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Social Media and Adaptation to Climate Change

  1. Local Government, adaptation and social media: Project with the City of Birmingham Laura Wilkes, Policy Manager, LGiU 13 September 2011
  2. Big Society and Adaptation • LGiU completed a project to examine new ways to deliver adaptation with greater community involvement. • A Big Society approach to adaptation can be taken forward through: decentralisation, transparency, finance and philanthropy. • Many opportunities for community involvement in design and delivery of adaptation initiatives – for example, through use of social media • Councils can’t do adaptation alone
  3. Adaptation and Social Media: where did the idea originate? • ICLEI Resilient Cities Conference, Bonn, 2011 • Discussions on social media but no ideas on how to use it strategically • Convened a group to discuss how to take a project forward • LinkedIn group: Social Media and Adaptation
  4. Project with Birmingham City Council • Project between Birmingham City Council and LGiU to examine how social media can be used in the city to develop adaptation to climate change • Mapped the elements of adaptation as a starting point
  5. Elements of Adaptation
  6. Social media and Emergency Response: The UK Riots
  7. Learning: Use of social media and community resilience in the Birmingham riots • Emergency response: Role of citizen journalists in spreading information/countering misinformation, hyper-local blogging, • Local Leadership: councillor responses and calls for calm • Recovery: fundraising online to support looted shops, Twitter used to coordinate #riotcleanup • Prevention: reporting on measured taken to protect shops
  8. Anticipated outcomes: • Toolkit – concentrating on each aspect of the adaptation cycle • Practical tools and technology to share worldwide Anticipated challenges: • Capacity – within the community and local authorities • Funding • Language and policy framing
  9. Next Steps • Join our discussion: LinkedIn • Join the project • Sources of funding