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A Little More Conversation: Branding with Voice UI


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How we use and interact with machines and software is changing. Some assumed it was a fad, but we’re now seeing voice technology infiltrating our businesses, mobiles, vehicles and now our homes.

Brands are adopting the idea that voice is here to stay, which brings with it a shift in user experience, and in turn, customer expectations of usability.

Published in: Marketing
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A Little More Conversation: Branding with Voice UI

  2. 2. ABOUT. At LHBS, we believe in continuously observing and learning from what’s happing in the market. We’ve created our Snapshot Series to provide insights on platforms, industries and companies. Using best practice examples, we explore, analyze and share how businesses are adapting to new trends. Moving from insightful data to best practices to inspiring thought starters for brands, Snapshots can be a guide to bring meaningful innovations to life in different areas of business. This issue explores the rise of voice technology, how brands are creating value with new customer experiences through employing voice and future potential. We hope you enjoy this deck and find inspiration for your innovation process. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 2 Discover Define Develop Deliver UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. LHBS // VOICE TECH.
  3. 3. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. INTRODU CTION. How we use and interact with machines and software is changing. Some assumed it was a fad, but we’re now seeing voice technology infiltrating our businesses, mobiles, vehicles and now our homes. Brands are adopting the idea that voice is here to stay, which brings with it a shift in user experience, and in turn, customer expectations of usability. LHBS is a marketing & innovation firm with offices in Berlin and Copenhagen. We help clients to understand today's emerging customer expectations and to shape their business offerings for tomorrow. Kathleen McCaffrey Marketing Strategist at LHBS INTRODUCTION 3 In this report we explore; • What’s Happening - How is the voice tech market growing and being used today? • Best Practices - How are brands harnessing the rising demand for voice tech by creating new user experiences? • Future of Voice- Where will the potential of voice take brands & business? LHBS // VOICE TECH.
  4. 4. CONTENT. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. How are brands harnessing the rising demand for voice tech by creating new user experiences? BEST PRACTICES Where will the potential of voice take brands, businesses & consumer experiences? FUTURE OF VOICE How is the voice tech market growing and the technology being used today? WHAT’S HAPPENING CONTENT 4 LHBS // VOICE TECH.
  5. 5. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 5 1637 1971 1987 1987 2000 Machines may be physically responsive, but will never meet the communicative skills of a human Assistant voice device for engineers Child’s doll with voice recognition and response First speech dictation software for consumers First application for online ordering via voice Prediction by René Descartes Automatic Call Identification System by IBM World of Wonders Julie Doll Dragon Dictate Netbytel Breakthrough events in voice technology LHBS // VOICE TECH. HISTORY
  6. 6. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 6 2017 2016 2014 2014 2008 Voice search app for iPhone launched A computer program passes the Turing test (acting as 13 yr old) Speech recognition system reaches human parity Alexa’s speech becomes protected by 1st amendment Alexa launched alongside Echo Google Computer: Eugene Goostman Amazon Microsoft Breakthrough events in voice technology LHBS // VOICE TECH. HISTORY
  7. 7. WHAT’S HAPPENING CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. From screen to voice is the biggest shift in user experience since the move from phone and fax to email and web, and it’s picking up speed. Primarily down to voice recognition technology becoming sophisticated enough to begin changing consumer behavior, and voice is such a natural behavior which simply makes adoption easier. Predictions place voice as becoming the most efficient form of computing input. Even with the introduction of communicating using images, 90% of all human communication still happens through voice. This isn’t about to change. 7 WHAT’S HAPPENING Source: We’re currently in the midst of a technology shift, with voice development and adoption picking up speed. The rapid growth and even overtaking of visual technologies suggests this isn’t something to be ignored by brands. LHBS // VOICE TECH. WHAT’S HAPPENING
  8. 8. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 8 We are in the “era of the image,” especially led by the younger generation as a result of increasing use of smartphones for storytelling, messaging, sharing and creative expression. There is still a great demand for voice technology, and we see it’s substantial growth overtaking many visual technologies, even VR. Source: MIDIA ExpensiveUn- established Highly accurate Natural behavior Efficient Impractical VR Technology Voice Recognition VS. LHBS // VOICE TECH. WHAT’S HAPPENING
