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Presépio papel


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Crib, Presépio de papel, Natal, Christmas Crib

Published in: Education
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Presépio papel

  1. 1. PRESÉPIO DE NATAL // CCRRHHIISSTTMMAASS CCRRIIBB Luisa Fadista Jardim de Infância de Vila Nova da Baronia
  2. 2. CCRRIIBB WWee hhaavvee tthhee CCRRIIBB’’ss ttrraaddiittiioonn iinn PPoorrttuuggaall.. OOnn oouurr ccllaassssrroooomm,, wwee ddeecciiddeedd ttoo mmaakkee oouurrss ppuuppppeettss CCrriibb.. MMaatteerriiaall::  OOlldd nneewwssppaappeerrss  UUHHUU GGlluuee  EEmmppttyy ppaacckkiinnggss  PPaaiinnttss  PPeenncciillss  DDiiffffeerreennttss ccoolloorrss ooff WWooooll  SSttrraaww  uusseedd ccaarrdd Luisa Fadista
  3. 3. Children, involve the packaging of yogurt with wood pulp Luisa Fadista
  4. 4. Luisa Fadista The wood pulp will dry with the sun's energy With wool we made beard and hair for the PUPETS That will be litle JESUS
  5. 5. Luisa Fadista After made puppet’s hair and beard children paint the faces Mary 1º King 2º King
  6. 6. Joseph and Mary Luisa Fadista The angel Litle Jesus The 3 Kings
  7. 7. Luisa Fadista Marta brought straw for the Crib Kings and shepherdess are going to visit little Jesus
  8. 8. Luisa Fadista
  9. 9. The Cribs exposition to all comunity Luisa Fadista
  10. 10. The Cribs exposition to all comunity Luisa Fadista