lesson the student wants, then they load the chosen lesson.Lessons are developed by teachers and are structured by a national standards.
  • You can upload assignments for feedback. Make sure to watch those formats and size limit.
  • Currently we only offer Spanish lessons help.
  • Mango Languages is available to our patrons through our website for free. You need a current valid library card and pin.
  • Great way to see where you need to improve.Can be taken at anytime and give you instant results. Essay test are not available. Tests are multiple choice or type a short answer.
  • You can print your flash cards or put them on your handheld device (tablets, Smartphone's ect)It will allow you to use flashcards and games made by others, BUT remember that someone else made those cards and may not reflect the same topics as you and worse they not be the right answers. I advice to think twice before using them and that if you decide to use FlashBulb, that you make your own cards. FB is currently working on getting some of their flash card stack vetted.
  • Great for study groups meeting at off hours or when you are unable to meet in person. Share notes and discuss assignments.Meet uses the same “infinite whiteboard” as the tutors do.
  • When using BrainWave be aware that videos made by others are not vetted and so may not be correct.Brainfuse is in the process of providing vetted videos for students to use.
  • So for now I recommend to record your own but do not rely on the videos already available a they may not be correct.
  • Ending slide
  • Finished Homework Help Now! presentation for SPL

    1. 1. Homework Help Now Database
    2. 2. Students may need additional help. The library’sdatabases can help with that. Here’s how to access them.• Visit the main library webpage:• Click on RESEARCH, KIDS or TEENS at the top of the page.
    3. 3. • From the KIDS page, click Homework Help
    4. 4. • From the TEENS page, click on the RESEARCH icon.
    5. 5. • Ultimately, you will reach the RESEARCH page.• Click on the Students (K-12) option.
    6. 6. • Academic Journals• Access Science• Biography ReferenceCenter• BookFLIX• CultureGrams• Homework Help Now• Kids Search• Literary Criticism• Mango LanguagesThere are a lot of Databases to choose from so feel free tobrowse around and become familiar with the selections!• Missions of Californiae-books• Opposing Viewpointsin Context• Student Research• Sutter’s Fort Pioneers• Testing & EducationReference Center• Virtual Reference
    7. 7. When accessing Homework Help Now! from home you will be asked to enteryour library card number and pin before being directed to the website.
    8. 8. • Access your account (green arrow)• OR, create a new account (black arrow) - Username is your librarycard#.
    9. 9. Once signed in you have the option to:• Get Help• Study• Collaborate
    10. 10. Get Expert HelpLive Tutoring & Feedback
    11. 11. Live Help connects students with a live tutor to answer questions and providehelp with an assignment.This service is available Monday-Sunday, 1pm-11pm.
    12. 12. Skills Building also connects with a live tutor, but with an emphasis on aparticular skill within the subject. For example: fractionsSelect your grade, the subject you need help with, and what particular skillyou want to work on. Then click “Get Live Help”.
    13. 13. The Writing Lab allows you to upload a document for a writing expert to readand give you feedback. Results are usually back within one business day.*Please make sure you use the appropriate format and that the file is within the size limit.
    14. 14. The 24/7 Center allows you to send questions to a tutor at any time.Feedback is usually received within one business day.How cool is that!
    15. 15. The Language Lab offers students help with their Spanish lessons byconnecting them with Spanish language tutors.
    16. 16. If you need help with languages other then Spanish, check out MangoLanguages, FREE through the library
    17. 17. StudyInstant test results and flashcards
    18. 18. Test Center provides students the opportunity to assess their skills in aparticular subject by taking a State-Aligned Test or National Test (ACT or SAT).
    19. 19. FlashBulb allows you to make your own flash cards online to study from.The website requires their own unique login (this means you will have toregister an account as the Homework Help Now! Login will NOT work).Creating an account for FlashBulb is free.
    20. 20. CollaborateGet a study group going onlinewith your class mates and friends
    21. 21. Meet allows you to schedule study groups with your friends.Just add their e-mail and they will get an invite to join.NOTE: You must have an account to join a study session
    22. 22. Brainwave is a place where you can record how you solved a problemto reference later or to share with your friends.
    23. 23. You can view videos created by others, but be aware those areusually made by other students and may not be correct.
    24. 24. http://www.khanacademy.orgAn excellent web resource topractice or brush up on your skills