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Htc crm system [doc download]

  1. 1. How to Choose a CRM System
  2. 2. How to Choose a CRM SystemWhen it comes to customer relationship management (CRM), it’s important tounderstand all the benefits of an integrated CRM system before beginning yourselection process. That’s why we created this guide – to provide you with theessential information you need to make the best decision possible.This guide is designed to help you build the business case for a CRM system,form an effective project team, ask the right questions, identify the challengesinvolved and much more.You may be wondering, “Why would a software company like ACCPAC ® distributea booklet that doesn’t promote its own products?” We know how important it isto have great information before making great decisions. What’s more, we’reconfident that the more you know about CRM systems, the more likely you areto seriously consider – and ultimately choose – ACCPAC software solutions. Inother words, our software stands up to the most stringent selection criteria.We at ACCPAC look forward to helping you succeed in choosing the CRMsolution that’s best for your organization.
  3. 3. Understanding CRM also acts as a sales assistant to help you automate routine sales tasks – allowing you to spend more CRM is more than just software or a set time focusing on strategic sales issues. of processes – it’s a business culture solidly focused on winning and keeping the right ■ Improved customer service customers. A good CRM solution builds Customer satisfaction is a critical success factor value for your business by opening up vital for all businesses. The right system allows your communication channels and creating a common team to take a proactive approach to customer client-focused knowledgebase to better serve your service. With up-to-date customer information clients. at their fingertips, your employees can resolve CRM is about understanding the buying habits customer issues more quickly and successfully. and preferences of your customers and prospects, Improved customer service also opens doors for so you can: revenue-generating loyalty campaigns and long- lasting relationships with your customers. ■ Build and strengthen customer relationships to keep them coming back. ■ Better decision-making ■ Provide value-added services that are CRM systems provide a single view of the difficult for competitors to duplicate. customer across all touch points and channels, as well as delivering comprehensive reports of ■ Improve your product development and customer behaviors, marketing campaign results service delivery processes. and sales activity. Each of these elements are ■ Increase your staff’s awareness of customer necessary for smart decision-making and long- needs. term strategic planning. ■ Reduce customer frustration by not asking ■ Greater efficiency the same questions over and over. With an integrated CRM solution, you can gain immediate access to your organization’s critical By effectively integrating your marketing, sales customer information. A good CRM solution and customer service functions, a good CRM also creates internal efficiencies by automating system makes it easier for everyone inside your workflow processes, reducing human error, company to work together and share critical decreasing process time and providing information. consistency throughout the entire organization. An effective CRM system empowers your customers and prospects to do business with you ■ A foundation for growth – the way they choose. Imagine connecting your The right CRM solution can help you manage customers to your employees and business the growth of your organization. Effective CRM partners across any department, through any systems allow for additional users and modules, process and via any communication device – and provide the option to integrate with other phone, fax, e-mail, text chat and the Web. crucial business systems. A properly installed and implemented CRM system can contribute many benefits to your Getting Started organization, including: Most companies require that you justify the need for a new system before you make a purchase. ■ New sales opportunities That’s why it’s important to determine all the The more you know about your customers and different ways your company will benefit from a their buying habits, the better prepared you’ll be CRM system. Building a case for CRM provides when they’re ready to make a purchase. A good the necessary background information to help CRM system will classify your prospects and you define the need, justify the cost and help identify your best customers. With detailed demonstrate the value of the investment. For best information on your customers, you can results, get the key people in your company to accurately project and respond to their buying agree on and share a unified vision for customer needs throughout the sales cycle. A good system relationship management – from executives to2 How to Choose a CRM System
