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LG CNS makes the world a better place with Smart Technologies and Services. Check out our brochure for more information on the most advanced Smart Technologies.

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LG CNS service brochure

  1. 1. We make the world A better place with Smart technologies and services
  2. 2. 03 LG CNS 04 Contents 02 03 04 06 08 10 LG LG CNS CEO Message Vision 2020 R&D Infra 12 Core Competency • Industry Specific IT Service • Specialized Consulting • Total Outsourcing • Convergence 20 Solutions 22 Social Infra •Smart Green Solution •Smart Transportation •Smart Defense •Smart Government 32 Life •Smart Content & Service •Smart Media •Digital Marketing 40 Business •Smart Factory Creating New Customer Value with Smart Technologies •Finance Solution •Financial Automation System & Service •Smart Device & Service •Big Data & Advanced Analytics •Cloud Service 54 Corporate Social Responsibility 58 Global Partnership 60 Global Network The current convergence of cross-industry and technology is changing the global business landscape we have today. The introduction of smart technology is erasing the distinction between industries and giving birth to brand new business models. Smart technology is shaping the new business landscape and quickly being recognized as a crucial element in both the survival and advancement of global businesses. As a leading force of the new “smart technology” paradigm, LG CNS has focused on developing its capacities based on in-depth understanding of industries and information technology for the past several years. Smart technologies from LG CNS actively forecast the creation of new values, leading customers to a path of sustainable growth and prosperity.
  3. 3. 05 LG CNS LG CNS LG CNS, Exceeding The Highest Expectations LG Global Corp., Trusted The World Over A Global Corporation Trusted by Customers across the World Best IT Partner for Business Innovation Since its establishment in 1948, LG Corporation has shaped IT solutions for more than 20 years since its establishment the future of such industries as electronics, chemical, tele- in 1987. Since then, we have successfully undertaken a wide communications, and service. Currently, more than 213,000 range of IT projects for customers across industry sectors, employees from 270 locations across the world are working including public, finance, manufacturing, and telecommunica- hard to deliver innovative products and services to customers. tions, and acquired vast industry knowledge and advanced IT LG Corporation also strives to become a respected global cor- capacity. Based on our knowledge and technological capaci- porate citizen. ties, we create differentiated smart technologies and lead As a total IT service provider, LG CNS has delivered optimal Electronics_17 Affiliates business innovation at home and abroad. •LG Electronics •LG Display •LG Innotek Chemical_16 Affiliates •LG Chem •LG Hausys •LG Household & Health Care Best IT Partner for Your Business •Best Reference Cases across Industries Established HQ Chairman & CEO Total Sales No. of Employees Global Network 1947 Seoul, Korea Bon Moo Koo KRW 145 trillion (As of 2012) Approximately 213,000 (As of 2012) 270 Locations Communications & Service_28 Affiliates •Best Technology and Operational Quality •LG CNS Global Leader in Smart Technology •LG U+ •Global IT expert striving for ongoing innovation in information technology and development methodology •LG International Corp. •Creating new businesses through the convergence of diverse industries and advanced information technologies 06 3
  4. 4. 4 07 CEO Message LG CNS CEO Message Making the World a Better Place with Smart Technologies and Services Over the past 20 years, LG CNS has never ceased to evolve, providing IT services and customer-specific solutions based on close partnerships with customers and acquiring business capacity in terms of experience, technology, and know-how at a level to lead customer value. Supported by such valuable business assets, LG CNS is poised and ready to lead the market in the so called “Smart Era.” The global business landscape is changing rapidly with the proliferation of smart technologies. Led by smart transformation of devices, network, and content, the “Smart Craze” that is sweeping the globe is creating a massive impact on businesses, economy, culture, and society and changing the business environment across industries. The driving force behind such overarching transformation is information technology, which has evolved from a simple business tool to a core competency for business success. For the past several years, we have made organization-wide efforts to embrace smart technology utilizing our advanced IT capability and to enable ourselves to actively respond to market change. furthermore, we have strengthened R&D efforts with an innovative mindset that helps us break away from the comfort of existing business models and pursue greater value. As part of such efforts, we actively pursued the convergence of new technologies and industries, which has resulted in impressive performance at home and abroad. Based on smart technology and proven business capacity, LG CNS will put greater efforts into analyzing and understanding customers’ business and deliver differentiated solutions that lead to change and innovation. In addition, we will create more advanced business models by integrating information technology with a new wave of technologies, such as smart device, cloud computing, and big data, as well as by seeking convergence between technologies and industries. Going forward, LG CNS will not only focus on just business innovation and market leadership but also strive to make the world a better place by fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. I ask for your constant support and interest in LG CNS, as we continue our journey to become a global leader in smart technologies and services. Thank you. President & CEO, LG CNS 08 5
  5. 5. 6 09 Vision 2020 LG CNS vision 2020 Evolving as a Global Leader in Smart Technologies and Services Global Leader in Smart Technologies and Services with Creative People what Expand New Growth Businesses Create new businesses with passion for new technologies and the spirit of challenge In an effort to renew its commitment towards sustainable growth with customers, LG CNS formulated its “Vision 2020” and declared its goal to become a “Global Leader in Smart Technologies and How Strengthen in-house solution based businesses Deliver differentiated value that sets us apart from competitors Services with Creative People.” utilizing our proven solutions To this end, we have established such strategic directions as “Expanding New Growth Businesses,” “Enhancing In-house Solution-based Businesses,” and “Growing Overseas Businesses.” LG CNS will where Grow Overseas Businesses continue to challenge conventions through creative thinking and grow into a global IT service provider Pursue overseas projects with global partners based on our with market-leading smart technologies. world-class technology 010 7
  6. 6. 8 011 R&D LG CNS R&D Smart Government Sm rt T ran sp or Shopping ity re e ti o n City ar tG ta Transportation IT Infrastructure n C S ma me Sm ar Sm ar Finance tC Creating Added Value through Cross-industry Convergence based on Smart Technology a o rt H 012 9 ers’ business environments and industry paradigms. S ec u Big Data Analytics Through smart technology, LG CNS strives for the conver- Smart Device gence of the existing IT environment with new technologies Convergence LG CNS’ R&D leads the change in smart technologies. Our rt P ay Sm a the advancement of smart technology. Advanced Network S m art Fact o of technologies, create greater added value, and further m ent (i.e. cloud computing and big data) and with diverse industries. Such convergence will produce diverse combinations en s e rt D ef tomers and also facilitating the smart evolution of custom- Sm a further; to provide IT services optimized for individual cus- S m a rt smart technology. However, our R&D operations aim a step rity LG CNS provides industry-specific solutions based on ry Cloud Computing R&D centers systematically engage research projects that span the entire R&D lifecycle—from research to technology industry-specific as well as common technologies. R&D Organizations Information Technology R&D Center, Smart Transportation R&D Center, Smart Defense R&D Center, Smart Green Solution R&D Center, Financial Automation R&D Center Manufacturing Security Health Care Sm ar tH eal thc are Smart Education Major R&D Topics Core Technology Advanced Analytics, Cloud Computing, Mobile/UX, Embedded S/W, Software Engineering, Cash/Media Processing Cross-industry Convergence Solution Smart Transportation, Smart Green Solution, Smart Factory Smart Banking, Smart Defense, Financial Automation ics through research on basic information technologies and Automobile ar tL og ist and lead the convergence of smart technology and solution ng ki an tB ar Sm verification, solution development, and commercialization— Smart Technology Sm dia Me rt Sma
