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LHBS Snapshot August 2015


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The LHBS Snapshot is a monthly series of cases including some of the most interesting insights and inspiration from the three following areas: business development, brand building & customer experience.

All signs come straight out of LHBS Inspiration-Hub, a digital platform that tracks changes in people, markets and technology to bring customized & curated insights and inspiration to organizations.

Published in: Marketing
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LHBS Snapshot August 2015

  1. 1. Inspiration August 2015 LHBS Snapshot Series:
  2. 2. ABOUT LHBS. We are an unconventional strategy firm that helps clients better understand today and successfully shape tomorrow. LHBS has extensive experience & expertise in business development, brand building and customer experience. The firm works across all major industries for clients from the FT Global 500, German Mittelstand and fast growing startups. Ž
  3. 3. This presentation includes some of the most interesting insights and inspiration from three following areas: business development, brand building & customer experience. All signs come straight out of our Inspiration-Hub, a digital platform that tracks changes in people, markets and technology to bring customized insights and inspiration to your organization. LHBS Snapshot
  5. 5.   Amazon Launches Its Own Product Hunt With its new Launchpad service, the retailer wants to be the go-to platform for emerging products. Amazon aims its new Launchpad service at the start-up community as it showcases start-up products while providing the makers with marketing and distribution support. Start-up products featured in the store so far include the some 200 products, with Amazon taking care of order fulfillment and customer service for start-ups. The service works with 25 accelerators, crowd-funding platforms, and venture capital firms to give a dedicated storefront for innovative new products from emerging brands.   *  Source:  Amazon  Press  Release  
  6. 6.   Carlsberg Releases Beer- Infused Grooming Products For Men Copenhagen's Carlsberg Laboratory introduced a line of grooming products for men that is made from Carlsberg beer, as well as a host of organic ingredients.  The project is a partnership between the beer manufacturer's lab and Danish cosmetics company Urtegaarden. It has located  the proteins, fibres and vitamins found in beer that are beneficial to the skin, and therefore each product contains half a litre of Carlsberg premium beer. The beer is first frozen with liquid nitrogen and then crushed into powder form. It is then introduced into the mix of other more traditional skin-friendly ingredients in the limited edition line of Beer Beauty products.  *  Source:  Carlsberg  Beer  Beauty  
  7. 7.   IKEA Tests New Retail Format To Get Closer To Customers IKEA is to test a new retail format to make the store more accessible to customers in the UK.  The company is introducing Order and Collection Points to make shopping easier and more convenient for customers, especially those who live a long distance away. There will be different Order and Collection Point formats in selected markets, and each will provide an opportunity gather data about how u customers who live in these areas want to shop with IKEA. Customers will also have the opportunity to touch and test the product range, as well as being able to collect orders made both online and in-store. The Order and Collection Point will also include a café and will have a limited range of products that customers can take home the very same day.  *  Source:  h:p://­‐collecDon-­‐points  
  8. 8.   Robot Sales Start to Consumers, Hoping to Encourage Adoption SoftBank Corp. will sell its humanoid robot will sell for 198,000 yen ($1,600), hoping to encourage widespread adoption of the robotic technology.  SoftBank's Pepper Robot is capable of human-like body language, featuring more than 20 motors and highly articulated arms. The 1.2 meter humanoid dances, makes jokes and judges human emotions based on expressions. The company is betting that the robot’s friendly physical appearance will attract app developers and make improvements to Pepper’s emotion engine. The robot maintains a map of emotional responses ranging from excitement to fear and uses external inputs such as lighting levels and interaction with people to adjust its state.  *  Source:  SoEBank  Press  Release  
  9. 9.   The World's First Wirelessly Charging Monitor Samsung has released the the first monitor with an integrated wireless charging function for mobile devices. The monitor, the SE370, which comes in 23.6-inch and 27-inch sizes, has two functions: displaying content and charging your smartphone. The intention of the feature is to declutter work areas by doing away with unnecessary cables and ports needed to charge mobile devices and works through the Qi wireless charging standard. The concept works as You need a dedicated area to get that juice. A monitor is perfect for this because it’s always plugged in and, let’s face it, it’s not going anywhere. The SE370 also has an “eye-saver mode” that reduces the harmful effects of blue light on viewers’ eyes and associated eye strain. It does this by “monitoring and optimizing picture quality to match specific environmental settings.”  *  Source:  Samsung  