  4. 4. programmers to customer care personnel. Everyone shouldhave the same goal in mind and agree to work to that end. Thisis, of course, always easier said than done! Understanding the CoreElect a core team Components of CRMThere’s nothing worse than having a great plan, and no one CRM helps to increase productivity across yourto follow through on it. With that in mind, establish a coregroup of individuals dedicated to driving the CRM project to marketing, sales and support functions. By understandingcompletion. Before planning your strategy and implementation, the many ways CRM can improve your company’smake sure your team includes a project leader and project effectiveness, you can better communicate those benefitsmanagers to oversee the functional divisions of your to key decision makers.organization – such as marketing, sales, customer serviceand technical departments. Since a CRM system generally Marketing Automationintegrates across multiple functional systems, having a project In order to build lasting – and more profitable – customermanager from each group ensures all processes are accounted relationships, you need to identify, execute and replicatefor that affect their division. effective marketing initiatives across all your salesIn addition to the groups directly affected by the CRM channels. An automated CRM system provides the toolssystem, it’s wise to include representatives from other majordepartments or divisions in your project team. Without buy-in for marketing teams to:from top to bottom and across all divisions, the success of your ■ Develop, target and implement campaigns.project may be limited. In addition, consider picking people for ■ Manage and analyze marketing budgets.the team who are not in favor of a new system, in addition to ■ Maintain lists and track responses.those who are excited about the change. Open dialog and ■ Track collateral distribution.honest criticism will increase your chances of getting the job ■ Analyze campaign results.done right.Set your goals Sales Force Automation (SFA)Your team should have a shared understanding of your CRM SFA enables you to analyze the entire sales cycle andgoals. To achieve this, the core group should identify your successfully manage your sales pipeline – from firstorganization’s objectives, focus on processes that require contact to final sale. SFA systems provide the tools forreengineering and discuss the appropriate courses of action. sales teams to:Examine your current processes ■ Perform analysis to ensure time and energy are spentAnalyze your existing business processes from many on the deals most likely to close.viewpoints, both internal and external, to find out how they ■ Improve lead distribution and tracking.impact both your organization and your customers. Ask your ■ Analyze training and performance.sales force, marketing and customer service teams to identifyand document best practices. By evaluating your processes ■ Centralize contact and interaction, you can identify what’s working and what’s not, and ■ Effectively process quotes and orders.prepare to implement a new CRM system that emulates the ■ Provide remote sales staff with instant access tomost effective strategies for achieving success. corporate information.Ask questions Customer Support AutomationIt’s important to ask questions, especially if you’re findingthat your organization is not as productive as it can be. Think Your customer support department must develop theabout the challenges your organization is currently facing in relationships that create customer loyalty and generatemarketing, sales and customer support. Here are some repeat sales. Automated CRM provides customer supportquestions you may want to address: teams with the tools they need to:■ How are inaccuracies negatively impacting your ■ Increase call center efficiency. organization? ■ Create cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.■ What do you need to accurately track your marketing ■ Better manage interactions and call escalation. campaigns? ■ Deliver higher levels of customer service. How to Choose a CRM System 3
  5. 5. ■ What information or reports are being requested that currently cannot be generated8 Helpful Hints for Promoting CRM as a or delivered?Business Culture: ■ Which reports are produced that include information that exists “somewhere” and needs1. Build a case for change. Think about the impact of the CRM to be manually completed?strategy on people – the benefits and consequences of changing, ■ How can your current system integrate withor not changing. your e-business initiatives?2. Hold regular meetings across all departments to communicate ■ What information do you need to make strategic decisions?project progress, problems encountered and resolutions for any You may want the help of an experiencedoutstanding issues. consultant during the analysis. Refer to page 5 for more information about choosing3. Keep employees in the loop by providing information and clarity a consultant.about what is happening, when changes will take place and howthey will be impacted. Don’t forget about hard-to-quantify benefits4. Encourage employees to speak up about the changes and listen The right CRM system can greatly increase internal efficiencies. It can open yourto what they have to say. communication channels and allow information to be shared across systems, departments and5. Give employees time to make the transition and adjust to the multiple interaction points. This increasednew approach. productivity can allow your company to focus on winning new customers, improving customer6. Support the managers who are leading the CRM march. Do your retention and drastically reducing the amount of time and money spent on sales, marketing, servicebest to provide them with the necessary tools to successfully and support.implement the strategy.7. Understand that effective implementation of CRM is a cultural Involve the Right