LEEP Program January 2013


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LEEP Program January 2013

  1. 1. Over the past several years, we have experienced a steady increase in activity in the areas of interna-tional business and trade. According to the U.S. News and World Report (1), international investmentwith such entities as the EU have led to trillions of dollars in returns and the creation of 14 million jobsto both parties. With results such as these, international business can only be expected to incline, and asthe U.S. remains the world’s leading merchandise trader (2), knowledge in the U.S. legal system is be-coming imperative.Attorneys of all jurisdictions will be expected to rise to the necessary level of competency as interna-tional trade and business continues to integrate with the practice of law. For this reason, lawyers in allareas of the world will be expected to be current on essential international business practices, as well asbe competent in areas such as international contract drafting and arbitration, and legal writing and re-search to better serve their local and global clients.Since 2011, the Legal Education and Exchange Program (LEEP), has made it its mission to equip law-yers and professionals with the necessary skill sets to become competitive in a fast-growing and ever-changing global economy, helping them become well-rounded professionals in international businessand law, and increasing the standard of living in their respective mother countries.1 Frances G. Burwell, It’s Time For Free Trade With Europe, U.S. News and World Report, http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/world-report/2012/11/13/obama-must-create-a-stronger-economic-partnership-with-europe (Nov. 13, 2012)2 International Trade Statistics 2012, Key Developments in 2011: A Snapshot, http://www.wto.org/english/res_e/statis_e/its2012_e/its12_highlights1_e.pdf
  2. 2. Dr. Carla McEwen is the director and founder of the Legal EducaƟon Exchange Program(LEEP). A naƟve Brazilian aƩorney, she worked for over ten years at the Law Offices OfHuston & McEwen in San Diego , California. Dr. McEwen has a PhD in Forensic CriminalLaw and together with her mentor Dr. Gail Robinson developed a unique mechanism tolearn a foreign legal system in which judicial professionals can learn in their naƟve lan-guage, and then immediately reinforce the same informaƟon in a foreign language us-ing repeƟƟon for comprehensible input among other techniques. This method has beenproven to be most dynamic by a number of psychologists and law professors.Dr. McEwen in fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Turkish and intermedi-ate knowledge in French and Hebrew.On her own Ɵme, Carla is a professional Ballet Classic dancer and she aƩributes a bigpart to her professional success to dancing. “ I have a great graƟtude for my ballet pro-fessors who taught me to have the strictest discipline, but most importantly taught meto stand straight and smile while on my toes even when my feet were full of blisters be-cause ‘the show must always go on’ “. She resides in La Jolla, California with her sons,Rafael and ScoƩ II.
  3. 3. Dr. Gail Robinson Special Guest Professor from San Diego State University ( SDSU)Dr. Gail Robinson, (Ph.D., Stanford) is an internaƟonally known expert in cross-cultural understand-ing. She founded LARC at San Diego State University as one of the first three NaƟonal Language Cen-ters funded by Congress through the U.S. Dept of EducaƟon, bringing innovaƟve research to languageand culture learning with parƟcular aƩenƟon to media use. Under her direcƟon, LARC developed edu-caƟonal videos addressing: ethnographic interview techniques for understanding others througheffecƟve listening, the cultural issues surrounding NAFTA and contemporary Japan as well as the useof video for language tesƟng, including the Video Oral CommunicaƟon Instruments (VOCIs) in sevenlanguages. She also directed language authoring systems, videodiscs and soŌware for teaching Span-ish, Hebrew and Arabic, in addiƟonal to texts for Chinese and Portuguese.Before joining San Diego State University, Dr. Robinson held other leadership posiƟons as LanguageResearch Specialist with SONY, Japan and the New South Wales Dept. of EducaƟon. Her research inEurope, Mexico, Australia, Asia, North America and Papua New Guinea inform her numerous publica-Ɵons, (e.g. Cross-cultural Understanding, PrenƟce Hall, Culturally Diverse Speech Styles in InteracƟveLanguage Teaching, Cambridge University Press, Error Feedback, in Empirical Research, HarperCollins,and Second Culture AcquisiƟon in the Modern Language Journal).Among her numerous awards, she was Title VI Fellow at Stanford University, VisiƟng Scholar to theFaculty, Australia NaƟonal University, Most InfluenƟal Faculty, SDSU and has received over $3,500,000in grants for SDSU.As Professor, Department of LinguisƟcs and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages and Department ofSpanish and Portuguese, Dr. Robinson’s current research focuses on the development of peacethrough innovaƟve communicaƟve techniques.