  10. 10.   Streetwear Brand Develops Neurostimulation Device for Millennials Hyped Millennial fashion label Mishka has released its take on the Fisher Wallace Stimulator: a portable cranial electrotherapy stimulation device that can treat anxiety, depression and insomnia. The home treatment kit comes in the streetwear brands's typical hipster- friendly design, emblazoned with bloodshot eyeballs, bolts of lightning and clashing neon colors. The device, however, has veritable scientific effectiveness, and has been developed by neurostimulation company Fisher Wallace. Neurostimulation has been prescribed by thousands of board- certified psychiatrists, often used alongside drug therapy and prescriptions. It works through delivering gentle electrical impulses to stimulate the brain's production of serotonin, endorphins, and other necessary neurochemicals. The collaboration between the brand and the scientists can be self-administered; it costs USD 599 but must be purchased only by licensed heathcare practitioners.  *  Source:  Mishka  
  11. 11.   Smart Tech to Protect Country With Highest Skin Cancer Rates To help protect people from the sun in Australia, a new project has created the “ReApply Reminder”– a smart sunscreen bottle and mobile app. The system is designed to save lives by proactively reminding people when to re-apply their sunscreen. The app works through integrated by Bluetooth technology that resides in the lid of the sunscreen which syncs with the mobile app. The app then automatically triggers the ReApply Reminder countdown from the moment a user applies sunscreen. An algorithm then works out how long the reminder duration should be by processing the live weather, location and UV Index Rating.  *  Source:  h:p://  
  12. 12.   Vodafone Simplifies Top-ups with QR Codes The UK carrier has partnered with mobile payments firm PowaTag so pay-as-you-go customers can top up their balances with just a quick scan of a QR code. Vodafone customers must simply install Powatag for Android or iOS and link a payment method, then find a Vodafone compatible QR code, which have been placed at on posters at the Vodafone outlets across the UK, as well as retail locations such as Argos, Tesco, Co-Op, Asda, Sainsbury's and more.Vodafone puts it: "topping up really just got that easy." The QR service adds another convenient, valuable touchpoint for topping up, along with other easy options such as online, through the Vodafone app, over the phone or at cash points.  *  Source:  Vodaphone  Blog  
  13. 13.   Vice Media Courts Women with New Channel The edgy, male-driven media company is launching Broadly, its first female-focused channel, covering a variety of topics including politics, culture, lifestyle, sex and fashion. Among the various programming that will air on the new female-focused channel, the launch series include Ovary Action, which explores reproductive health and fertility; Broadly Meets, an interview series (which features Rose McGowan in the first episode); and the fashion-focused Style and Error. Future series will include Gangs, which explores how women all over the world band together over common interests; and Samburu: Land of No Men, about an all-female tribe in Kenya that was formed after local women were abandoned by their community. Broadly's publisher Shanon Kelley said in a press release: "The same principals Vice applies to its storytelling will also apply to everything Broadly will do – we're telling original stories you can't find anywhere else, in the same voice and tone as that of our audience."  *  Source:  Vice  
  14. 14.   Google and Nest Customer Surveys The Google partnership with Nest makes the big data approachable.  The Customer Surveys are a product from Google that lets a customized survey to be sent to customers across a certain region and demographics. The businesses pay only for the surveys that have been answered. Using the surveys is not only allowing to draw conclusions about certain behavior but it give actual answers from real consumers. It can show how products are fitting in and around the daily lives of customers and assist in improvements or designing a new product.  *  Source:  Google  Consumer  Surveys  YouTube  
  16. 16.   Asos and Google Play Soundtrack Your Summer A joint project by ASOS and Google Play now pairs fashion items with a soundtrack of summer jams.  The summery music is provided Google Play’s radio; the songs are matched to the fashion trends that define the summer scene. Soundtrack Your Summer is an interactive style guide that displays ASOS products that look good together and are directly linked to the Play radio station. There are guides for both women and men, and are organized by four different summer themes: Festival Season, Pool Party, Roof Party and Labor Day Weekend. *  Source:  Asos  
