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Science Fair Slideshow: Osmosis and Diffusion


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Learner High School student Izabelle Peters presents her science fair project on osmosis and diffusion.

Published in: Education
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Science Fair Slideshow: Osmosis and Diffusion

  1. 1. The Beginning It all started in Learner High School‟s Biology class,where I learned a lot about cellular processes likeosmosis and diffusion. That‟s when I decided to try tore-create those processes using eggs as the animal“cell”.
  2. 2. The Project I spent the next four weeks working on the project. First, I submersed the eggs in different solvents to make them more permeable.Salt-water solvent Sugar-water solvent Water solution
  3. 3. The Final TestAfter 48 hours, I dried each egg and carefully poured certainamounts of each solvent over each egg. Then, I measured how much ofeach solvent actually passed through the egg. After that, I determinedwhether the egg was penetrated through osmosis or diffusion.Exhibit A (Salt-water egg) Exhibit B (Sugar-water egg) Exhibit C (Water egg) 15 ml 7ml 0 ml
  4. 4. Data After many tests, I finally found out that eggs A and B were penetrated through osmosis and that the project was a success.
  5. 5. Before and AfterBefore- Day 1 After- Day 2
  6. 6. Work
  7. 7. 2011 Ball StateUniversity Regional Science Fair
  8. 8. Ball State University Science Fair AwardsAfter 6 weeks of work, I won 4th place in the „Senior- Zoology‟ category…