  7. 7. 10 013 infrastructure LG CNS Infrastructure Providing Safer and More Efficient Services to Customers across the World Since the launch of Korea’s first commercial data center, the Incheon Data Center, LG CNS has continued its efforts to provide a safer and more efficient service to custom- Amsterdam Data Center Data Center Korea Headquarters ers. LG CNS currently operates the Incheon Data Center, the Sangam IT Data Center, and the Gasan Data Center in New Jersey Data Center Korea as well as data centers at three global hub locations (U.S., Europe, and China). In particular, the 2013 launch of the Busan Global Cloud Data Center, which is poised to re- Beijing Data Center place Singapore and Hong Kong as the hub center of East Asia, further strengthened LG CNS’ capacity as a global data center service provider. In addition to N+1 redundancy of equipment, seismic isolation design, and maximum power efficiency, LG CNS data centers are also recognized at home and abroad for their “green” operations, which incorporate standardized and automated operational environments and processes. Based on its operational capacity proven by successfully managing and controlling over 120,000 servers across 80 countries, LG CNS continues to provide highly efficient and 24/7 uninterrupted service to customers worldwide. Incheon Data Center • Korea’s first commercial data center • Fully satisfies all safety response criteria for finance information network; firmly established as the disaster recovery center of Korea’s banking sector Gasan Data Center • ariable/customized facility (Spatial flexibility for V an increase in IT equipment) • orea’s first data center to implement full-scale K green IT solutions (i.e. IDC cooling method) • tandardized management and equipment system; S carrier-neutrality Sangam IT Data Center • Anti-seismic design at nuclear plant level (Richter Scale 8.0) • horough equipment redundancy targeting overseas global T businesses and financial sector customers • lobal IT center for the remote operation of overseas G locations Busan Global Cloud Data Center • Korea’s first data center to implement seismic isolation design; innovative green data center • International network and high density/high voltage configuration targeting global businesses and cloud computing customers • ocated in Busan, the central conduit for incoming L international network traffic • orean-style container center is also available at a separate K location on the premises 014 11
  8. 8. 015 LG CNS 016 Core Competency With its unique technology and know-how, LG CNS provides IT services that deliver the greatest business competitiveness to our customers across business sectors, including public, finance, high-tech, and telecommunications. ^ Electronics e Chemical Public • Industry-specific IT Service • Solutions Optimized for Individual Customers • Differentiated IT System Telecommunications New Business Finance
  9. 9. 017 LG CNS 018 Core Competency Based on differentiated consulting capability, LG CNS offers a variety of consulting services, including business strategy planning and process innovation, to create customer value. Business Strategy Planning • Advanced Methodology • Vast Project Experience • Excellent Consultants Process Innovation IT Solution
  10. 10. 019 LG CNS 020 Core Competency LG CNS provides IT services with global-level operational quality to customers across industry sectors. We help our customers succeed by combining customers’ business process with a platform optimized with smart technology. ITO BPO • IT Outsourcing • Business Process Outsourcing
  11. 11. LG CNS 022 Core Competency Based on its vast project experience, advanced information technology, and smart technology, the driving force behind the “Hyper Connectivity” era, LG CNS leads the convergence between technologies, technology and industry, and between industries. With such convergence, we create brand new services that deliver greater value to customers. it technology Smart Technology 2.0 Industry Connectivity ‹ 021 Smart Transportation Smart Green Solution Smart Factory Big Data Platform
  12. 12. 023 LG CNS Solutions LG CNS, Bringing about “Smart” Changes with Differentiated Services 024 Social Infrastructure Life Business Smart Factory Smart Green Solution Smart Content Service Smart Transportation Smart Media Smart Defense Finance Solution Digital Marketing Financial Automation System Service Smart Device Service Smart Government Big Data Advanced Analytics Cloud Service Smart Cloud Platform Taking full advantage of its substantial insight into diverse industries and professional IT capacity, LG CNS provides a full range of IT services, including consulting, system implementation Industry Specific (Public, High-tech, Finance, Telco, ...) operation, and outsourcing. We deliver greater value to customers with smart technology based on professional solutions that help customers respond to rapid market change and discover new business opportunities. Consulting Service Managed Service Enterprise Solution (ERP, SCM, CRM, BI/DW, ...) Outsourcing Data Center
  13. 13. Experience impressive world through our solutions for Social Infrastructure. 24. 26. 28. 30. Smart Green Solution Smart Transportation Smart Defense Smart Government e smart green Solution smart transportation smart defense smart government
  14. 14. Smart Green Solution Building • Automated Fare Collection System • Facility Management Experience impressive world through our solutions for Social Infrastructure. Smart Transportation • Energy Management • raffic Management System (for Express Ways, National Highways, T • Building Automation System (BAS) e • Multi-Site Buildings Management Smart Government City • inance Management F • Environment Information System • Cityscape • Intellectual Property System • Transportation • Government Integrated Data Center • Safety • e-Passport System • Online Civil Petition Service • Land/Corporate Registration System • National Tax Integration System • Postal Logistics Information System • Smart School System • Criminal Justice Service System • Electronic Case Filing System • Smart Safety System • Integrated Meteorological Information System and Urban Motorways) Smart Defense • Fleet Management System • ommand, Control, Communications, C • Traffic Operation and Information System (TOPIS) Computers and Intelligence (C4I) • ilitary Information Management M System (MIMS) • Integrated Railway Operation Management System • ailway Communications and Station Service System R • Railway Platform Screen Door System • nformation Security System (ISS) I • irport Safety, Security, Operation and Facility Management System A • lectro Optical Device (IR, EOTS) E • EV Sharing Service Energy • nmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) U • EV Charging Infrastructure and Operation System • Generation • Avionics • Consumption • Scientific Combat Training enter C • Storage (KCTC: Korea Combat Training Center) • MS (Modeling Simulation)
  15. 15. 24 smart green solution LG CNS Smart Green Solution Creating an Advanced Urban Space, Environmentally Friendly as well as Energy Efficient Creating a Future City, as We Imagined Smart Green Solution SMART GREEN SMART SOLUTION GREEN SOLUTION Building The Creation of a Future City Requires Careful Consideration for the Environment and the Convenience and Safety of Residents City Energy • Energy Management • Environment • Generation • Facility Management • Cityscape • Consumption • BAS (Building Automation System) • Transportation • Storage • Multi-Site Buildings • Safety Management The continuing influx of population is forcing cities to sprawl outward, while technological advances are rapidly expanding the original function of a city – the provision of a comfortable and pleasant living environment, thus leading to increasing concerns about energy supply, safety and environmental impact. LG CNS Implements a “Smart Green City” that Provides Urban Services at a Different Level With its Smart Green City, LG CNS effectively resolves a wide range of urban issues and provides SMART GREEN CITY urban services at a completely different level. LG CNS’ Smart Green City successfully achieves a balance between convenience, safety and the environment by providing reliable supply and efficient management of energy, a smart management system for city-center buildings, and management for a comfortable and pleasant urban environment. Smart Green Solution Offers the Answer for Creating a Future City just as Imagined The Smart Green Solution by LG CNS is a total solution for implementing a Smart Green City platform. Based on convergence and smart technologies, the solution controls equipment and infrastructure within homes, buildings, and urban facilities in an integrated manner and creates urban spaces that offer greater safety and convenience. LG CNS provides a complete package of services ranging from consulting to design and operation. Solution Service ➊ Building: Implementation and integrated operations of BAS ➋ Urban Facility: Management and operations of urban facilities, (Building Automation System) (power supply, equipment, lighting system), BMS (Building Management System) (parking management, access control), electrical equipment management solutions (electric power source, IT, digital switchboard, LED lighting system), and machinery management solutions (ventilation system, high efficiency inverter) including digital signage (digital information system) management and leakage monitoring • Eunpyeong u-City L G CNS successfully enhanced the living environment and urban management efficiency for the Eunpyeong New Town by seamlessly integrating and interconnecting the old and new towns as well as the existing and new systems. The Integrated Urban Management Center, carefully implemented with a focus on economic feasibility, service stability and scalability (based on demand forecast), functions as the brain of Eunpyeong u-City. ➌ Energy: Solutions for energy conservation (UPS/ESS, AMI, smart grid, micro grid, street lighting) and development/management of renewable energy sources • Pangyo u-City L G CNS created an eco-friendly living environment that enhances the quality of residents’ lives with 14 different convergence services. Recognized as an exemplary case for u-City implementation, Pangyo u-City is widely benchmarked at home and abroad. 25 31