  17. 17.   Room Mate Takes Free Hotel Wi-Fi To A New Level: The Whole City Room Mate Hotels, the Spanish hotel chain, has become the first ever hotelier to offer free Wi-Fi for its guests not just for use in the hotel, but everywhere in the city. Back in 2005, Room Mate was the first chain to offer free Wi-Fi in Spain. Ten years later, the hotel has taken this offer to the next level, offering guests a free, high-speed, portable Wi-Fi router that they can use all over the city where their hotel is located. The router can connect up to five devices to the wi-fi and can be operated all over the city. This service is being rolled out to each of the brand's hotels: Miami and New York, Amsterdam, Mexico DF, Florence, Istanbul and all of its 11 locations in Spain. The President and Founder of Room Mate Hotels, Kike Sarasola, explained the move: "One of the major problems when traveling was precisely the lack of connection and high roaming charges. With WiMate we are offering customers an essential service and a new concept of travel." *  Source:  Room  Mate  Hotels  
  18. 18.   Binge-Watchers' Brainwaves Power a Netflix Promotional Symphony Netflix used the brainwaves of a bunch of binge-watching strangers to promote its sci-fi show Sense8.  To promote the show, which is about people with mysterious telepathic connections, Netflix connected eight people through EEG sensors to produce the Sense8 Brainwave Symphony. The EEG sensors  recorded brainwaves of the viewers, which were then used to compose a piece of original music. To get the brainwaves that were truly reflective of the Sense8, the participants watched excerpts from the show and were exposed to various stimuli, like light, sound, graphics, and even scent. The stranger's brainwaves worked in common, so much that brainwaves were shared by the rest of the group. The track is now available on Spotify.  *  Source:  Sense8  -­‐  Brainwave  Symphony  -­‐  NeQlix  
  19. 19.   Recycled Shoes Use Plastic Trash From the Ocean adidas is turning ocean trash into recycled materials for running shoes and apparel. The recycling initiative is part of meeting the adidas group’s sustainability goals and to educate consumers about the dire situation the ocean is in due to plastic. To mark the gravity of the occasion, the design concept was unveiled at a United Nations climate change event in New York. The sneaker's sole is made of sustainable cushioning, but the upper portion of the shoe is made from materials reclaimed from illegal deep-sea fishing nets and other waste pulled from the ocean by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. A spokeswoman for Adidas told The Huffington Post the shoe is not for sale, but more like a conceptual call to arms: “This is not a plan, this is an action,” she said. “We did this to show what we are capable of doing when we all put our heads together.” The apparel manufacturer did however confirm that they will be incorporating recycled plastic into their shoes by early next year.  *  Source:  Huffington  Post  
  20. 20.   McFlurry Dispensing Billboard Combats High Summer Temps McDonald’s Netherlands gave out free McFlurries through an outdoor billboard created and installed in the Dam Square that lets passersby find some relief from the heat. McDonald’s was giving away the McFlurries when the temperature should reach 38.6 degrees Celsius. As soon as it did, the billboard opened up, allowing pedestrians to grab their own empty cup of McFlurry (out of a total of 100 McFlurry cups with each cup having its own designated flavor). Though an awesome idea, McDonalds wasn’t the first to come up with this particular concept. What made McDonalds’ offering different from the Coca-Cola dispensing billboard   and the Carlsberg Beer dispensing poster, is that this initiative required participants to head over to the store near the billboard to get their cups filled with the cold treat, which brought foot traffic into their locale in a subtle sales effort.  *  Source:  Business  Insider  
  21. 21.   AMEX Lets Fans Play Against Maria Sharapova For the U.S. Open, the company designed a VR experience to lets fans play against the tennis star. The groundbreaking is called "You vs. Sharapova": it's the first VR experience to permit live action, as fans attempt to return Sharapova's serve. The VR experience lasts four minutes, and relies on consumer equipment, namely HTC Vive— the first consumer-oriented VR device, along with Steam VR technology. There will be three stations at the U.S. Open for spectators of the best tennis has to offer to become their competitors.  *  Source:  AdWeek  
  22. 22.   Dell's Back to School Docu- series Highlights Young Achievers Dell is targeting teens with aspirational video series "The New Experts," which showcases the lives of young achievers in various exciting fields such as fashion, science and technology.  Dell follows four different young achievers: Taylor Wilson, a 21-year-old nuclear physicist; Isabella Rose, a 14-year-old fashion designer and artist; João Pedro Motta, a 19-year-old Brazilian tech entrepreneur; and 19-year- old YouTube sensation Jenn McAllister, better known to her fans as Jennxpenn. By producing the series, the company hopes to show how many teens are becoming experts in technology– and speaks to their audience in a way that is on their level, by showing teens using the technology to make their dreams come true.  *  Source:  Dell  
  23. 23.   Nike+ Personalized, End-Of- Year Workout Summaries Using detailed past workout data to create personalized videos celebrating the user's workout and encouraging to get better.  The illustrated movie is created by using the past year's location, weather, and activity to create a one-minute video that is highlighting individual's workout achievement throughout the past year. The data has been adapted to create over 100,000 videos that are showcased on a dedicated microsite and can be easily shared through social media.  *  Source:  Device  Daily  
