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Character of a good team coach


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Here are eleven keys to becoming a good coach for teamwork development

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Character of a good team coach

  1. 1. The Character of a Good Team Coach: 11 EssentialTaken from an article by Brandon Fairfax found at Like A Team,
  2. 2. A Good TeamCoach Has A Goal!Proverbs 29:18 says, “Wherethere is no vision the peopleperish,” or more literally, theyrun wild and unrestrained.The effective coach musthave a goal in mind, and mustget the entire team to pursuethat goal.
  3. 3. A Good Team Coach Develops A Plan!After the goal has been set, aplan must be laid out. Beforeany of the team can beinstructed, the coach has toknow how the team will goabout accomplishing its goal.
  4. 4. A Good Team CoachRecruits the Team!The effective coach does notallow anyone and everyone tobe a part of the team. Thecoach must carefully choosethe players that will best fitinto the plan and help toaccomplish the goal.
  5. 5. A Good Team CoachPositions the Players!Once the team members havebeen recruited, the coach mustput all of the players into thecorrect position. You can have allthe right people, but if they arenot in the right position, doing thejob that they are best suited for,the team cannot be successful.
  6. 6. A Good TeamCoach Earns Respect!A coach cannot be effectivewithout the respect of theteam. Remember, respect isnever given, it is alwaysearned.
  7. 7. A Good TeamCoach Relaysthe Strategy! The team must know the game plan. It is not enough for the coach to know the strategy. He or she must effectively communicate it to each member of the team.
  8. 8. A Good Team Coach Inspires theTeammates!The effective coach must beable to inspire every memberof the team to work hard atthe task they have beengiven. No matter how good acoach is, he or she cannotaccomplish any task alone.
  9. 9. A Good TeamCoach Offers Support!Once a coach has chosen aperson for the team and giventhem a task to complete, thecoach must then offer supportto that person. Coaches mustremember that they aredealing with people, andpeople have good days andbad days.
  10. 10. A Good Team Coach Lets the Team Play!It is not the coach’s job to runout onto the field and play thegame. The coach has to trustthe players to go out and dotheir job.
  11. 11. A Good Team Coach Congratulatesthe Success of the TeamGreat coaches don’t wait untilthe team wins a championshipto celebrate with them. Greatcoaches celebrate every victory.
  12. 12. A Good Team Coach Plans for the Future!Effective coaches do not live inthe here and now. They areconstantly looking ahead.Coaches must be able to seechanges coming, and be able toadjust accordingly.
  13. 13. The Character of a Good Team Coach: 11 EssentialTaken from an article by Brandon Fairfax found at Like A Team,