  4. 4. Professor William H. Byrnes authored or edited 19 books and compendia of 38 vol-umes, 25 book & treaƟse chapters, 725 arƟcles, and a monthly subscriber tax news-leƩer. His publishers primarily are Lexis-Nexis, Wolters Kluwer, Thomson-Reuters,NaƟonal Underwriters, as well as Oxford University Press, and Edward Elgar. WilliamByrnes was a Senior Manager, then Associate Director of internaƟonal tax for Coop-ers and Lybrand, and pracƟced in Southern Africa, Western Europe, South East Asia,the Indian sub-conƟnent, and the Caribbean. He has been commissioned by a num-ber of governments on tax policy. As the principal author of his 900-page disserta-Ɵon to the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office, "Economic and Socio-Economic Impact of the European Union Code of Conduct on Business TaxaƟon andTax Savings DirecƟve Report", he established a methodology for measuring socio-economic impact of financial services on SDICs. In 2008 William Byrnes was appoint-ed Associate Dean at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He obtained tenure and theƟtle of professor of law in 2005 at his previous university. William Byrnes pioneeredonline legal educaƟon in 1995, thereaŌer creaƟng the first online LL.M. offered by anABA accredited law school.Professor Thomas Golden began teaching at TJSL in 1976 as a member of the adjunctfaculty. He previously served as in-house counsel at the Whitaker CorporaƟon. Hethen joined a major San Diego law firm where he worked for four years unƟl starƟnghis own civil liƟgaƟon pracƟce in 1980. He joined the full-Ɵme faculty in 1983 andserved as assistant dean from 1986 to 1988. Professor Golden also served as director of foreign study programs and led legalstudy groups to Beijing, China, and Cambridge, England. He has taught ComparaƟveAnƟtrust Law in the school’s foreign study program in Nice, France. He is currently theDirector of Graduate Law Degree Programs in American Legal Studies and InternaƟon-al Trade. The Thomas Jefferson Student Bar AssociaƟon Alumnus of the Year award isnamed in Professor Golden’s honor.Contracts I & II, Remedies, Law of Democracy, IntroducƟon to the American LegalSystem for Foreign LawyersProfessor Jason Fiske is a TJSL graduate of both the JD (08) and LLM (09) programand is now the Program Director of the online Graduate Programs. In this posiƟonJason completely re-designed the program taking advantage of advanced learningmethodologies for the online environment. Jason Fiske is also an adjunct professor forthe Graduate Programs teaching courses in Income TaxaƟon, Partnership TaxaƟon,Civil Tax Procedure, and Corporate TaxaƟon. Jason also teaches in the Brazilian LEEPprogram ("Legal EducaƟon Exchange Program") at TJSL for IntroducƟon to Torts, Con-tracts, ConsƟtuƟonal Law, and the PoliƟcs of TaxaƟon. Jason Fiske manages, authorsand directs the publicaƟon of over 500 pages a month of top-selling legal publicaƟonsthrough companies such as Lexis-Nexis, Wolters Kluwer, Thomson-Reuters, NaƟonalUnderwriters, and Oxford University Press. Jason manages a team of 20 JD studentsand 15 graduate students on these projects. He is an author of many works in the fieldof taxaƟon such as the tax and trade chapters of Foreign Tax and Trade Briefs for theUnited States, Bahrain, and Qatar; authored over 20 chapters for Money Laundering,Terrorist Financing, Asset Forfeiture & Compliance (a Global Guide); and is the updateauthor for 5 chapters of Mertens Law of Federal TaxaƟon.