  9. 9. 40 % 60 % UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: We see the rise in voice interface use correlating with the rapid increase in the capacity and accuracy of the technology. Voice has moved from 70% accuracy in 2010 to 90% in 2016, and only continues to rise. 9 Source: Technalysis Research LHBS // VOICE TECH. WHAT’S HAPPENING
  10. 10. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 10 In the last year, the user base of voice devices grew 129% Source: eMarketer e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home LHBS // VOICE TECH. WHAT’S HAPPENING
  11. 11. 40 % 60 % UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: x35 Since 2008, voice-based Google search queries have increased 11 Source: Technalysis Research LHBS // VOICE TECH. WHAT’S HAPPENING
  12. 12. 40 % 60 % UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: 2bn Siri currently handles over 2 billion commands each week 12 Source: Technalysis Research LHBS // VOICE TECH. WHAT’S HAPPENING
  13. 13. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 13 0 10 20 30 40 2016 2017 2018 2019 Millenials Gen X Baby boomers Millennials - digital savvy and now making up the largest sector of the workforce - they are the quickest to adopt voice assistants, making them a huge target audience for brands exploring voice. Source: eMarketer (data in millions) LHBS // VOICE TECH. WHAT’S HAPPENING
  14. 14. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 14 Consumers currently use their voice devices for: Source: Playing Music & Audio Books 47% Smart Home Devices 29% Games & Entertainment 29% News & Podcasts 27% Branded Content 3% Business Services 1% Key Opportunity Areas for Brands LHBS // VOICE TECH. WHAT’S HAPPENING
  15. 15. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. The recent accessibility of voice software to third party companies has spurred the huge adoption of voice by consumers. The brands know their consumers, and now they can apply the software to experiences of value. 15 Source: LHBS // VOICE TECH. WHAT’S HAPPENING
  16. 16. Today, there are over 12,000 Alexa applications, or “skills”. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 16 Source: Amazon Thanks to third party integration… …at the beginning of 2016, there were around 130 Alexa skills, by the end there were over 5,000. LHBS // VOICE TECH. WHAT’S HAPPENING
  17. 17. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. “Tomorrow’s devices should be unobtrusive… something so “you” that it dissolves into your life.” - Thomas Gayno, Product Lead at Spotify 17 Source: LHBS // VOICE TECH. WHAT’S HAPPENING
  18. 18. CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. We’re beginning to see voice disrupting many other verticals as brands begin experimenting with this new wave of technology to fulfill shifting customer expectations. There is a range of outside the box ideas and unique use cases of voice services. • Smart home control: Consumers can simply talk with their voice-enabled devices and ask to be entertained. • Education: They can use devices to acquire knowledge on various matters and get how-to’s. • E-commerce: The ability to purchase food and other consumables and to shop online hands-free. 18 BEST PRACTICES By observing brands who have begun experimenting with the applications of voice technology, we can begin to see where the most value can be offered, and what consumers are willing to adopt even at the stage of MVPs. LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  19. 19. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Starbucks Enabling Voice Ordering Explore the Sign Amazon Echo as well as other Alexa devices can now reorder your favorite Starbucks coffee. Customers first have to set up a Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay account. They can then place an order and pay for it before entering their favorite local coffee shop. Reordering your usual coffee by simply telling Alexa what you’d like reduces customer effort to place an order at the store and waiting until their coffee is ready. 19 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  20. 20. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Domino’s Handsfree Ordering Anywhere Explore the Sign Fans of Domino’s can order their pizza handsfree from almost anywhere. An Alexa integration enables users to order food by talking to their Echo device, Domino’s own app lets them order via talking to their phone and the integration of the app in Ford cars even provides a seamless way to order food while driving. On Alexa, users can also track their order progress with specific voice commands. The voice-controlled solution should lessen the friction for consumers, which would ideally result in a higher number of delivery orders being placed. 20 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  21. 21. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Laundrapp Voice-Activated Laundry Service Explore the Sign The Laundrapp app is not only available on smartphones but also for Amazon Echo. Users can simply voice control the collection of their laundry, hands-free.  