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Portfolio = Option #2 for an Outdoor Social Event


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I created this proposal for an outdoor social event for a group visiting Orlando. I gave them two ideas for themes and set-up, please see the following presentation for the first half.

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Portfolio = Option #2 for an Outdoor Social Event

  1. 1. Tropical<br />Exploration<br />Welcome Explorers to the south! Ordering your men to settle down in these parts is hardly a difficult order to follow with the elegant set-up for these noble adventurers. In fact, everyone here has the best accoutrements in town!<br /> <br />The Tropical Exploration theme will be played out using only clean white and khaki colors throughout the event, as well as using earthy elements that still feel elegant and regal, fit for such a fine affair. Décor is meant to remind guests of the days when adventurers traveled with all of their family’s finery, with a mix a practical supplies and elegant traveling.<br />This theme works well for clients who wish to appear as natural and organic. Also, this is a theme fit for clients who would like a tropical theme, without being a traditional Florida theme. <br />
  2. 2. Entrance:<br />Guests will enter the event through a bamboo structure that is surrounded by lush greenery and flowing fabric. The fabric will be white and the sign overhead will be customized to greet guests with your chosen banner.<br />
  3. 3. Perimeter Décor:<br />Mark your camp and light the way for guests with torches.<br /> -Bamboo structures are decorated with tropical white flowers and can be placed anywhere.<br />-Propane torches can be used around the perimeter as well, or, scattered throughout the space for lighting and heat.<br />
  4. 4. Bars:<br />Surely on the brink of dehydration guests can hurry to one of the numerous bars for a refreshing beverage to quench their thirst.<br />Choose from one of two coordinated designs…<br />Option #1: An elegant oak bar with provincial accents.<br />Option #2: A rustic thatched roof bar is the quintessential tropical element<br />
  5. 5. Soft Seating Furniture Groupings<br />Find rest from the blistering sun and watch as it sets from inside one of these bamboo frame gazebos. Soft white sheer fabric drapes from the ceiling to the floor of the gazebo. Inside can be rigged with LED lighting. Within the gazebos are sets of rattan furniture with soft natural colored pads. In the center are rustic fire-pits for warmth, light and ambiance. Faux bear skin rugs in either brown and/or white lie in the center of the gazebo.<br />
  6. 6. Buffet Tables:<br /> Grab a bite to eat from one of the wooden barrel buffet stations and then have a seat to enjoy the food. We could also work with the catering team to provide coordinating buffet décor, such as rattan serving trays , thus unifying the design. Oversized treasure chests covered with a clear glass lid that allows guests to see the jewels stored inside is filled with edible delicacies for guest’s enjoyment.<br />
  7. 7. Dining and Cocktail Tables:<br />Guests have a choice of small glass and rattan tables, or, full-size tables dressed in floor-length white linens. Rattan or bamboo folding chairs would surround both sets of tables.<br />
  8. 8. Centerpieces:<br />Add softness and femininity to the rugged décor with white floral centerpieces.<br />-Choose from three designs featuring white flowers, loose greenery appearing to be handpicked and crafted, all set in gilded glass vases.<br />-For height at the buffet stations display tall white blooming branches in crystal vases. <br />-Finally, for light and character, scattered bronze lanterns throughout the area.<br />
  9. 9. Stage Décor and Seating:<br />Cocktail Tables:<br />Enjoy listening to the music as you sit comfortably at one of these wicker tables with glass tops.<br />Stage Décor:<br />The band can play from a stage with greenery and white floral lining the front and a thatched roof backdrop<br />Or<br />Choose a more simple option using a small stage set in the center of the area and surrounded on all four sides by lush greenery with no backdrop.<br />
  10. 10. Entertainment:Aldaberto Bravo Trio<br /> Guitar, bongo, and cogon<br /> This dynamic 3-piece trio has been performing together for more than 15 years, covering all styles including, Latin, Caribbean, Salsa, Merengue, Mambo, Latin-Jazz, Bosa Novas, Ballads, Cumbias, Mexican Mariachi and crossover Top 40 classics. With contemporary hits from Santana and Ricky Martin to the authentic Latin Ballroom dance rhythms of Tito Puente. This highly polished, crowd-pleasing ensemble has the repertoire and performance style to satisfy even the most demanding audience!<br />
  11. 11. Entertainers:Animalistic Actors<br /> As though they are caged animals, living people dressed in amazing costumes act like they are the real thing captured by the adventurers. <br />
  12. 12. Budget:<br />Entrance<br />Bamboo structure with greenery and flowing fabric: $1,750.00<br />Custom Signage: $150.00<br />Perimeter Décor: (recommend twenty of each)<br />Bamboo Free-form structure with tropical floral: $325.00 each<br />Flame Pot Torches: $175.00 each<br />Bar: (recommend sixteen stations)<br />Oak Bar with Provincial Accents: $1,150.00 each<br />or<br />Thatched Roof Bar: $375.00 each<br />Soft Seating Furniture Grouping: (recommend eight sets)<br />Includes cabana, sofa and chairs, coffee table, fire pit, and rug: $2000.00 each <br />Buffet Tables: (recommend twelve stations)<br />Large Wooden Barrel Buffet with Fabric Tablecloth (16’ long): $350.00 each<br />Treasure chest with glass top and faux jewels inside: $275.00 each<br />Buffet accent pieces: TBD<br />Dining and Cocktail Tables: (recommend fifty of each)<br />Glass-Top Seated Cocktail Tables: $125.00 each<br />Floor-length White Tablecloth (over hotel’s 72” round table): $30.00 each<br />Centerpieces: (recommend one hundred displays scattered throughotu)<br />Flowers and lantern displays: $35.00–$75.00 each<br />Stage Décor and Seating: (recommend fifty sets of seating)<br />Wicker Tables with Glass Tops: $125.00 each<br />Thatched Roof Backdrop with Floral and Greenery in Front: $2,500.00<br />or<br />Floral and Greenery around Perimeter: $750.00<br />Entertainment:<br />AdalbertoBravo Trio: $1,900.00 (four hour performance)<br />Entertainers: (recommend ten animals with “cages”)<br />Animal Actors: $250.00<br />Fenced Cage: $100.00<br />