  16. 16. 26 32 smart transportation LG CNS Smart Transportation Making Our Transportation System Safer and More Convenient with Information Technology Creating Optimal Transportation System with Consideration for Operational Efficiency and Safety Smart Transportation Smart Transportation Creates Advanced Transportation System Smart Transportation ITIS (Intelligent Traffic Information System) While means of transportation, such as bus, subway, taxi, railway, and air transportation, are an es- •Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS) sential element in our everyday life, they can also create a complete chaos when lacking systematic management and operations. LG CNS’ Smart Transportation maximizes operational efficiency of transportation methods and improves the safety and convenience of our transportation system. Convenience to Passengers and Efficiency to Operators • Intelligent Traffic Management AFC (Automated Fare Collection) ITMS (Intelligent Traffic Management System) Smart Railway EV (Electric Vehicle) Infrastructure Smart Airport • raffic Operation and Information T System (TOPIS) • Integrated Railway Operation Management System FMS (Fleet Management System) • ailway Communications and Station R LG CNS’ Smart Transportation utilizes smart technologies such as smart card, automation device, Service System • ailway Platform Screen Door System R and center solutions to optimize traffic flow, reducing management burden for transit operators •Airport Safety, Security, Operation and and delivering greater transportation service to passengers. Solutions such as the Automated Fare Facility Management System •EV Sharing Service Collection System (AFC), which services multiple public transportation systems, and the Fleet • Charging Infrastructure and EV Management System (FMS), which facilitates efficient bus operations, deliver great benefits to both transit operators and passengers. System (ITMS) • leet Management System (FMS) F Operations System EV Bus Metro Taxi Train EV Aircraft Smart Transportation, Recognized for Technological Superiority across the Globe Utilizing the best breed of technologies, LG CNS provides a total solution for the transportation sec- Solution Service tor from motor transportation to railway, airport, and EV. Based on successful implementation and ➊ For Road Traffic: Comprehensive transportation management ➌ Airport: Comprehensive solutions for major airport management operation experiences in Korea, including the Transportation Card System for the Seoul Metropoli- solutions, including the Automated Fare Collection System (Integrated fare collection and settlement for multiple public transportation means, i.e. bus, subway, taxi), the FMS (Fleet Management System), and the ITMS (Intelligent Traffic Management System) ➋ ailway: Comprehensive solutions for railway operations, includR ing the Integrated Railway Management System, major railway communications systems and operations systems, including airport safety, security, facility management, and business management tan Government, the High-speed Railway Management System, and EV charging infrastructure, LG CNS is also creating an impressive track record with overseas transportation projects in Bogota (Columbia), Wellington and Oakland (New Zealand), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Beijing (China). • Seoul New Transportation Card System I mplemented to Seoul’s public transportation network (over 15,000 buses, 75,000 taxis, and 9,000 subway fare gates), this automatic fare collection system allows passengers to settle fares for bus, subway, and taxi with a single transportation card and processes more than 30 million transactions per day. • Smart Transportation Card System for Bogota, Columbia (SIRCI) D ramatically enhanced Bogota’s bus operation efficiency by integrating and implementing AFC and FMS for Bogota’s bus and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network, which is the key transportation mean of the city. Utilizing our operational know-how from Seoul’s transportation network, we are also providing post-implementation operations service. ➍ V Sharing Service Charging Infrastructure: Real-time EV E reservation/pick-up/return for EV Sharing Service, and implementation and operation of EV charging infrastructure • High-speed Rail (KTX)/Metro Communications System I mplemented a comprehensive communications system for KTX and Metro, including transmission equipment, TRS network, station facilities, and video surveillance system (KTX Communications Network and Information System and DX Line Communications Network). MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Line1 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • L G CNS is currently in the process of establishing a comprehensive communications system for Line 1 of the MRT (31 stations, 51 km) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The system includes transmission equipment, TRS network, station facilities, and video surveillance system. 33 27
  17. 17. 28 34 smart defense LG CNS Smart Defense Smart Defense IT Solutions, Arming the Military with Science and Information Technology Advanced Science and Information Technology are a Must for National Defense System With the continuing advancements in military science and information technology, the future of military warfare is defined as “Network Centric Warfare,” which is expected to maximize combat power by integrating and operating available combat resources for simultaneous and integrated warfare. In order to prevail in such warfare, a nation’s defense system must embrace advanced science and information technology. LG CNS Enables National Self Defense with Smart Defense System LG CNS offers an operation system optimized for “Network Centric Warfare.” Our comprehensive defense offerings include not only consulting and system integration but also state-of-the-art systems and solutions with flexibility and capacity for speedy response. In addition, our systems and Strengthening National Defense with Smart Defense IT Solutions Smart Defense Battlefield Management System Sensor • Joint Chiefs of Staff C4I • Army, Navy, Air Force C4I • MIMS • IR • EOTS MS Resource Management System SMART Defense Solution • Integrated Defense Cost Management • Munitions Management Standard • ar-time Munitions Transportation W Management System • CTC • MILES • LVC Interfacing Solution Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Smart Security System • Reconnaissance • Surveillance • Telecommunications Relay, etc. • Border Surveillance • Key Facility Monitoring solutions deliver a qualitatively superior “Smart Defense” system, which facilitates easy response Avionics to such variables as potential threats, changes in warfare, reduction in armed force, and guarantee • IFDS • Integrated Avionics System Engineering a victory. LG CNS’ information technology, including the Command and Control/Combat Training System and the UAV Surveillance System, is helping the nation build the most powerful military forces. Solution Service LG CNS’ Defense Technology and Experience in the Global Spotlight LG CNS’s project experience and technological capacity is attracting global attention and helping the company rise fast as a global leader in the defense sector. Our C4I System has been deployed and is in operation at R.O.K. armed forces (army, navy, and air force), and the KCTC (Korean Army Advanced Combat Training Center), which maximizes the multiplier effect of combat training, is close to commercial deployment. LG CNS’ key arms system solutions for unmanned helicopter (localized with internally developed technologies), avionics, and sensors are generating even greater ➊ efense IT Consulting: IT consulting based on DoD AF (DepartD ment of Defense Architecture Framework) and C4ISR AF (Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Architecture Framework) ➋ ystem Integration Service: Engineering-based information and S arms systems integration ➌ Core Solution • attlefield Management System: Military Strategy C4I and MIMS B (Military Information Management System) • esource Management System: Integrated Defense Cost ManR agement, Munitions Management Standard, and Military HR Management • ensor: IR (Infrared Camera) and EOTS (Electro Optical TargetS ing System) • S (Modeling and Simulation): Inter-connectivity solutions for M CTC (Combat Training Center), MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System), L-V-C (Live-Virtual-Constructive) • UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) • Avionics • Smart Security System responses in the overseas markets. •Korean Army Advanced Combat Training Center (KCTC) L G CNS succeeded in localizing MILES for company-level training and is in the process of implementing an advanced combat training system for regiment-level training. •Command and Control System (C4I) L G CNS’ C4I System was successfully deployed and is in operation at the ROK Joint Chiefs of Staff and ROK Armed Forces (army, navy, air force). Currently, we are participating in a project to improve the KJCCS (Korean Joint Command and Control System), which was developed and deployed to enhance the nation’s independent operational capability on the Korean Peninsula. • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) L G CNS offers a solution for unmanned helicopter, which enables execution of diverse missions (i.e. surveillance and reconnaissance, cargo transportation, CBR) on a single platform. Our UAV solution also supports a wide range of non-military applications, including monitoring of traffic and power transmission lines, and wildfire responses. 35 29
