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LGN International Business Presentation check it here http://www.infinity77.lgnint.com

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LGN International Business Presentation

  1. 1. Discover the LGN Opportunity!
  2. 2. The ability to choose your own destiny AND destination through: Unlimited world-wide travel opportunities! Unlimited commission opportunities for Independent Associates!
  3. 3. James Ward, Founder & CEOKim Norton Cedric LicuananChief Marketing Officer Executive VP of CommunicationsColby Thomas Nestor OchoaChief Operations Officer Executive VP of Global Sales
  4. 4. Your LGN International membership is madeup of a suite of products/services designedto make travel not only affordable butmemorable!Just take a look at what your LGNInternational Membership will give you:
  5. 5. Direct Sales CommissionsEarn $30 for every initial LGN Membership Sale retail or associate! *see full compensation plan for details
  6. 6. Weekly Cycle BonusEarn a weekly cyclebonus based on initialproduct sales. A 2 x2 matrix system isused to illustrate thisbonus. Each time 6membership sales aremade by anIndependentAssociate a cycle iscreated. *see full compensation plan for details
  7. 7. $600 to Qualified Matrix Owner$125 Tier 1upline$37 Tier 2upline$15 Tier 3uplineSo you can see that as your groupgrows and cycles, you will be paid acommission up to 3 levels down! *see full compensation plan for details
  8. 8. “Follow Me” System:When one of your PersonalIndependent Associates earnstheir own cycle bonus, theywill “Follow You into the next Follow You”available slot in your currentmatrix. ALL of your PersonalIA’s have the ability to “follow followyou”you into your next slot atany time.This accelerates the rate atwhich you can earn yourWeekly Cycle Bonuses!
  9. 9. Monthly Residual BonusLGN International Associates at the DistrictManager Rank or higher are eligible to earn aMonthly Residual Bonus based on the monthlybilling generated by their entire sales organization.Example: You are an International Manager with LGN International. Your entireorganization consists of 6000 Memberships. Of these 6000 memberships, 5000 areACTIVELY paying their monthly LGN International Membership fee of $25.95.5000 Sales Credits / 6 (# it takes to create a cycle) = 833 Cycles833 Cycles x $10 per Cycle Bonus = $8333 *see full compensation plan for details
  10. 10. Agents CommissionEvery LGN Independent Associate will have their www.lgndestinations.com.own custom link to www.lgndestinations.com.Use your own affiliate link when booking and earna commission after you check-in.Distribute your affiliate link to friends, family, co-workers or anyone in the world and when they useyour link to book travel and complete their stay,you will receive a commission!LGN International pays 60% of everywww.lgndestinations.com commission back to you! *see full compensation plan for details
  11. 11. Lifestyle BonusAssociates earning District Manager rank andhigher are eligible to earn a monthly lifestylebonus.1 Weekly Cycle Bonus per week (or 4 cycles ina calendar month) $250 USD!2 Weekly Cycle Bonus per week (or 8 cycles ina calendar month) $500 USD USD!3 Weekly Cycle Bonus per week (or 12 cycles ina calendar month) $750 USD!4 Weekly Cycle Bonus per week (or 16 cycles in USD!a calendar month) $1200 USD*see full compensation plan for details
  12. 12. PASS it on!1. Purchase your LGN International Membership2. Attend a webinar to learn about all of the Products/Services & benefits of your membership.3. Share the LGN Opportunity through your personal Associate link with ALL the people in your life. Everyone travels and who wouldn’t want to earn while they are on vacation!4. Start making memories with LGN! *see full compensation plan for details
  13. 13. © 2011 LGN International, Inc. LGN, LGN International, Go See the World & Create your own Destiny & Destinationare trademarks of LGN International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.