  24. 24.   Calvin Klein Promotes #mycalvins by Sexting To continue its #mycalvins campaign, the label has started sexting on popular dating app Tinder.  A black-and-white photo of two women laying against a shirtless man, is captioned: “Hahah a light threesome never hurt anyone ☺ ☺ ☺”– as if the act just happened. A corresponding text message box captions all five new Calvin Klein Jeans campaign images, as the brand wants to start a dialogue about how real people approach dating in the digital world, on apps like Tinder and through sending explicit SMS. The print and outdoor campaign was recently supplemented with a steamy video.  *  Source:  AdWeek  
  25. 25.   WWF: Nature Often Provides the Same Effectiveness as Products WWF's new initiative "just" aims to show that there are simple and natural alternatives to many everyday products. WWF Australia launched an environmental initiative encouraging people to make small changes that make a big difference for the planet. The billboards use a range of nine household alternatives they call "just" products, which are all created with all-natural ingredients and packaged in earth-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable materials. This initiative comes in conjunction with WWF’s Living Planet Report 2014 that revealed humanity’s demand on the planet is now more than 50 percent greater than what nature is able to renew. The campaign points out that conventionally-packaged household products people use every day are a huge part of this discrepancy.  *  Source:  WWF  Just  
  26. 26.   Lowe's Shows Off Easy DIY Fixes With Live Vine Screens For its "Fix in Six" Vine campaign, home-improvement retailer Lowe's creating live animated window displays of DIY advice in its Manhattan retail location. The "Fix in Six" campaign features six-second tutorials on simple DIY tips, such as killing germs on a sponge with a microwave, and using walnuts to cover up scratches in wood. In the store windows of its Chelsea location, the chain has created displays that show two tips: how painting a room a light color to make it look bigger, and how hanging a bike from the ceiling to saves valuable space. The installation be in place for the month of August and will be broadcast on Periscope in the meantime.  *  Source:  GeomarkeDng  
  27. 27.   Lexus Refitted A Skate Park For Its New Hoverboard Lexus unveiled a levitating hoverboard they’ve sworn is fully functional, and to prove it, are renovating a skatepark to include the metallic surfaces their board needs in order to operate.  The levitation works by using high-powered magnets on the bottom of the board, which push against any metal surfaces directly below to hover. The move is perhaps an attempt to show the viability of a realistic consumer product by overcoming several hurdles, in this case, incorporating an infrastructure of metal lanes into skate parks to accomodate for the boards design. While the carmaker has not said whether the board is intended as a publicity move or a product they intend to release, the skate park re-fit might make the latter more possible.  *  Source:  Lexus  
  28. 28.   Bud Light made 200,000 Cans with Unique Designs Bud Light worked with the Mad Decent Block Party and 31 artists to create millions of unique, colorful can designs. By using HP Indigo's technology, the partnership created 31 million different graphics, making Bud Light the first brand to use this packaging technology in the U.S. The end result was 200,000 cans made from variations on 31 designs. The vertically-printed cans were first made available to those in attendance at the Mad Decent Block Party, putting the innovative designs first into the hands of these millennial festival-goers. The rest of the cans will then be rolled out en masse, with the idea that all 200,000 cans will produce 200,000 different experiences.  *  Source:  Bud  Light  Press  Release  
  30. 30.   Paying For Coffee With A Cup A SmartCup lets coffee lovers to pay for their daily coffee a convenient way, with only the object that coffee needs most: a cup  The SmartCup embedded smart payment capabilities into the reusable cups, which lets customers pay for their coffee with the cup itself. Customers who purchase one of environmentally friendly SmartCups simply must download the CafePay smartphone app and pay for it with a swipe of their cup. The app also adds another level of convenience to customers, who can also pre-pay for coffees or send them as gift to their friends. Another added bonus is the app keeps track of loyalty rewards from participating coffee shops. This innovation changes the way that people think about the capabilities of reusable products, so they can live more sustainably and to reduce unnecessary waste. *  Source:  Frank  Green  SmartCups  
  31. 31.   Airberlin Invites Air Hitchhikers On-Board The airline has announced it is making available 50 free flights for spontaneous Berliners looking to hitchhike by air, or as they call it: #airtramp. The concept will involve a bus that picks up a specific route and  takes them to the Berlin's Tegel airport for take-off to one of five international destinations: Copenhagen, Rome, Vienna, Abu Dhabi and New York. Not to leave the hitchhikers stranded there, the promotion includes the return flight. For the chance to participate, wanderlusting Berliners must simply wait along a predetermined route through the city with their signs showing the destination they want to go to, and hope they are lucky enough for the airberlin bus to pick them up. The airline launched the promotion over social media to aim the hitchhiking concept at a younger crowd.  *  Source:  airberlin  (Twi:er)  