  18. 18. 30 36 smart government LG CNS Smart Government 37 31 33 Making Citizens Happy and Strengthening National Competitiveness by Enhancing Administrative Efficiency and Convenience Korea’s e-government System, Gaining Authority as the Global Standard Smart Government UN e-Government Survey 2010 2012 1. Korea 1. Korea 2. USA 2. Netherlands 3. Canada 3. UK •Over 60% of Korea’s e-Government Projects Implemented by LG CNS 1. Public Administrative Service Finance Management Information System National Tax Integration System Intellectual Property System Postal Logistics Information System Integrated Meteorological Information System Criminal Justice Service System Government Integrated Data Center e-Government System Defines the Quality of the Nation’s Administrative Services 2. Social Service National governments are actively embracing information technologies such as cutting-edge IT systems to systemize their service administrations in an effort to provide increased convenience P ASSPORT to their citizens and to enhance administrative efficiency. Termed as “e-Government,” such systems define the quality of nations’ government service and are regarded as an important means to strengthen national competitiveness. LG CNS Leads the Development of Korea’s e-Government System Korea’s e-Government system, for which LG CNS played a leading role in development and implementation, was ranked first in the United Nations e-Government Survey 2012. In this survey, which is conducted on more than 190 countries, Korea has taken the top spot for the second consecutive e-Passport System Smart School System Online Civil Petition Service (Minwon24) ➊ Public Administrative Service: Provides solutions that support effective and efficient government administration and increase the productivity and transparency of governance through a higher level of business process integration and promotion of administrative information sharing. ➋ ocial Service: Provides solutions that dramatically enhances S ernment solutions for such national governance areas as judicial, administrative, defense, postal, the civil affairs service by implementing online civil affairs ser- how to build an efficient system that supports smart business processes for government agencies and public organizations. LG CNS’ e-Government Solutions Introduced to Nations across the Globe LG CNS’ e-Government system is benchmarked by nations across the world. The e-Government systems and solutions we implemented for Korea’s public sector, such as the National Tax Integration System, the Emergency Information Network (EIN), and the Online Civil Petition System (Minwon24), have been introduced to numerous countries to enhance their government services. Land/Corporate Registration System Smart Safety System Solution Service year, proving the excellence of the nation’s e-Government system. LG CNS offers the best e-Govfinancial, and tax administration. Our specialists in each field draw upon their vast base of know- Electronic Case Filing System • Smart School, Saudi Arabia LG CNS is currently initiating a “Smart School” project in Saudi Arabia. The project entails the implementation of a cutting-edge learning environment with various information technologies, such as electronic blackboard, smart classroom, and smart learning. The system has been successfully implemented in other nations, including Indonesia, Columbia, and Brunei, and helped developing countries to establish a smart learning environment. • National Finance Management Information System, Indonesia In the project funded by ODA from the World Bank, LG CNS is implementing an optimal system that supports effective national finance administration, including budgeting and accounting. vices and enabling the integrated management of public safety, such as emergency rescue, disaster management and public order. Our solutions not only help national governments to create “Open Government” by creating a system that supports direct incorporation of citizens’ feedback into policy decision-making but also enable governments to systematically manage national security and social safety. • Emergency Information Network, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia LG CNS implements a disaster response system that focuses on prevention through the comprehensive monitoring of disaster situations. The system’s speedy and accurate disaster response enables efficient disaster response management. • -Passport System, Korea e In the four-phase project for Korea’s e-Passport system, LG CNS successfully implemented the system and produced more than 13 million electronic passports. LG CNS also provided information security as well as convenience with differentiated technology for protecting personal information, acquiring the highest security level (EAL 5+ CC certification) for the e-Passport COS (Chip Operating System).
  19. 19. 38 LG CNS 39 Enjoy exciting moments with our solutions for life. 34. Smart Content Service 36. Smart Media 38. Digital Marketing smart content service smart media digital marketing
  20. 20. Smart Content Service Smart Content Sourcing • Global Content Licensing and Publishing • Platform Conversion for Sourced Content • New Service Launch Implementation and Operation Digital Marketing of Smart Service Platform Planning/Implementation/Operation of Customer Contact • nalysis, Design, Development, Integration, A • Global Web/Mobile Site Test, and Implementation • ervice Planning/Billing/Account Settlement S and Global C/S Operation • Implementation and Operation of Digital Marketing Infrastructure Smart Media • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Smart Set-top Box • Web/Mobile Content Publishing • Cable /Satellite/IPTV Service Provider • Mobile Service Carrier • Content Provider Implementation and Operation of End-to-End Broadcast System • Live Broadcast/VOD/Multiscreen • OTT Service • Mobile Streaming • Application Market 16. 18. 20. 22. Smart Contents Service Smart Media Smart Healthcare Digital Marketing LG CNS is a IT service company that was established in 1987. Since then, it has consistently been growing, successfully carrying out projects in a wide range of industrial fields. Today, the company is playing the role of CIO participating in a number of new businesses run by LG affiliates. LG CNS is rapidly growing as a global IT company by continuously expanding its overseas businesses based on superior technology and industry leading capabilities that have long been recognized in Korea. LG CNS is a IT service company that was established in 1987. Since then, it has consistently been growing, successfully carrying out projects in a wide range of industrial fields. Today, the company is playing the role of CIO participating in a number of new businesses run by LG affiliates. LG CNS is rapidly growing as a global IT company by continuously expanding its overseas businesses based on superior technology and industry leading capabilities that have long been recognized in Korea. Online Campaign/Advertisement • Establishment/Diagnosis/Monitoring of Digital Strategy • Planning/Execution/Result Analysis of Global Online Campaign CRM and e-Commerce • Establishment of e-Commerce Platform and BPO • Establishment and Operation of CRM System • Buzz Analysis and Monitoring
  21. 21. 34 Smart Content Service LG CNS Smart Content Service Enriching People’s Lives with Smart Content and Platform Content Service that Turns “Smart Life” into a Reality Smart Content Service Smart Devices Require Content Specifically Produced for Smart Devices Digitalization The proliferation of smart devices such as smartphone, smart TV, and smart appliance has pro- News foundly changed how people consume and use media content. Nowadays, content users carefully Music Sports Movie Life Books select information they need via smart devices and constantly search for more interesting content. Content Optimized for Diverse Smart Devices Content Creation Sourcing LG CNS provides digital content service to deliver content sought by smart device users. We support the entire content service process, from production and collection of diverse content on smart service platforms to implementation of operation channels. • Contents Localization Converting Vast Experience in Servicing Content LG CNS has established a service delivery platform and serviced content products for LG Electron- • Contents QA • Contents Management ics. We also provide content services to Korea’s first integrated HTML5 app store KWAC, SK Planet, • Authentication Billing and LG Electronics’ Smart Refrigerator products. Content Service MANAGEMENT • Contents Repository • N-Screen • Media Platform Delivery • CDN (Contents Delivery Network) • Telco’s Network (Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable, Wired, Wireless) Content Consumption Solution Service ➊ mart Content: Utilizing diverse content development groups S ➋ mart Content Service Platform: Implements differentiated S and existing networks, LG CNS produces and services a broad range of content. We also handle the entire process from planning to operation for the launch of new content services. smart platforms to service a wide range of content to customers’ smart devices and offers comprehensive operation support through the platforms. • Smart Global Platform LG C ontributed to LG Electronics’ marketing and promotional campaigns for smart devices by implementing and operating a digital content service platform for the company’s smart TV, smartphone, and smart appliance products. • KT T-Store Mobile Game Publishing Business S Based on a large scale publishing deal with SK Planet, LG CNS is servicing a wider range of mobile games to T-Store. 35 43
