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Does your social media suck


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Why do people hate your brand on social media? Are you doing these common mistakes, avoid them and be social.

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Does your social media suck

  1. 1. DoesYourSocialMediaSuck? Prasant Naidu @LHInsights
  2. 2. It Is2013We allKnowSocialMedia
  3. 3. But I Still Don’t Have1M+Likes
  4. 4. WHY MySocialMediaSucks!
  5. 5. You ArePresent EveryWhere
  6. 6. You Login Only OnWeekends
  7. 7. You PostRandom Content
  8. 8. You Don’tExperiment
  9. 9. Don’t BeBOT
  10. 10. SocialMediaIs About US
  11. 11. Thank You!Lighthouse InsightsIndian Social Media News