People A true CRM strategy involves the collaborationprocess; it will take time for everyone to adjust to new ways of and support of multiple groups throughout thedoing business. organization. The decision to choose a specific CRM solution should be delegated to a core8. Inform customers about the company’s vision for a customer- team of individuals to serve and represent thecentric organization. Ask for customer feedback and then use that functional needs of various departments throughout the organization.information to improve your customer interactions. For a smooth process, you’ll want to involve and interview the people that will be directly and indirectly affected by the new system. This requires full cooperation and collaboration among the following five groups: System users This group interacts with the system most often, serving one or more functions for a particular department. System users tend to be on the front lines, dealing directly with your customers. A few examples of system users are customer service agents, field and inside sales representatives and marketing associates.4 How to Choose a CRM System
  6. 6. System managers These experts can help your organization in threeWhile this group oversees activities for their important ways:department, they are also responsible for ■ Evaluate your needs and suggest the best CRMproviding business analysis and reports to upper solution for your specific System managers supervise anddirect (and sometimes train) system users how to ■ Save your company time and money duringeffectively use the system. system install and subsequent training.System integrators ■ Help you get the most out of your CRMResponsible for ensuring all technical implementation, based on your organization’sconsiderations are met, system integrators requirements.oversee and contribute to the implementation Even if your internal staff have the time toand integration of your CRM system, and implement your new CRM system, you still mayprovide regular maintenance. They are usually want to seek an outside expert who can focusIT staff – depending on the scope of the project, on analyzing, installing and maintaining youryou may want your system programmers and system.system architects involved in the process. Veryoften, it is the software reseller that does the bulk Some of the best CRM consultants are softwareof the work to integrate a CRM system, as this resellers. Software resellers have a valid stake inis their area of expertise. The level of reseller your organization’s success – they want to be theinvolvement in your deployment will depend on company you turn to for additional services inwhether your IT staff have the relevant skills and the future. Many resellers also offer a range ofhow much time they can give to the project. services, including strategy development, business process management, technology implementationSystem customers and training.Any person who requires information supplied For larger CRM systems, resellers often have theby the CRM software is a system customer. This additional consulting support of their softwaregroup relies on reports, summaries, account vendor to help manage the complexities of thestatus and other data generated by the system. implementation. A good software vendor will haveSystem customers can be found in almost every a highly experienced professional services groupdepartment within the organization, particularly whose focus is on education, training and systemsmarketing, sales, customer service, accounting implementation.and human resources – as well as outside theorganization, such as your business partners.During internal interviews, find out how your Narrow the Fieldsystem customers use the data and which types The best CRM solutions are those that go beyondof data they require to do their work. These fulfilling the basic CRM functions. Look for ainterviews will help you gain a clearer picture of system that integrates your back-office accountingthe capabilities your new system should include. software and other business systems – so customer information can be updated in real-time, whileSystem signoffs being shared and employed effectively across theThese individuals make the final purchasing entire organization. With this in mind, be sure thatdecision. Usually, system signoffs are the same your solution is robust and versatile enough to:people to whom you presented your initialbusiness case for the project, and can include ■ Be accessed from any location – fromsenior management and directors, board headquarters to remote locations and mobilemembers or other advisors. workers. ■ Seamlessly integrate with your back-officeChoose a Consultant accounting system.Consultants offer specialized expertise in ■ Integrate with a wide range of third-partyevaluating and implementing CRM solutions – software, or other internal systems.bringing considerable value to your organization. How to Choose a CRM System 5