  22. 22. 36 45 Smart media LG CNS Smart Media Leading the Media Environment through Smart Set-Top Box and Smart Platform Content Production and Smart Media Device Usher in a New Era for Media Service Smart Media Emergence of Smart Technology Driving Changes in the Broadcasting and Media Environment Delivery Content Consumption The emergence of smart technology is causing tectonic changes in how content is delivered in the broadcasting and media industry. Following the introduction of smart TV services, cable TV and IPTV service providers, which offer a greater range of content to compete with network broadcasters, are now under pressure to meet the increasing needs of users with more features and stronger content offerings. Smart Phone Interactive PC Terrestrial LG CNS Commercialized the World’s First Smart Set-top Box LG CNS succeeded in commercializing the world’s first smart set-top box for paid TV services. With the smart set-top box, which is expected to revolutionize device functions and media content de- Cable Satellite N-Screen Smart TV CUSTOMER livery system, broadcasters are now able to support OTT (Over The Top), self-streaming, and web browsing in addition to VOD service on Eco System, a set-top box-based open platform. CDN (Wired IP/ Wireless IP) Natural User Interface Tablet LG CNS Pioneers New Territories for Media Service SetTop Box LG CNS is contributing to the quality of broadcasters’ media content delivery and additional services by supplying its own internally developed smart set-top boxes to broadcasting companies, including CM, CMB, Gangwon Broadcasting Network (GBN), and Keumkang Cable Networks (KCN). In addition, we developed a global platform for the LG Smart TV and are providing the best quality video service across the world. LG CNS is also working on expanding its smart platform offerings to include HTML 5 as well as Android. Solution Service ➊ able/Satellite/IPTV Provider: In addition to broadcasting C ➍ ervice Provider: Offers optimal solutions to help service proS service, our solution also supports diverse additional services based on an open platform, thus eliminating the confinements of middleware. viders expand their service offerings, such as introduction of additional services by hotels and hospitals and delivery of services to members’ residence via open platform by home network providers. ➋ obile Service Carrier: Expands services limited to mobile platM forms to TV. ➌ ontent Provider: Creates a system that allows content providC ers to directly service content to consumers at low costs without going through paid TV service providers. • World’s First Android-based Set-top Box L G CNS commercialized the world’s first Android-based smart set-top box for paid TV service, which supports application development without separate middleware. In addition to existing digital broadcasting functions such as broadcast channels and VOD service, now service providers can offer diverse TV apps and internet-based services to their subscribers. • End-to-end Solution U tilizing the experience and know-how in platform development we have acquired through the implementation of full digital broadcasting at CM, KDMC, LG U+, SBS, and KBS, we provide a complete set of solutions for production, management and distribution of digital broadcasting content and media devices. 46 37
  23. 23. 38 47 digital marketing LG CNS Digital Marketing Ensuring Successful Marketing with Creative Ideas and Advanced Information Technology Digital Marketing, Differentiating Corporate Promotion Digital Marketing 1. Establish Direction Planning 2. Finalize Communication Concept 3. Establish Channel Strategy and Data-Based KPI 1. Web Mobile Site Implementation/ Operation 2. Search Engine Ad/Banner Ad 3. Online Event Planning/Execution Campaign Digital Marketing, the Key Solution for Business Success Just as the advancement of technology has changed how we live and communicate, corporate marketing has evolved to respond to multimedia and multichannel communication. In particular, web- 4. iral Video Planning/Production/ V Distribution 5. Social Media Implementation/Operation 6. Viral Marketing based digital marketing became the core area to which a majority of businesses direct their mar- 1. Customer Relationship Management keting efforts to achieve sustainable growth. Post Action Governance 2. Partner Relationship Management 3. In-store Display Management Optimal Digital Marketing for Customers 4. Advanced Analytics LG CNS satisfies customers’ digital marketing needs with a comprehensive range of services, rang- 5.Digital Marketing Monitoring ing from digital marketing strategy to channel management and IT system implementation and operation. Moreover, we offer an end-to-end service that supports the successful overseas digital marketing of our customers, such as campaign planning and execution, search engine optimization, and search engine advertisement. Vast Experience in Global Marketing Beginning with the 2002 implementation of LG Electronics’ global B2C website, LG CNS has per- Solution Service ➊ upport for Customer Contact Point Marketing Channels: Plans, S ➌ RM and e-Commerce: Implements e-Commerce platforms and C produces, and operates a wide range of digital marketing infrastructures, including global web and mobile sites as well as supporting web and mobile content publishing. provides comprehensive operation services (BPO). Also implements and operates CRM systems tailored for the business needs of customers. ➋ nline Campaign and Advertisement: Establishes and assesses O digital marketing strategies and plans and executes online marketing campaigns and digital advertisements. formed over 500 successful digital marketing projects targeting global audience. Including the corporate website, we implemented and operated a wide range of marketing sites and e-Commerce platform for LG Electronics, helping the company expand its overseas presence with an optimal digital marketing service. • Implementation and Operation of Corporate Global Website I mplements digital marketing platforms that provide optimal support for a wide range of marketing efforts. Provides a wide range of services for web/mobile site implementation, operation and results measurement. • Online Campaign and Advertisement O ffers comprehensive services for maximizing the competitiveness and effect of digital marketing efforts, including online advertisement and campaign, viral video, PR, monitoring, and market analysis. • 2B Sales and Partner Management B O ffers B2B customer information management, business opportunity management, and performance management systems to overseas subsidiaries of global corporations and provides our partners with the support they need to improve their sales capabilities through the development of partner management programs and sales materials. 48 39
  24. 24. 49 LG CNS 50 You make breakthrough success by our solutions for business. 42. 44. 46. 48. 50. 52. smart factory finance solution finance automation service Smart Factory Finance Solution Financial Automation System Service Smart Device Service Big Data Advanced Analytics Cloud Service smart device service Big Data Advanced Analytics Cloud service
  25. 25. Big Data Advanced Analytics Big Data Consulting Service Finance Solution • Core Business Solution (Bank, Life Insurance/Credit Card /Securities, Capital) • Channel Solution Make breakthrough success by our solutions for business. (Smart Branch, Internet/Mobile Banking) • Platform Solution finance solution finance automation service Cloud Service • Big Data Business Model Development • Virtual Data Center • Virtual Server Hosting • Big Data Analytics Center Operation and Analytics Service • SaaS Service • Big Data Solutions and Platforms Big Data Implementation Service Model-based Development Tool) • Big Data Service (Architecture) Implementation • Unit Solution • Cloud Consulting Big Data Analytics Service (Smart Channel Platform, Application Framework, • Open Source Technology Support (Banking Start Card, IFRS, Sales Support for Mobile • Open Source Technology Feasibility Assessment Member Stores) • Big Data Solution and Platform Development • Big Data Appliance • Object Storage Service Financial Automation System Service • Automated Teller Machine (ATM, CD) • Partner-specific Service • Virtual Desktop • ATM Total Management Solution • Banking Terminal System and Solution (Integrated Banking Terminal, Passbook Printer, Card Printer, ID Scanner, PIN Pad, etc.) • Branch Automation System (Branch Navigator, Teller ATM) • Financial Automation Service Smart Factory • Consulting (Layout Optimization, Production Process 42. 44. 46. 48. 50. 52. smart factory • Big Data Business Consulting Smart Factory Finance Solution Financial Automation System Service Smart Device Service Big Data Advanced Analytics Cloud Service smart device service Big Data Advanced Analytics Cloud service Smart Device Service Improvement, Plant Automation, • Industry-specific Embedded S/W Facilities Standardization, Energy Saving, Development and Outsourcing • mbedded S/W Development Environment E and Development Tools • Smart Device and Service Development • Embedded SW and HW Modules IT Consulting, etc.) • Software Solution (ezMES, ezControl, ezUMS) • Equipment Supply (Logistics, Inspection, Production, Utility, etc.)
