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2013 is the Year for Performance Support: Breaking Down Traditional Barriers


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We heard you loud and clear last year. You are hungry to work Performance Support into your strategy. You realize that training alone is limited and that the future of L&D is supporting employees in the workflow, at the moment of need.

You want to get started, but there are barriers (perceived or actual). Beginning with this webinar, and throughout 2013, our plan is to help you develop the appropriate strategies that break down the barriers and move your organization beyond training to performance! 2013 IS the year of performance support.

January’s webinar will be a bit more interactive than usual – we want to hear from you! What barriers are you facing? Take a moment, after registering for the webinar, to answer our poll question on this topic – results will be discussed next week during the webinar. Additional webinar discussion topics include:
•Facts, figures, and industry trends surrounding barriers;
•Open discussion, with live polls, on what you, as an organization, are experiencing; and,
•Share solution ideas and tactics on how to begin breaking down the barriers.

Join Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson as they kick-off the year with this interactive and informative webinar!

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2013 is the Year for Performance Support: Breaking Down Traditional Barriers

  1. 1. 2013 is the Year for Performance Support: Breaking Down Traditional Barriers Bob Mosher Chief Learning Evangelist Conrad Gottfredson Chief Learning Strategist #BreakingBarriers @bmosh©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers @congott
  2. 2. Today’s agenda The Problem – Training Alone Doesn’t Work Why it doesn’t and won’t work: Trends, Facts, Figures, etc. Actual or Perceived Barriers Results from pre-webinar poll & discussion/opinions Live polls Open chat re: poll results/questions about barriers Possible solutions to breaking down barriers Why 2013 is the year of PS Industry Leader Quotes How we plan to help you break down the barriers – a look at 2013 webinars©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 2
  3. 3. 2013 trends & predictions Increased hiring Hiring The National Association for Business Economics predicts that in 2013 the economy will add 175000 173,000 jobs a month, up from 170000 165000 157,000 from last year. 160000 155000 Thats potentially a 10% increase 150000 in additional employees, which 145000 doesnt even take into account 2012 2013 employee turnover!©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 3
  4. 4. The problem Training isn’t linked to workplace performance 32% Only 32% of executives think their companies’ training programs are “extremely” or “very effective” in preparing employees to drive business performance People forget up to 90% of what they learn in a 90%: Forgotten class within 30 days, with the majority occurring within the first few hours after class Traditional Training, Learning, and Support Methods are not Working©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 4
  5. 5. 2013 trends & predictions New/Updated enterprise systems & applications Spending Spending on enterprise software 10 is expected to nearly 0 double, from 3.3% in 2012 to 2012 2013 6.4% in 2013. Result: We must help employees adapt to the new processes and skills©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 5
  6. 6. Software implementations aren’t working… 76% Of employees have a failed, or substandard, understanding of mission critical applications. 50% Of companies are not achieving effective adoption and usage rates of applications.©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 6
  7. 7. 2013 trends & predictions The demand on our learners to perform are increasing Executives will need a 20% increase in productivity to meet their business objectives. On average executives believe that only 29% of their employees are operating at peak productivity. Employees report that their jobs are getting harder, with more than two thirds reporting more complexity and 80% seeing their workloads increase.©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 7
  8. 8. “Google” isn’t the answer… 457hrs Workers are spending 8.8 hours per week searching for information That’s 457 hours a year. And are only successful 50% of the time.©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 8
  9. 9. more employees + more new systems Less time with greater demandHow are you going to respond to this?©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 9
  10. 10. Actual or perceived barriers©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 10
  11. 11. Pre-webinar poll results What is the biggest barrier that is between you & your PS project? Barriers Design Expertise 33.5 Personnel 32 Financial 34 Politics 41.8 Technical (IT) 40.7 0 10 20 30 40 50©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 11
  12. 12. Barriers Real or Perceived Getting IT departments to Obtaining stakeholder adapt & support the buy-in technology Misperceptions on how long it takes to build the program, costs, or what staff resources will be required? Or, perhaps it’s how to help the employees understand and use the system©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 12
  13. 13. Live polls, Open chat discussion, & Questions©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 13
  14. 14. Live Polls What areas are you focusing on in 2013 in regards to IT / Embedded performance support? - CRM (SFDC) - Desktop applications (Office, Lync, Sharepoint) - Custom (internally developed applications) - ERP (Oracle, SAP) - Other (EMR) What areas are you focusing on in 2013 in regards to workflow embedded performance support? - Soft-skills (leadership, sales training, etc.) - Mobile - On-boarding - Product training - Other©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 14
  15. 15. Live Chats Opinions on how to tackle the following political barriers? “Classroom training is the answer to every ill.” “If Training fails we chase the next trend– Mobile, SharePoint, e-Learning, Social Learning.” “The comfort of asking a person or picking up the phone, rather than using an EPSS.” “Concerns about the overhead for the training team involved in keeping content up to date.” “What if no one uses it!”©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 15
  16. 16. Possible solutions to breaking down barriers©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 16
  17. 17. Make your case: resources to share Performance support v. external support©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 17
  18. 18. Make your case: resources to share Performance support v. external support©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 18
  19. 19. Make your case: resources to share Performance support v. external support©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 19
  20. 20. Make your case: resources to share Results are within reach with performance support 6% increase in sales personnel productivity enabled thru increased user adoption of a new CRM solution at a major insurance company Over 50% reduction in product training classroom training time and expense at a global manufacturing company 12.5% reduction of help desk transactions & 50% reduction in classroom time for application migration project at a global consulting firm. Out of 9,687 unique page views (instances of visits to particular performance support topics), only 2 were searches.©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 20
  21. 21. Why 2013 is the year of performance support?©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 21
  22. 22. Industry leader quotes Why 2013 is the year of performance support “Too long at the bottom of the pile, we are once again realizing theimportance of supporting people in the act of work, at the moment of need. The opportunities for breakthroughs in performance improvement here are massive, especially in an app-centric online world.” - Marc Rosenberg “Performance Support: We believe that the largest opportunity for mobile learning will be in the performance support area, providing just-in-time knowledge in a personalized fashion at the moment of need.” - Elliott Masie “[In 2013] we will move a step or two closer to real-time performance support at the point of need.” – Charles Jennings©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 22
  23. 23. 2013 monthly webinar series February: ROI/Measurement March: PS Maturity Model April: “Smart” Performance Support May: The Power of Mobile Support June: Agile Development July: How are you doing? Self-evaluation August: Competencies for L&D & performance September: Technology Needed to Author & Deliver PS October: People-Centered Computing November: Kill Search December: IT – Love Them!©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 23
  24. 24. Happy New Year & Thanks! Next Steps & Resources Become a member of our Performance Support Community – if you already are – invite a friend or colleague! In the community you can: • Discuss your barriers, and receive feedback and solutions from your peers. • Read our blogs - all on the topic performance support – don’t miss next week’s post which will be a summary and further discussion of this webinar! • Network • Collect business case data • Find resources to share with stakeholders to increase PS buy-in • Contact us directly Community Invite Link:©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 24
  25. 25. Final Words Marc Rosenberg; The Fall & Rise Again of Performance Support "We know that not all performance improvement can be achieved through training. The problem is that training often loses its connection with performance. In fact most performance gains are not training related. The workplace, not the classroom, is where most performance improvement, and most learning, takes place. This turns everything around--work is learning and learning is work!"©Ontuitive 2013 #BreakingBarriers 25