  7. 7. Solutions with these capabilities will enable your organization to operate more efficiently and realizeWhat to Look for in a CRM Reseller greater economies of scale.The ideal reseller is someone who has knowledge of front- and Increase communication channelsback-office operations and experience with integrating CRM The ideal CRM solution will integrate your multiple business channels and provide yoursolutions for businesses in your industry. When evaluating a users with seamless remote access to up-to-datesoftware reseller, ask yourself these questions: customer information. This approach enables you to provide the kind of informed and personalizedCan the reseller provide my company a complete service package? service that customers appreciate. Think aboutCritical elements of any software implementation are product the different interaction points your customerstraining, technical support, and future maintenance and upgrades. are currently using – and likely to use in the future – to communicate with your organization.Look for a reseller who wants to assist you not only with the The mix may include your corporate Web site,immediate sale and installation, but also with longer-term training text chat, e-mail, fax, phone and postal mail,and service. among others. Also, look for a system with the ability to supportDoes the reseller listen effectively? multiple communication devices (such as WebTo make the best recommendations for your organization, a reseller browsers, handheld computing devices and WAP-must first learn about your organization – including its current enabled phones) to give users the convenience ofcapabilities and those items and functions that are missing (but accessing customer data in various ways. A good system will allow you to retrieve real-timerequired). Has the reseller attempted to learn as much as possible information at any time, and from anywhere.about your organization? Has the reseller spoken to more than one Choose one that will meet the functional needsperson within your company? of your system users.Does the reseller communicate clearly? Keep a global perspective As advanced Web technologies become moreBe wary of resellers who spend all their time discussing the accessible and easy to use, companies willfeatures of a program. Your focus during discussions with a reseller increasingly interact with customers in countriesshould instead be directed toward the benefits a CRM solution can around the world. The ability to support a global reach, even if not essential now, is a vitalbring to your organization. investment in your company’s future.Can I work with the reseller? When reviewing CRM features, find out if:You will be working closely with the reseller over a period of days, ■ The company sells and supports products inweeks and maybe even months. That’s why it’s important to find the countries in which you do business.a reseller you enjoy working with, who is a good fit with your ■ The software provides multicurrency’s philosophy and culture, and who you feel will provide ■ The software is available concurrently inthe necessary expertise and consultation in a professional manner. languages other than English. Look for maximum flexibility Evaluating the architecture of a CRM solution is one step you cannot afford to skip. Look for a system that is built specifically for the Web so it can provide maximum accessibility for your users. One of the key benefits of a Web-based solution is that it requires only a single server installation. A Web-based architecture allows you to make changes to the software on the server just once, and then simply refresh the browser for the6 How to Choose a CRM System
  8. 8. changes to take effect system-wide. ■ One size may fit allWeb-based systems are also easily Not all organizations need extensiveaccessed with a wireless device or PDA. customization to implement a successful Top 10 FeaturesIn contrast, a client/server-based high-performance CRM solution. to Look for inarchitecture requires changes to every Today, there are many off-the-shelfclient machine each time you upgrade, CRM packages to choose from – all a CRM Systemcustomize or maintain your system – supporting and fulfilling the sales, marketing and support functions of an 1. Sales cycle analysistaking additional time and usingvaluable resources. organization. If you’re tight on cash and can do without the bells and whistles, 2. Integration to your back-officeAdvantages of Web-based solutions you may be better off with a packaged accounting systemalso include low-cost, rapid and global solution.deployment, and effective remote 3. Open, industry-standardadministration of software, Some solutions also include back-officeconfigurations and security. integration capabilities and built-in technology customization tools so you can modifyTake the time to consider the the system to suit your unique 4. Seamless flow of informationarchitecture of the systems you’re requirements. These solutions areevaluating. Ask your consultant or between corporate systems and usually ready to install and use rightreseller about the benefits and out of the box – saving you time and remote employeeslimitations of each system to determine reducing implementation costs.which one best suits your organization. 5. Real-time reporting and analysis ■ Outsource your CRM systemConsider implementation time Another option is to outsource all the 6. Automated workflowTo be successful in today’s competitive technology related to your CRMmarket, you need your business systems solution to a hosting service provider. 