  26. 26. 42 Smart Factory LG CNS Smart Factory Smart Factory: Optimized to Meet Your Unique Needs and to Deliver the Highest Productivity Plant Optimization for Increased Manufacturing Competitiveness Smart Factory • roduction process design and P simulation for productivity improvement and plant optimization Process Design Service Manufacturing Competitiveness Starts from Plant Optimization The common goal of all manufacturers is to maximize the productivity of their plants. In order to • eal-time production site management R • evelopment and supply of customized D and control for production transparency plant equipment (Logistics, Inspection, and efficiency (ezMES, ezControl, ezUMS) Production, Utility, etc.) achieve cost reduction and quality improvement, which compute into production competitiveness, SMART FACTORY a vast majority of businesses put great efforts into optimizing their production processes and inno- Operational Excellence Solution vating plant operations. LG CNS’ Smart Factory was developed to provide profound support to such optimization and innovation efforts. Intelligent Equipment Creating “Intelligent Manufacturing Plant” with “Smart Factory” Solutions LG CNS aims at a “Smart Factory” solution, one which naturally achieves the optimal state by seamlessly integrating human factors, systems, and facilities, and facilitating evolution and development towards improvement. Factoring in customers’ site conditions and industry features, LG CNS delivers a total solution for plant optimization, including production line optimization, integrated control of disparate types of equipment, intelligent equipment supply, and integration of production and equipment solutions. Vast Reserve of Successful Business Cases at Home and Abroad LG CNS’ Smart Factory helps customers build plants with world-class manufacturing competitiveness. We are currently providing Smart Factory solutions to global corporations such as LG Electronics, LG Display, Doosan Infracore, and GE Healthcare. Solution Service ➊ onsulting Service: We provide the consulting services required C to build an optimal plant from the early stage of planning, such as layout optimization, process improvement, plant automation, facilities standardization, energy saving, and IT consulting. ➋ oftware Solution: Based on our integrated smart factory platS agement, energy management, and equipment control, allowing users to perform relevant tasks with a simple click. ➌ Facilities: Combining with software solutions, LG CNS trans- forms manufacturing facilities (logistics, inspection, production, and utility) into intelligent facilities with optimal efficiency. form BizActor, LG CNS offers solutions for plant operation man• Loader Production/Supply, GE Healthcare DXD Plant (U.S.) S upplied loaders and implemented the Equipment Control System (ECS) and the Computer Integrated Management System (CIM) at GE Healthcare’ DXD Plant. Shared operational know-how on automated plant and established a standard of plant operation. • ES/ALC System, Hyundai Mobis Alabama Plant (U.S.) M I mplemented ezMES at the chassis and cockpit module lines of Hyundai Mobis’ Alabama Plant and helped the company improve production quality. Also designed and implemented the systems to provide top-of-the-line uninterrupted service to maximize system usability. • MES System for Doosan Infracore Plants (China and Korea) I mplemented ezMES at Doosan Infracore’s G2 Plant (Korea) and DICC Plant (China), improving productivity and production quality through real-time performance management, product defect management, and equipment failure analysis. 43 55
  27. 27. 44 56 finance solution LG CNS Finance Solution 57 45 Strengthening the Competitiveness of Financial Businesses through Finance System Innovation Finance Solutions that Lead Business Innovation Finance Solution Finance IT is a Key Requirement for the Industry’s Changing Business Landscape Core Business Channel Unit In the wake of the international financial crisis, the financial sector is faced with the new challenges of reducing costs and discovering new business models. Due to the unique features of the industry, information technology became an essential part of financial institutions’ strategies for driving up Smart Branch LG CNS Supports Business Innovation with Advanced Finance IT Systems LG CNS’ Finance Solution fully responds to changes in financial institutions across business seg- ports business model development. LG CNS’ Finance Solution also offers a smart channel system that incorporates new channels (internet and mobile) and helps increase customer satisfaction. Securities Customer/ Reservation Membership Installment Financing Collection Merchant Lease Financing Asset Management Change Approval Retail Banking Trading General/ Claims Payment Billing/ Settlement Wholesale Banking Finance Smart Card Brokerage Electronic Banking methodologies, our solution helps financial institutions maximize cost reduction and effectively sup- Capital External ments (bank, insurance, securities, credit card, and capital). Based on best practices and advanced Credit Card Loan Internet/ Mobile Banking Life Insurance Deposit competitiveness through new business models and efficient business processes. Bank IB Securities Multichannel Integration IFRS Mobile Member Store Sales Support LG CNS Finance Solution Map LG CNS’ Finance Solution, Recognized as the Industry’s Best Reference As the choice of Korea’s financial institutions across business segments, LG CNS’ Finance Solution provide profound support for changes and innovations that are taking place in the nation’s finan- Smart Channel Platform JAVA Framework cial system. Adopted for core businesses of banks, insurers, credit card companies, and securities firms, our solution is playing a critical role in improving business efficiency in the financial sector and successfully establishing our customers’ presence in overseas markets, including Japan and Indonesia. Platform Model-based Development Tool C Framework Solution Service ➊ ore Business Solution: Provides solutions that improve core C business efficiency for each financial business segment (bank, insurance, credit card, securities, and capital) and are customized for ease of maintenance. ➋ hannel Solution: Offers smart channel solutions optimized for C which integrates on and off-line services, and mobile services delivered via smart devices. ➌ ther Service: Offers diverse finance IT solutions, including platO forms that support diverse business processes, model-based development tools, and frameworks. the internet and mobile environment, including smart branch, • Next Generation System for Kyobo Digital Life Insurance (Korea) Applied our insurance solution and implemented core and channel systems for the life insurance company. • ext Generation System for Jeonbuk Bank (Korea) N U tilized JAVA framework and model-based development tools to build a core banking system. • Mobile Banking System for SBI Sumishin Net Bank (Japan) Applied our smart channel platform and internet/mobile banking solutions to implement a mobile banking site for account opening service. • Front/Back Office System for Bahana Securities (Indonesia) U tilized our securities solution and implemented the Front/Back Office systems for Bahana Securities in Indonesia.
