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Alvito school

  1. 1. L/O/G/OAlvitos GroupingSchoolspresentation
  2. 2. www.themegallery.comluisafadista-presentationPortugal is one of the oldestcountries in Europe.It became independent in 1143and maintains its currentborders since the XIII century.Country of discoverers andpioneers, forerunners ofinternational trade, since XVcentury when the Portuguesenavigator Vasco da Gamadiscovered the maritime route toIndia. most westernpoint in Continental Europe isCabo da Roca, in Portugal.Portugal - my country!
  3. 3. www.themegallery.comluisafadista-presentationLisbon, is situated on the right bank of the riverTejo, near where the river enters the Atlantic. It is acity of valleys and hills overlooking the river, andgrew outwards from the hill on which the ancientcastle was built.Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians foundedcolonies there, and the Romans consolidated itsimportance for shipping and fishing; the city becamepart of the imperial itinerary. Today about threemillion people live, study and work in the Lisbonregion.Portugal’s capital - LisbonIn 1998, Lisbon hosted the last world exhibition of the 20thcentury, Expo 98, on the theme of the oceans, in view ofPortugal’s contribution to the era of great discoveries and seavoyages.
  4. 4. www.themegallery.comluisafadista-presentationAlvitoAlvito village is located insouthern of Portugal, inAlentejo, 38 km from the town ofBeja, and 40 km from the city ofEvora, in the driest and poor partof Portugal. It’s the seat of amunicipality with 260.93 km² and2,708 inhabitants, divided intotwo parishes Alvito and Vila Novada Baronia.Portugal
  5. 5. www.themegallery.comluisafadista-presentationAlvito’s SchoolThe Alvito’s grouping SchoolsIs formed by two schools:- EBI/JI of Alvito with students sincekindergarten (3 years old), till 3.º level(16 years old)- EB1/JI of Vila Nova da Baronia(kindergarten and primary school).Vila Nova da Baronia
  6. 6. www.themegallery.comluisafadista-presentationSchools FacilitiesThe Alvito’s school started working onSeptember 2010.It didnt yet official inaugurated.It has pleasant and modernsinstallations for all the students, withgreen spaces and toys, on openspaces, for the youngest children.
  7. 7. www.themegallery.comluisafadista-presentationStudentsThe EBI/JI Alvitos School is an institution with students from 3 to 16 yearsold (kindergarten, primary school, second and third degrees of Portuguese basiceducation).
  8. 8. www.themegallery.comluisafadista-presentationSchool ActivitiesAt school there are several interesting proposals for all students spend them freetime and learn more.workshops:ICT Club (Clube da Informática)Live longer and better (Viver Mais e Melhor)Scienc (Clube das Ciências)Eco-Art (Clube Eco-artes) Recycling materialsMusic (Clube de Música)Theater (Clube de Teatro)Dance (Clube de Dança)Arts (Clube das Artes Plásticas)Civil Protection (Clube da Proteção Civil)Library School activities(Atividades da Biblioteca Escolar)
  9. 9. www.themegallery.comluisafadista-presentationTo Contact the School• The school has a quarterly journal ARCO-ÍRIS (Rainbow)• The official website of Alvito’s Grouping Schools:• facebook page of Library School to connect with parents and students• (blog under construction)
  10. 10. www.themegallery.comluisafadista-presentationI’m LuisaFadista, Library schoolTeacher andprojectsCoordinator onthe twoschools.I work onetwinningsince May2005. Me andmy colleaguesetwinners, wonseveralEuropeanquality labels.At present timeI coordinatetwo Comeniusprojects:Be healthy/Feel HappyandDont Worrybe healthy.