Lean software management bbc worldwide case study nov less 2011


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This case study examines how the lean ideas behind the Toyota Production System can be applied to software project management. It is a detailed investigation of the performance of a 9 person software development team employed by BBC Worldwide based in London.

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Lean software management bbc worldwide case study nov less 2011

  1. 1. Lean Software Management:BBC Worldwide Case StudyPeter Middleton, Queen’s University Belfast & David Joyce, ThoughtWorks Australia 1st November 2011 2nd International ConferenceLean Enterprise Software and Systems Stockholm, Sweden
  2. 2. Better software project selection 1. Targets & sub optimisation (system conditions) Salesmen’s reward structure / KPI not aligned 2. Failure demand (rework, recall, enhance) Spend 1/2 day with a support desk 3. Work in Progress (WIP) Put WIP on a white board & post-it notes
  3. 3. Analysis of why customers callFailure demand: activity but waste Failure demand 37% Value demand 63%
  4. 4. Strategy & Analysis• PRINCE2 unrealistic : ‘Ensuring that the information required for the project team is available’• Failure demand: 30% - 70% of all demand is caused by failures in the system itself• Targets cause massive waste due to sub optimisation. Measures drive behaviour.
  5. 5. BBC Worldwide Digital Hub Software Team• Media Village, White City, West London• 9 staff: Analyst, Architect, QA, Developers• Operating cost: £1.5m p.a.• C#, .NET, MS SQL Server• Created and maintained software• 12 months data: Oct 2008 – Oct 2009• Reported to Business & Project Boards• Waterfall Agile Lean
  6. 6. Engineering Practices• Decoupling – improve legacy code• Minimum Marketable Feature concept• Test Driven Development (unit tests)• Automated Acceptance Testing• Source Control Software• Bug tracking software• Daily Stand Up (15 minutes)
  7. 7. Lean Software – key idea• Reduce Work in Process: all supply chain – Analysis – Specifications – Design – Untested code & UAT• Benefits: (flow: concept to cash) Contracts – Visible management & less risk – Flexibility – Productivity
  8. 8. Kanban 101 (BNP Paribas)Work Items Step 1 Step 2 … Step n Done In In In Queue Process Queue Process Queue Process …
  9. 9. BBC
  10. 10. Lead time to customers -37% Variance -47%
  11. 11. Development Time -73%; Variation -78%
  12. 12. Throughput:smaller, incremental deliveries
  13. 13. Fewer Bugs: -24%; Variance: -33%
  14. 14. Continual ImprovementDays lost: -81% 26 to 5 days
  15. 15. Lean & Kanban software process• -37% reduction in lead time• -47% reduction in lead time variation• -73% reduction in development time• -24% reduction in errors• -33% reduction number of open errors• -81% delays reduced continual imp.• *8 increase in frequency of delivery• Frequent small deliverables reduce risk
  16. 16. Possible problems1. Space needed for Kanban & info boards2. Plan driven, document centric process3. Poor fit with standardised reporting4. Remit of IT – upstream & downstream5. Command & control compliance model6. Staff initiative and multi skillingLean handles risk by low WIP, transparency, small units & frequent deliverables
  17. 17. Differences Agile and Lean• Batch / Push versus Pull – Time-boxed iterations• Reliance on Data – Focus on people• Continual Improvement – ‘impediment list’ / ‘improvement backlog’‘• Multi skilling – Velocity’, features, story points
  18. 18. Conclusion• Lean provides discipline and agility• Software under quantitative control• Frequent, small, high value deliverables• Experiments to demonstrate: – Targets & sub optimisation (Sales rewards) – Failure demand – support desk (1/2 day) – Work in Progress – white board & post notesLean Software Management: BBC Worldwide Case Study,P. Middleton & D. Joyce, IEEE Trans. on EngineeringManagement, accepted for publication Sept 2010
  19. 19. Follow up• to the IEEE article http://leanandkanban.wordpress.com/2011 /04/09/lean-software-management-bbc- worldwide-case-study/• http://leankitkanban.com/ (lean tool)• p.middleton@qub.ac.uk• dpjoyce@googlemail.com• Twitter: @dpjoyce