  28. 28. 46 58 Financial Automation System Service LG CNS Financial Automation System Service Delivering Safe and Convenient Financial Transactions with Proprietary Technology Transforming the Paradigm for Customer Contact Point with Financial Automation Financial Automation System Service Financial Automation Should Achieve Both Business Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction Sophistication of financial automation at the branch network level has a great impact on the growth and development of financial institutions. Financial institutions need to process transactions flawlessly and deliver safer and more convenient services to customers while reducing staff workload. Entrance Automated Banking Zone LG CNS Delivers Financial Automation that Serves Both Financial Institutions and Customers VIP Room LG CNS offers a financial automation system optimized for financial institutions’ branch network. In Waiting Area addition to basic financial automation devices such as ATMs and CDs, we also provide hardware and ➊ solutions carefully designed to improve business efficiency and customer convenience throughout Financial Automation System the branch space. In particular, LG CNS facilitates the provision of advanced financial services with its own internally developed ATMs and solutions and provides maintenance services for the devices Front Office from a network of spanning approximately 30 locations. Back Office LG CNS Provides Stable Financial Automation Service to Major Financial Institutions at Home and Abroad ➋ ➌ LG CNS’ Financial Automation Solution is widely adopted in major Korean commercial banks (NH Bank, KB Kookmin Bank, Woori Bank, Shinhan Bank, and the Industrial Bank of Korea) as well as Specialized Management Solution Preemptive Service major non-bank financial institutions (KFCC, Hyundai Securities, and Shinhan Card). Additionally, we have supplied over 20,000 cash dispensing modules to more than 20 countries worldwide and exported cash recycling ATMs to China with over 3,000 units currently in operation. Solution Service ➊ ATM: In addition to supplying ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) ➌ ranch Automation: Provides smart systems for teller business B and CDs (Cash Dispenser), offers advanced ATM management solutions to facilitate effective financial services. ➋ anking Terminal: Supplies banking terminals (terminal PC for B tellers, passbook printer, card printer, and PIN pad) and channel integration solutions to support business efficiency. process automation (i.e. cash recycling ATMs for tellers) to support fast and accurate cash processing and real-time cash management. ➍ Maintenance Service: Provides differentiated maintenance service by forecasting failures and making preemptive responses, helping customers reduce maintenance costs and improve operational times. • Next Generation ATM (ezATM 1500) • Smart Branch A couple of generations ahead of existing ATM models, LG CNS’ innovative ezATM 1500 accepts and dispenses both cash and checks with a single slot. The machine is also designed to provide full frontal access to wheelchair users the first of its kind to do so. Strengthens staff-customer interactions by implementing smart systems at the teller counter, the bank branch network’s most important customer contact point. 59 47
  29. 29. 48 60 Smart Device Service LG CNS Smart Device Service Making Smart Devices Even Smarter with Differentiated Technology Technology that Makes Smart Devices Smarter Smart Device Service C S m art TV Performance of Smart Devices Defined by Quality of Information Technology Smart Device Service C ar E V (B MS) S e t -t o p B ox o S m a r t P h n e T a bl e t P Smart technology shines by enabling convenient features for telecommunications and electronic devices. Embedded software, which controls smart devices and features, plays an essential role in making smart devices (smartphone, diverse types of computers, smart car, smart medical device) even smarter. Def / ense are /Transpo tion/Healthc rta c. Electr onic Appliance, et Differentiated Embedded Software that Controls the Performance of Smart Devices A leader in smart device development and upgrade, LG CNS develops embedded S/W for diverse smart devices and optimizes the software to suit device features. We implement the software for a wide range of industries such as information and communications, consumer electronics, ship- Solution Service building, and defense and provide full support to customers who wish to adopt embedded S/W development, from consulting to establishment of development infrastructure, based on our high quality platforms. Critical Role in Creating Business Performance with Specialized Capabilities With more than 400 hardware and software specialists, LG CNS contributes to improving customers’ business performance. Based on our strengths in smart devices and embedded S/W, we developed Android smartphones for LG Electronics and a vehicle Battery Management System (BMS) LG Chem. We are also attracting overseas customers, most notably SoftBank of Japan and playing a leading role in smart device development at home and abroad. ➊ mbedded S/W Development: Develops smart applications and E device platforms applied to a wide range of smart devices and manages smart devices to maintain their best quality. ➋ stablishment of Development Environment: Provides compreE hensive service to customers who wish to adopt embedded S/W development—offering consulting services on development en- • Android Smartphone Development Support for LG Electronics Participated in LG Electronics’ Android smartphone development project and provided device development process improvement and test service. • BMS (Battery Management System) Platform Development for LG Chem Contributed to improving battery efficiency by developing an AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) based BMS platform for smart car and EV, the next generation of automobiles. vironments for embedded S/W, establishing a test environment, and providing optimized tools and infrastructure. ➌ mart Device Development and Service: Internally develops and S supplies smart devices and provides services such as remote device control and automatic OS upgrading. • Smart Device and Service Development for US based Nursing Home Provided smart healthcare devices and services, including senior TV, senior smart controller, and wearable location tracking device . 57 61 49
  30. 30. 50 62 Big Data Advanced Analytics LG CNS Big Data Advanced Analytics 63 51 Providing Business Insight to Customers with Big Data Expertise Essential Tool for Corporate Decision-making Big Data Advanced Analytics Advanced Analytics Solution Suite Big Data, Valuable Resource for Forecasting the Future of Businesses With the proliferation of smart devices, M2M, and social media, Big Data is emerging as a valuable tool for strengthening business competitiveness. Businesses can now create added value from the Vertical Layer Smart SMA (Social Media) Smart ENA(Fraud) discarded data by processing and analyzing it with Big Data technologies. Smart Quality Analytics Smart Recommendation Smart Log Analyzer Smart R analytics Event Pro SRA Designer Offers Advanced Analytics Solutions Optimized for Big Data Analysis Analytics Layer 3rd Party Solution SRA Core LG CNS provides an integrated and end-to-end service with its Advanced Analytics Solution, from Text Analytics Complex Event Processing Analytics Model Management Real-time Data Processing R for Analytics Engine Big Data collection to business implementation. We offer the most optimal Big Data analytics pro- SBP Appliance Smart Big data Platform cess based on customers’ business needs, selectively implementing solutions and specialized technical support. Real-time Analytics Data Platform Layer Data Collector MR Designer Machine Learning Manager SCM (Service/ Configuration Management) BigPack (LG CNS Hadoop Standard Distribution) LG CNS’ Advanced Analytics Solution is Producing Success Cases across Business Sectors Cluster/ Job Monitoring Authentication/ Authorization Multi-Cluster Management LG CNS supports customers’ Big Data businesses with its proprietary Advanced Analytics Solution and over 200 specialists from each field. Based on proven capacity and technology, we have implemented Big Data solutions across industry sectors including public, telecommunications, manufacturing, and financial and are actively expanding overseas businesses. Solution Service ➊ onsulting and Assessment Service: Identifies business issues C ➌ ig Data Implementation Service: Provides a wide range of Big B and provides solutions and business models utilizing Big Data technologies. Data solutions that guarantee ROI and results. Implements a system for Big Data collection, storing, and processing as well as new Big Data business models. ➋ ig Data Analytics Service: Develops data analytics methodoloB gies and models, and provides analytics services based on such methodologies and models. • SBP (Smart Big data Platform) Korea’s first Big Data platform for enterprise customers • SBP Appliance Hadoop-based Big Data appliance developed with local technology • SRA (Smart R Analytics) Analytics solution for text analysis and real-time large volume analysis • Smart SMA (Social Media Analytics) Segment-specific business insight based on Social Media Analytics • Smart ENA (Exploration and Analytics) Detection and analysis of signs of irregularities such as fraud • Smart Recommendation Individualized real-time recommendation solution • Smart Log Analyzer Large volume log analysis system for Big Data Major References • Electronics/Manufacturing Big Data Consulting, Smart Log Analytics, Production Quality Analytics, Market Quality Analytics, SCP Improvement, Management and Accounting Improvement, Social Media Analytics, etc. • Telecommunications/Media Establishment of Big Data Platform, Analysis of Signs of Irregularities, etc. • Finance Big Data-based Real-time Marketing, Social Media Analytics, etc. • Retail/Service Settlement Optimization Analytics, Social Media Analytics, etc. • Public Sector Big Data Consulting, etc.