The voice-activated laundry service enables getting the dry cleaning done without leaving the house. 21 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  22. 22. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Tide Stain Remover Tipps Explore the Sign The voice app by Tide on Alexa can talk users through how to remove a specific stain from items of clothing. Alexa users can ask the Tide skill how to remove a stain from clothing, with the majority of common stains included in their database (ink, coffee, spaghetti stains etc.). It offers detailed instructions that can be read out by Alexa, or can send the tips via text message together with a link to the Amazon store to buy the correct detergent. The Tide skill adds value to the user’s brand experience by offering a quick solution to each stain-related problem. 22 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  23. 23. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: SmartThings Smart Home Control Explore the Sign By connecting the SmartThings hub to Alexa, users are able to control devices around the home including lighting, security, temperature and other devices such as fans. It is also possible to create controls for the activation or deactivation of multiple devices with commands such as “Alexa, turn on Good Morning” or “Alexa, turn on Party Time,” for different moods. Voice-activation for all rooms and devices in the house is making switching the mood from one occasion to the other easy. 23 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  24. 24. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: German Autolabs An AI-powered, in-car Digital Companion Controlled with Voice Explore the Sign German Autolabs have created an AI-powered, in-car digital assistant for communication, entertainment and navigation via voice, dubbed “Chris” or “Alexa of the automotive world.” The greatest difference between “Chris” and other devices such as Alexa, is that it can be interacted with just with hand gestures as well as voice. The artificial intelligence used also means that speech recognition will improve over time when one specific driver is using the assistant. The potential for voice interaction is high in vehicles, as it can help to limit distractions and keep drivers focused on the road. 24 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  25. 25. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Yo Momma An Alexa Application which Offers “Yo Momma” Jokes on Command Explore the Sign A playful application or “skill” of Amazon’s Alexa, “Yo Momma” tells jokes when the user says “Start Mom Jokes.” It offers many one liners of “Yo Momma” jokes, although doesn’t yet offer restriction settings for age suitability, which could be an issue for younger children. Jokes are just a short command away and offer entertainment almost instantly. 25 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  26. 26. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Akinator An Alexa Application for Users to Play the Game of Twenty Questions Explore the Sign The popular guessing game “Akinator” has already proven to be a favorite among mobile and social media users. Now it can be accessed and played simply by using voice with Amazon’s Alexa. Saying “open/start Akinator” begins the game, and involves the character asking a series of questions to guess the person the user is thinking of, who then answers “yes” or “no” to each query. Alexa can guess correctly for each character the user thinks of. The Akinator brings creative guessing to echo and offers simple entertainment for users. 26 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  27. 27. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Safeco Safeco: Locating Independent Agents Nearby Explore the Sign Safeco created a voice-controlled app for Alexa to enable people to search for an insurance agent nearby for advice. In order to differentiate themselves from other insurance companies, Safeco made searching for a nearby agent as simple as possible. Potential customers can locate an agent nearby who were related to the type of policy they were interested in purchasing or just knowing more about. This gives people a shortcut to getting their insurance queries answered, instead of picking up a phone or typing questions into Google. 27 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  28. 28. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Garanti Bank Virtual Banking Assistant Explore the Sign Garanti bank integrated virtual assistant features and more natural language understanding technology their banking app, iGaranti. This enables customers to enquire about their funds, make transfers, get exchange rates among other functions through conversational voice recognition with the assistant. It was designed with the Millennial consumer in mind, and became the #1 free app in the iOS App store on its release. The app is allowing a seamless end-to-end speech enabled banking experience for customers. 28 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  29. 29. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: ili Wearable Translators Explore the Sign ili is a device that translates languages while its wearer is on the go. It supports English to Spanish, Mandarin, or Japanese as well as Mandarin to English or Japanese. It does not require WiFi and can translate languages instantly in 0.2 seconds. ili cracks the language barrier and makes cross- cultural communication - and traveling - a seamless experience. 29 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  30. 30. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Nokia Nokia's Digital Assistant For Engineers & Fast Customer Service Explore the Sign Nokia have announced their new, intelligent voice assistant created for engineers and telecom operators, named MIKA. It is powered by Nokia’s AVA cognitive services platform and provides voice- activated access to information for telco operators and engineers. The assistant uses augmented intelligence combined with automated learning to supply best practice solutions for problems instantly, also drawing on experiences from other networks. MIKA enables engineers and customer service agents to give better and faster solutions to inquiries. 30 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  31. 31. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Fitbit Voice to Get Your Fitness Stats Explore the Sign Fitbit users can now use their voice to access personal stats on Alexa. With almost instant stat updates on Alexa from the user’s Fitbit app, personal fitness information can be accessed easily using only voice, including weight, steps taken, goals met, sleep tracking, among others. One drawback right now is the limitation of only one Fitbit account being able to connect with Alexa. But the attraction of accessibility to personal data - especially for people on the go - is likely to override these small imperfections. 31 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  32. 32. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Campbell Distributing Content to Consumers Explore the Sign Campbell’s skill on Amazon’s Echo allows users to ask for recipe suggestions on their portal for cooking- related content, “Campbell’s Kitchen.” Campbell was one of the first food brands on Echo. Users can simply ask for recipe suggestions and hear the step by step instructions read out to them. The suggestions are tailored to suit the weather and seasons, to incorporate trending flavors and ingredients as well as user profiles, such as what they have cooked before and ingredients used most often. The skill makes cooking with a recipe easier by giving the user hands-free instructions. 32 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  33. 33. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: CogniToys Children's Toys Respond Intelligently Explore the Sign Toys that listen and respond intelligently are the next innovation in children's entertainment. CogniToys Dino taps into IBM's Watson machine- learning service, responding to a child's vocabulary and interests and evolving as the child grows. It adapts its responses depending on the language a child uses. Therefore, it grows with the children. The smart toy is longer lasting than other toys, as it “grows” with the child playing with the Dino. 33 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  34. 34. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Johnnie Walker Voice Bartenders Explore the Sign Johnnie Walker launches mentorship program that brings consumers into the world of whisky with the help of a tablet, a mobile device or Amazon Echo devices. It brings to life Johnnie Walker’s history, products and heritage through a live chat with the Johnnie Walker messenger bot and a series of digital videos featuring mixologist Jeff Bell. Echo enables the brand to showcase its versatility and to have a conversation with its fans in the most natural way: voice. 34 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  35. 35. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Alberto Alexa in Retail Explore the Sign In Germany, pants label Alberto is testing Alexa in its concept store to talk with customers. Since Amazon’s Echo is available in Germany, its voice assistant Alexa is “employed” in a concept store in Germany. Programmed for “smart conversations”, Alexa is answering questions about the current collection, styles, and the company’s history. Alexa is not replacing the human personnel, it is used to underline clothing brand Alberto’s innovative mindset. 35 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  36. 36. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW.Source: Marriott Voice-Activated Hotel Rooms Explore the Sign - Marriott Marriott hotels offer voice activated systems in some of their rooms. Marriott hotels are evaluating if and how they can integrate Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri voice assistants to let guests control the lights, curtains, TV and in-room temperature. Voice assistants could complement the already highly customer-centric model, giving their customers more flexibility in how they experience and use their time at the hotel. 36 LHBS // VOICE TECH. BEST PRACTICES