7. Contact and campaignup and running smoothly and rapidly. The service provider hosts andThe less upfront customization your management maintains your CRM system in a securesystem requires, the more quickly data center and allows your employeesthe implementation process can be 8. Multiple language and to access it remotely. In return, you paycompleted. Ask your reseller how long a subscription fee on a per-month, per- multicurrency capabilities tothe implementation will take and what user basis. support global businessfactors may increase or decrease theamount of time needed. Using a hosting service has a wide range 9. Ability to easily customize your of financial benefits that include:Choose the best deployment solution to fit your business needs ■ Minimal up-front investment.option for your companyAs part of the evaluation process, ■ Lower total cost of ownership. 10. Scalability to accommodate futureyou need to determine the best way business growth ■ Faster implementation deploy a CRM system for yourorganization. Today, there are ■ Predictable cost model.deployment alternatives for companies Other benefits include guaranteed Remember – The customer is whyof any size. Here are the three most uptime, regular data backups and CRM exists. As you choose a solution,common methods: maintenance, software upgrades and think about the impact each feature■ Build your own customer support. The hosting model is particularly beneficial for businesses will have on your customers!If you run a large enterprise and requirecomplex customization and integration, that need to conserve capital or need toyou’ll probably need more than a basic get up and running quickly.CRM package. Many times companies Before you decide to purchase or buildwill purchase CRM solutions and hire an in-house CRM system, evaluate yourconsultants to build on the core hosting options carefully and consultfunctionality, customizing the system with your reseller to determine ifto serve the unique needs of larger-sized hosting is right for your organization.organizations. How to Choose a CRM System 7
  9. 9. Select a System That’s RightHow to Prepare for Product for You Now that you’ve done your homework andDemonstrations evaluated a number of possible solutions, it’sThe software demonstration is an excellent time for your team to time to make a decision. Remember that you’reunderstand the features and capabilities of a particular solution. not just selecting a CRM system – you’re alsoTake full advantage of this opportunity by following these guidelines: choosing a business partner. Consider the following when selecting a■ Inform software resellers about your specific needs in advance. software vendor:A software demo is a reseller’s opportunity to profile their productsand services. By informing them ahead of time about your specific Interview resellers before the demoneeds, you direct the demonstrator’s attention to your interests, Familiarize yourself with the various CRMnot theirs. solutions available on the market so you can be confident about your top picks when you short-■ Make sure your core team is able to attend the demos. Make it a list the best options for your company. Bypriority to keep your core team up to date about their appointments. interviewing as many software resellers asSince each team member has a different area of expertise, it’s possible in advance, you can avoid time wastedimportant for everyone on the team to be at the demonstrations in by sitting through lengthy, irrelevantorder to get the most out of each demo. Encourage team members remain in the room through the entire demo; shared concerns canbe flagged more effectively if everyone is present to hear questions Pick the best three systems and ask each reseller to provide the following information:raised by others on the team. ■ Estimated license costs for your■ Plan your questions. Have the core team come up with questions implementation.for each product demonstrator. You may also want to plan thesequence in which the questions will be asked, to ensure that ■ Estimated build-out costs to adapt the systemeveryone stays on topic during each demonstration. to your requirements. ■ Timeframe for implementation.■ Establish a system for scoring each issue addressed by thedemonstrator. Keeping tally for individual issues makes the entire ■ Annual support and maintenance costs.scoring process efficient. It prevents situations in which someone ■ Training methodology and training costs.from your team forgets how a particular demonstrator addressed anissue. The scores will also come in handy when it’s time to decide ■ A plan for integrating your back-officewhich of the short-listed solutions is best suited for your systems, as required.organization. Get to know the software manufacturer■ Ask the reseller to follow up on issues not fully addressed. The Are you familiar with the company that makesreseller may need to consult with colleagues or the software the software? Are they a respected name in the software industry? How long have they been inmanufacturer before providing answers to more in-depth questions. business? What is their vision for the future –Be sure someone on your team follows up on any unanswered for their products and for the company? Thesequestions after the demo. are just some of the questions about the manufacturer you want to address when evaluating CRM solutions. Clearly, you don’t want a “here today, gone tomorrow” organization. Insist on user-friendly software Regardless of the number of features your system promises, if your system is not user- friendly, your staff won’t be able to maximize8 How to Choose a CRM System