  31. 31. 52 64 CLOUD SERVICE LG CNS Cloud Service 65 53 61 Providing Smart Business Environment Optimized to Meet Customer Needs Cloud Service Revolutionizing Work Processes Cloud Service Cloud Computing is Changing Corporate Work Processes B2B Cloud Service With the advancement of the performance and functions of smart devices, cloud computing is gaining popular acceptance as the means to take care of work and manage personal files anywhere, anytime via the internet. As businesses are actively embracing cloud services, which allow subscribers to freely make use of the hardware and software they want online, the needs for more specialized technologies and infrastructure are on the rise. Best Quality Cloud Computing Environment Realized through Superior Infrastructure LG CNS CLOUD Based on its data center capacities, LG CNS provides an optimal cloud computing environment that reduces costs and improves business efficiency. Our highly scalable and compatible VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions allow customers to establish an optimal work environment rapidly regardless of their locations. Our VDI Solution Creates Smart Workplace LG CNS’ VDI solution was first implemented to the company at a corporate level and proved its capacity to drive up the efficiency of business systems. Our VDI solutions have been introduced to LG Corporation and its affiliates, as well as to public sector organizations (National IT Center, Ko- vDataCenter Consulting vHosting+ vApps vStorage White Labeled Service vDesktop Virtual Data Center Cloud Consulting Virtual Server Hosting SaaS Service Object Storage Service Partner-specific Service Virtual Desktop rean Intellectual Property Office, and KRX) and private sector businesses. Solution Service ➊ DI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure): Also named as “Customized V ➌ aaS (Software as a Service): Thanks to our SaaS solution, busiS Virtual Desktop,” our VDI service boasts the largest scale in Korea. The service allows users to remotely access their PCs while enjoying the work environments in the office or at home. ➋ IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service): The service establishes and provides virtual servers, storages, and networks for customers. We also offer a dedicated virtual data center for each customer to help them conveniently store and utilize documents and materials on the cloud computing environment. nesses no longer need to make a huge investment when building core business applications such as groupware and ERP and utilize. • Corporate-wide VDI Implementation for LG CNS As part of our efforts to create a mobile office environment and prevent information leaks, implemented our own VDI solution corporate-wide, which also helped us improve productivity and reduce costs. • VDI Implementation for the Korean Intellectual Property Office Strengthened the security for classified information, a crucial factor when undertaking the separation of public organizations’ business network and the internet, and stabilized the PC environment for patent examiners. The solution was implemented so as to direct users to take care of patent works on the VDI server and to access the internet on their PC, successfully separating the networks.
  32. 32. 66 CSR LG CNS Striving for Mutual Growth with Society and Creating a World that Cares for One Another Corporate Social Responsibility Fostering Young Talents, the Future Leaders of Information Technology LG CNS IT DREAM PROJECT Launched in 2008, the LG CNS IT Dream Project is the company’s ongoing social contribution program that supports teenagers from underprivileged background to real- perience and expertise with teenagers in the form of talent donation. The Academy also offers a wide variety of nonIT courses such as visit-a-company day, various cultural events, counseling, and career/aptitude assessments to educate them as future leaders. Sharing Hope with Our Neighbors ize their dreams of becoming an IT specialist. Every year, “IT IT companies and universities abroad (U.S., India, and Donation of Solar Power Generation System and PCs to Social Welfare Center China), which helps them keep their dream to become a In line with its social contribution strategy which promotes global leader. LG CNS also offers the “IT Dream Mentoring” utilization of the company’s core competency, LG CNS is program, in which LG CNS executives provide guidance to taking advantage of its expertise and technology in solar young talents in their journey to become an IT specialist. power generation to make “Green” donations. LG CNS Dreamers” are provided with an opportunity to visit famous donates solar power generation system to welfare centers LG CNS Smart Academy In partnership with NGOs and municipalities, LG CNS summer IT courses for children from local welfare facilities specialists serving as instructors and sharing their vast ex- creativity and autonomy, we work to make the world a better and healthier place. and idle PCs). In addition, we donate PCs and offer special Academy offers IT training programs with the company’s IT Fostering exceptional talents within a corporate culture that promotes activities (collecting and selling disposed mobile phones ested in IT careers with the LG CNS Smart Academy. The with suppliers, LG CNS strives for mutual growth with society. employees’ voluntary cash donations and pro-environment offers a learning opportunity to teenagers who are inter- By maintaining respectful interactions with our neighbors and win-win partnerships for children. This ongoing donation program is funded by to educate them as future leaders. 67 55
  33. 33. 56 68 Corporate Culture LG CNS Striving for Mutual Growth based on Trust and Communication Providing Systematic Support to Resolve Supplier Grievances Fostering World-Class Specialists with Systematic Training LG CNS fosters its employees to world-class IT specialists with systematic training programs. We also operate a mentorship program that partners new recruits with a senior staff to help early acclimation of new recruits and to build a strong bond between senior and junior staff members. Moreover, we provide an independent study program that encourages employees to design their course schedule and offer relevant field training opportunities to strengthen organizational capacity as well as individual capability. As part of its efforts to improve the competitiveness of suppliers, LG CNS offers a wide range of support programs, including financing and training. Our financing program for suppliers consists of direct financing (LG CNS directly provides financing to suppliers in need) and low interest loans (LG CNS offers low-interest loans through the WinWin Growth Fund established in partnership with financial institutions). Striving for Mutual Growth based on Jeong-Do Management Reaching for the Vision of Global No. 1 with Creative People and Strong Corporate Culture In order to help suppliers address talent acquisition and training issues, which present the greatest challenge to SMEs, LG CNS established the U-CAMP JAVA Specialist Program to train suppliers’ new recruits. We also offer LG CNS strongly believes that true competitiveness is more than 50 on- and off-line training courses to supplier acquired only through fair trade and win-win growth with employees, and over 3,000 people take advantage of the suppliers based on Jeong-Do Management. We will con- program every year. As part of our efforts to firmly es- tinue to make earnest efforts towards mutual growth that tablish fair trade business practices, we conduct internal facilitates respectful and fair partnerships and active col- training for employees and work to strengthen communi- laboration. cation with suppliers through frequent workshops and talk sessions. Seeking Creative Talents to Lead the Vision 2020 Creating a Corporate Culture that Promotes Creativity and Autonomy LG CNS strives to create a corporate culture that promotes Based on the strong belief that people are the key to a creativity and autonomy, aiming to help employees demon- business’ competitiveness, LG CNS makes great efforts strate their abilities to the fullest extent and successfully into talent acquisition and training. Our executives travel reconcile the company’s vision with their personal goal. to many different counties to recruit exceptional global tal- We also have in place a wide range of communication pro- ents. We have established industry-academia cooperation grams such as the Junior Board, a communication chan- programs with major universities and operate talent acqui- nel with the CEO, our internal Twitter account, and the in- sition programs such as the Entrue Consulting Academy ternal communication magazine to build strong teamwork. and the Smart IT Internship Program to facilitate early ac- In addition, LG CNS operates a comprehensive employee quisition of exceptional talents. We also provide active sup- welfare program called “3.0 Happiness Care” (comprised port and aggressive investment into fostering our people, of the LG CNS Day Care Center, the Counseling Center and offering advanced development and training programs to other programs) to create a working environment that pro- the newly recruited. motes the work-life balance of its employees. 69 57
  34. 34. 58 70 gLobal partnership LG CNS Global Partnership Creating Customer Value by Integrating Mutual Strengths Strong Capability through PARTNERSHIP the others The BEst PARTnership IN THE WORLD Strong Capability through PARTNERSHIP the Americas Services provided by LG CNS are imbued with exceptional technologies and know-how from leading global corporations in their respective fields. We pursue partnerships in diverse areas, including consulting and solution, by incorporating our partners’ strengths into our technologies and solutions and providing an optimal service to customers. Moving forward, we will continue to closely collaborate with global partners in creating customer value. 71 59
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