  37. 37. WHAT’S HAPPENING CHAPTER TITLE UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Voice is experiencing extreme growth thanks to the continuous advancements being made improving the overall user experience. Voice is still very much an emerging technology, we can’t really have a fully fledged conversation with Alexa or Google Home but we can definitely command them to complete “micro-tasks” or fulfill a “micro-moment”. With advances in machine-learning, voice will become conversational and more and more human with the potential to create personalized voice-based services. Consumers will have the possibility to interact with brands in a free, frictionless and fun way. Investing in designers with a deep understanding of human- psychology will give brands the ability to map these emerging conversational abilities, ensuring your tone of voice and core aims will be personalized to, and affect your customer. 37 THE FUTURE Voice is here to stay but there are few technical things that will amplify its impact on consumers and business over the next few years. In this chapter we look at some what’s to come and how your brand should start working with voice. LHBS // VOICE TECH. THE FUTURE
  38. 38. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. HAVAS MEDIA 60%13 % 87 % 82% of interfaces in 2020 will be speech- recognition based TRATICA RESEARCH LHBS // VOICE TECH. THE FUTURE
  39. 39. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. HAVAS MEDIA 60% 70 % 30 % 30% of web searches will be screen-less by 2020 GARTNER LHBS // VOICE TECH. THE FUTURE
  40. 40. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. PERSONALIZATION & CUSTOMIZATION Voice will be able to personalize services. Using biometric voice recognition, it will be able to recognize and customize the user experience. Takeaway for brands: Tailor your voice interfaces to the interests, needs, wants and desires of your customers. 40 LHBS // VOICE TECH. THE FUTURE / IMPLICATIONS
  41. 41. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE Voice will react to emotions. The development of emotional intelligence, will help voice interfaces identify emotion in their users’ tone of voice. Takeaway for brands: Harness empathetic and emotional utterances to create interactions that truly affect your customers. 41 LHBS // VOICE TECH. THE FUTURE / IMPLICATIONS
  42. 42. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Voice will revolutionize how we experience things. With future advancements in AI, voice interfaces will lead the way in “frictionless“ user experiences. This AI revolution will be as transformative as mobility. Takeaway for brands: Start investing in device-less experiences, focusing on how to create a seamless, fluid brand moment using contactless interactions. 42 LHBS // VOICE TECH. THE FUTURE / IMPLICATIONS
  43. 43. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. LEARNING & MEMORY Voice will learn to be more human. Machine-learning technologies will enable voice interfaces to recognize, learn and remember the natural patterns of language. Takeaway for brands: Give users the chance to converse with their voice services in a natural, real way. Curate and push relevant content to your customers. 43 LHBS // VOICE TECH. THE FUTURE / IMPLICATIONS
  44. 44. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. BRAND PERSONALIZATION Voice will convey the personality of a brand. As voice advances, it is possible for brands to create a very real brand voice, conveying personality and immediately fostering a more human-like engagement with consumers. Takeaway for brands: Begin experimenting now with how voice could be your brand with a distinct sound, such as real person recordings, accents and inflections. 44 LHBS // VOICE TECH. THE FUTURE / IMPLICATIONS
  45. 45. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 45 Very soon ‘brand tone of voice’ will take on a whole new meaning, so begin thinking about who you want your brand to be. LHBS // VOICE TECH. THE FUTURE / IMPLICATIONS
  46. 46. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. Discover ABOUT. Define Develop Deliver LHBS is a marketing & innovation firm with offices in Berlin & Copenhagen. We work with legacy organisations to adapt their customer value proposition to meet emerging customer expectations. Together with our clients we discover business opportunities and deliver integrated customer offers for products, services, experiences and communication. ABOUT UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. 46 DISCOVER DEFINE DEVELOP DELIVER UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. LHBS // VOICE TECH.
  47. 47. LHBS Put the Title of the Report here HUB. UNDERSTAND TODAY. SHAPE TOMORROW. This case study has been created with the help of signmesh. signmesh innovation hub is a tailored dashboard of curated insights and business cases to keep your company ahead of the learning curve and inspire ongoing innovation. SIGNMESH 47 REQUEST A DEMO. LHBS // DOMINO’S STRATEGY: FROM PIZZA TO TECH GIANT
  48. 48. Die in dieser Präsentation dokumentierten Gedanken und Vorschläge sind geistiges Eigentum der 
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