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Cornwall Council - Civil Society Innovation Network 200312


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Cornwall Council - Civil Society Innovation Network 200312

  1. 1. Localism in Cornwall2012Matt BartonStrategy, Localism and Communications
  2. 2. The numbers…• 535,300 people live in Cornwall• 18,411 people employed by the Council• 4,600 voluntary sector organisations• 1,376 square miles• 213 parish and town councils• 123 Cornwall Council members• 84 miles from Land’s End to Bude• 1 Unitary Council
  3. 3. (Each dot represents 15 households)
  4. 4. 19 Community Networks Chris Simssupported by13 Network Managers Sarah Sims Mark O’Brien David Chadwick Mark James Maxine HardySally Newby Esther Richmond Stephen Foster Helen Nicholson Martin Eddy Chandelle Randall Charlotte Chadwick
  5. 5. Our approach…• Localism is a major priority for the Council• Working across services and boundaries• Changing the mindset and culture at Council• Putting community partners in the driving seat• Devolving functions and responsibilities• Leadership from the Cabinet Portfolio holder• Delivered by the Localism Team
  6. 6. What we do…• Support service devolution• Co-produce service & community redesign• Support the delivery of ‘big ticket’ regeneration schemes• Deliver community development and town regeneration• Co-ordination and resolution of local issues• Enhance the reputation of the Council locally• Develop the community leadership role of Members
  7. 7. Co-production…• Design Council : Designs of the Time Cornwall – Created and delivered the Eco and Big Design Challenges• NESTA : Creative Councils programme - Shaped By Us - to inspire people and communities from all over Cornwall to tackle the challenges that matter most to them, design better services and grasp the opportunities presented by the Localism Act