  10. 10. the full benefits. Make sure you select a solution Ask about customizabilitythat’s logical and easy to use. Ask these questions Does the software allow you to modify allduring your interview process: aspects of the system? Are customization tools easy to use? Do you have the ability to create and■ How easy to use is the software interface – the modify fields, screens, tables, views, scripts and primary screens where data is entered or security settings on the fly? otherwise managed?■ Can the interface be modified to more closely Look for e-business strength match the needs of my organization? Does the CRM vendor sell other e-business solutions that complement and integrate with■ How easy is it to navigate between modules of their CRM solution? Can they extend the the software? capabilities of their solutions to connect your■ What type of software documentation and existing back-office systems with advanced training will be provided? solutions such as electronic commerce and automated warehouse management?Evaluate their technical support If the company offers a line of e-businessYour consultant will be a good resource products, it’s a good indication that the companyregarding technical questions or other issues is committed to its customers by developingthat arise. But you may still need to rely on the products that can further enhance and expandsoftware vendor’s technical support team as well. their customers’ e-business capabilities.Here are some questions to ask regarding thevendor’s support team: Ensure options for growth A good software company invests heavily in■ How quickly do they take calls from engineering and develops new product features customers? and enhancements regularly. They stay abreast of■ What are their hours of operation? new technologies and make sure their customers do too, particularly those customers with fast-■ What options are available for after-hours growing businesses. The opportunity to move questions or concerns? to a similar but more powerful product can give■ What charges or service plans are involved? your company flexibility as it grows. Often, software upgrades cost far less than the retailInquire about their customer service price of the full program. Some vendors evendepartment provide upgrades within their support programs.Does the software developer have a team devoted Imagine purchasing a new car a year ago, andto non-technical inquiries? Look for a company then seeing this year’s model and wanting somethat is dedicated to regularly providing high- of the new features. You can’t have those newquality service to customers and has the features unless you purchase the new model!resources to deal with product questions, In contrast, a good software manufacturer willcustomer feedback, order tracking and software provide product upgrades at reasonable pricesregistration. or as part of a yearly service agreement.Get flexible reporting Does it fit your budget?Look for a solution that has the capability to Sometimes what it all boils down to is price.produce the reports your organization requires. If this is the case and your first choice costsWhen reviewing your options, find out if more than you can afford, reprioritize your listcustomized reports can be created with a of requirements and compare them with theminimum of time and effort. Also see if the features of applications that do fall within yoursystem will allow you to manipulate the data budget range. Then determine which features orany way you choose. modules your organization can live without, and which are essential for the success of the project. How to Choose a CRM System 9
  11. 11. Justify the investment Prepare for modifications Once your evaluation team has reached an Each organization has very different business agreement about which product to purchase, processes. Consequently, no “vanilla” CRM you may find it helpful to create a document package can address all of your needs. One of the or presentation to explain your choice. This most common mistakes companies make is trying document needs to clearly detail the features too hard to limit modifications to the selected of the system, the direct fiscal benefits of these packaged software. CRM software generally features and the resulting long-term benefit to the comes with some core functionality and company. It should also outline the total cost for toolboxes for adapting to your organization’s initial implementation, training and ongoing requirements. Some CRM solutions also offer maintenance. You can use this type of summary additional feature sets that can expand system document to help you get final approval and buy- capabilities. So, if you need software that can in from upper management. meet the unique requirements of your business, be prepared to make modifications after Implementing Your System installing the “out-of-the-box” solution. You’re almost there. Once you have chosen the Get everyone involved vendor and product, and purchased the software, Getting employees to understand and support it’s time to install the solution. It will take time the new CRM solution is an important step in to adequately install the new software without the implementation process. It’s safe to say that compromising or otherwise invalidating your employees who don’t feel confident using the new existing system. Inevitably, there will also be a system won’t use it. You can avoid this situation few kinks to work out. by continuing to get everyone involved. What is the best way to make the implementation Communicate the CRM vision and progress process a smooth and successful one? Consider to your staff, explain the advantages for the the following guidelines: organization and the functional