  32. 32.   McDonald's Offers a Secret Menu A recent Reddit AMA with a UK-based McDonald’s manager has shed light on the rumors of a “secret menu” at the popular fast food chain. An example of one of the chains quirky “secret menu” options is the intriguingly-named McGangbang, which is a McChicken Sandwich inside of a McDouble. Or you could go with the Land, Sea and Air Burger – a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and McChicken all in one. The manager speaking on reddit warns: “Any requests for extra items or changes to our products are considered at the restaurant manager’s discretion and any additional items may be charged for.” The reddit points to a fast-food fanpage Hack the Menu, which lists many of the "secret" menu options that fans McDonald's may safely now ask for. *  Source:  Reddit  AMA  
  33. 33.   App Offers Impulse Buys to Bargain Hunters Benjamin is an e-commerce app that serves up personalized bargains, but consumers have only 60 seconds to decide whether to buy or to pass. Though many bargain hunters shop based on what's on sale, Benjamin's bargains are even better: they are tailored to the customer. The app offers these personalized bargains from brand partners, and introduces to these shrewd shoppers the principle of the impulse buy, through a Tinder-style buy or pass interface that forces them to decide within a minute whether they want the deal or not. The platform adds to the temptation of knowing if one doesn't act fast, the deal won't be available anymore.  *  Source:  Benjamin    
  34. 34.   Retailers Begin Using Holographic Displays Since their debut with a 2pac performance at Coachella, holographic displays have evolved. Paul Smith's new display shows one the exciting new ways how they can be used in retail scenarios. A window display concept that uses holographic technology engages and attracts potential customers to the Paul Smith store through some technological trickery. The display, called The Window that Never Sleeps, can be operated even after hours when the store is closed, with the holographic image left in the storefront to attract customers, in this case, by presenting multiple different colored animations, all in Paul Smith suits, performing human-like actions such as playing with a yo-yo or "making it rain." Apart from entertainment, the three animations are three suits of the many available offerings within the store, and watching them move gives these potential customers a 360-degree visualization of the suits themselves, as well as their fitting.  *  Source:  Vimeo  
  35. 35.   McDonald's Use of eCRM With the help of a smartphone app and smart data from past purchases, McDonald’s creates data-driven and customer-centric communication.  By analyzing what customers like to eat, the restaurant begun creating more personal and innovative dining experience. To get to know their guests, McDonald’s has started with putting codes on each product that diners could enter into McVIP smartphone app, encourage by a chance to win a prize. This way the restaurant learned what customers order and has managed to identify 400,000 customers. Subsequently, these individual profiles were matched against billions of transactions— the combination of dining behavior combined with all the smart data collected was found to be determining purchasing patterns. McDonald’s then used geofencing to send the customer relevant and personalized offers when they were near their 10 closest restaurants.  *  Source:  HorizontNet  YouTube  
  36. 36.   Starbucks App to Offer Free New York Times Articles The coffee chain is partnering with the newspaper to offer its content for free for Rewards members Starbucks app. The partnership will not just allow customers to access the venerable newspaper without going through its paywall, but it might even reward them for reading the articles in-app. The reading material on offer will be the most important stories from social, political, and economic topics. Starbucks President and COO Kevin Johnson says the partnership will allow it “to directly engage our most loyal customers with the latest and most relevant news of the day."  *  Source:  Press  Release  
  37. 37.   The PANTONE Café Opens for Color Fans To add to their recent foray into the hotel industry, PANTONE has opened another color-coded establishment, the PANTONE Café in Monaco. Patrons of the new establishment are invited to "Taste the Colors" through a color-coordinated menu of sandwiches, salads, snacks, juices and soft drinks. Naturally, the color coordination extends to everything in the café from the tables, chairs, napkins, and coffeemaker all bear corresponding PANTONE color codes. The pop-up café will serve items such as the "Tomato Red Mozza White #18-1660 Sandwich" and "Vibrant Orange #16-1364 Juice" all summer on the promenade of Monaco's Grimaldi Forum.  *  Source:  PANTONE  Cafe  Instagram  
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