benefits for the users. Also, reassure them that proper training Create a blueprint will be provided. This is a sensitive and crucial To smooth the implementation process, create step involving the heart of your organization – a “blueprint” of your CRM-related business your employees. Consider how the changes will processes with your consultant and/or software negatively and positively impact your staff, and reseller. This document gives the team a pre- plan to resolve anticipated problems early-on to determined plan and a set of guidelines to reach ensure a smooth and favorable cultural your CRM goals. This process allows you and adjustment. your consultant to draw on past experience to determine the best plan for you. The expectation Provide good training is that the plan itself may change, but if the goal People are key to the success of any CRM and guidelines remain the same you will have a solution. Good training is essential and provides short and successful installation. the information, practice and involvement needed for your staff to get the most out of the software. Appoint a primary contact Keep in mind that your employees will have Another way you can help speed implementation different skill sets and levels of computer is to appoint someone from your core team to experience. One training class will probably not be the primary contact for any questions the be right for every system user. You’ll want to consultant may have. Providing a single contact familiarize computer novices as early as possible, for questions not only saves time getting the right rather than waiting until your system is ready to answers to the consultant; it also keeps members be rolled out. of the implementation team from being interrupted with questions for which they don’t have answers.10 How to Choose a CRM System
  12. 12. Bring people up to speed Find a good rollout timeRegular review meetings during the Schedule an appropriate time to roll out yourimplementation stage will also help people new system. It may be difficult to schedule abecome familiar with the new system. Keep your “right time” to do this, but at the very least, planusers informed – let them know when changes to install your new software as close as possiblewill occur. As well, encourage the management to your organization’s slowest time of year, toteam to stay involved during the implementation minimize business interruptions. You may evenprocess by attending meetings and training consider executing the new system on ansessions. incremental or feature-by-feature basis.Test before you launch Plan for ongoing evaluation Plan to regularly review and evaluate the systemWhen it comes to something as valuable as your based on desired criteria, such as one monthcustomer data, you will want to beta test every following implementation, three months, sixsystem component and make certain it is months, etc. Be sure to inform your consultantfunctioning properly before you take the system and vendor of any challenges you encounterlive. For example, you can have your field along the way. Keep in mind that your CRMsalespeople enter mock customer data and see system will always be evolving. As a result,how well the system receives and processes the implementation never completely stops. Ongoinginformation. evaluation of your business processes will helpIntegrate the back-office you maximize the benefits CRM can bring toDirect your efforts toward integrating your new your organization.CRM solution with your back-office accountingdata. Most organizations want the ability to pushtransaction data from their accounting databaseto their CRM system and vice versa. You willneed to have this critical piece completed andtested before launching the CRM system. Hot Tip! Before launching your new system, do a trial conversion of your existing data into your new database. Then ask your employees to explore the database. They will already be familiar with the customer information and it will help them to learn the new system. It will also help you to identify potential conversion problems. How to Choose a CRM System 11
  13. 13. About ACCPAC From small office applications to enterprise ACCPAC is a world leader in mission-critical systems, ACCPAC offers the most comprehensive, business computing, providing software, support scalable and cost-effective end-to-end e-business and integration services in more than 100 solutions in the industry – delivering unparalleled countries around the world. Headquartered in performance, advanced functionality, cross-product Pleasanton, California, ACCPAC has more than integration and rock-solid stability. By selling 500 dedicated professionals located in offices exclusively through a qualified channel of throughout the United States and in Australia, authorized resellers, ACCPAC is never far from Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, Asia, South your front door, no matter how many locations Africa and the United Kingdom. ACCPAC is a your business has. With a worldwide network subsidiary of Computer Associates International, of more than 5,000 well-trained and experienced Inc., one of the largest and most respected Business Partners, and more than 500,000 technology companies in the world. registered clients, ACCPAC has helped companies around the world gain strategic advantages designed to take businesses like yours confidently into the future.12 How to Choose a CRM System
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