  5. 5. Professor ScoƩ McEwen received his undergraduate degree from Oregon State Uni-versity (Cum Laude) and his Juris Doctor from University of the Pacific, McGeorgeSchool of Law (with disƟncƟon). He has been a pracƟcing civil liƟgator in Californiasince 1987, and specializes in both California State and United States Federal CourtmaƩers. Mr. McEwen has handled disputes in various states throughout the UnitedStates, as well as in England, Australia, and in Italy (through associated counsel). Hiscurrent and past representaƟve clients include General Motors CorporaƟon, HondaCorporaƟon, and mulƟple world champion motorcycle and auto racers, including aBrazilian GP Moto Champion. Mr. McEwen seƩled many large disputes through theuse of mediaƟon and arbitraƟon. Mr. Mcewen is well known as the aƩorney for theNavy Seals. He is the author for the 2012 best seller “ American Sniper “ . The book isbecoming a movie with the actor Bradley Cooper.Professor Steve Semeraro joined the TJSL faculty in 1999, became Associate Dean in2002 and returned to the general faculty in 2007. AŌer graduaƟng from StanfordLaw School, he clerked for the Honorable Stephanie K. Seymour, United States Courtof Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, and then pracƟced with a private firm in Washing-ton, D.C. In 1994, he joined the United States Department of JusƟce, AnƟtrust Divi-sion, where he led civil anƟtrust invesƟgaƟons of the opƟcal disc and credit cardindustries. In 1996, he served as a Special Assistant United States AƩorney in theEastern Division of Virginia, prosecuƟng criminal cases.In 2003, he authored the LawProfessors’ Amicus Brief in the U.S. Supreme Court case Verizon v. Trinko. He cur-rently serves as the Book Review Editor of the American Journal of Legal History andthe anƟtrust & compeƟƟon expert for the Ethics & Compliance Alliance. He previ-ously taught as an adjunct professor at American University’s Washington College ofLaw and at Georgetown Law School. He has published numerous arƟcles primarily inthe fields of anƟtrust and criminal law.Professor Salim Khawaja is president of TJSL Alumni AssociaƟon. He aƩendedMichigan State University and received Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry in1984. For the next four years, he performed cancer research at University ofCalifornia San Diego and La Jolla Cancer Research Center. Salim graduatedfrom Thomas Jefferson School of Law (formerly Western State) in 1993, and hespecializes in civil liƟgaƟon with emphasis in business maƩers, personal injury,and immigraƟon cases. He has been acƟve with several local organizaƟonsand has served in TJSL Alumni AssociaƟon Board since 1996. He is a past presi-dent of the Alumni AssociaƟon Board, and is currently serving as PresidentEmeritus for 2012-2013
  6. 6. Professor Leigh Inman is the AcƟng Library Director at Thomas Jefferson School ofLaw. Ms. Inman has worked in the library at TJSL for eleven years in various capaciƟesincluding the Serials Librarian and Technical Services & AcquisiƟons Librarian. She is amember of the American AssociaƟon of Law Libraries, the San Diego Area Law Librar-ies and the North American Serials Interest Group. She serves as the SANDALL Histori-an. Ms. Inman earned her J.D. from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and her M.L.I.Sfrom San Jose State University.Professor Renee Galente graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2008. SheconƟnues to be an acƟve parƟcipant at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, as the Presi-dent of the Alumni AssociaƟon Board of Directors. Since 2011 she has been a co-ownerand trial lawyer of Galente Ganci, APC, where she focuses on plainƟff’s personal injury,business and real property liƟgaƟon. Renee is also a member, and Vice President, ofSan Diego La Raza Lawyers AssociaƟon, whose mission is to advance the cause ofequality, empowerment and jusƟce for LaƟno aƩorneys and the LaƟno community inSan Diego County through service and advocacy. She also sits as a Board Member onthe San Diego La Raza Lawyers AssociaƟon Scholarship Fund. She is a Board Member,and the Treasurer, of Lawyers Club of San Diego. She is the past Co-chair of the Cham-pagne & Chocolates Affair (2012) and the Co-chair for the 41st Annual Dinner(2013).Renee is proud to be a graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College, Sep-tember 2012.Outside the legal community, Renee is a proud federal club member andsupporter of the Human Rights Campaign on both a local and naƟonally level. HRCseeks to improve the lives of LGBT Americans by advocaƟng for equal rights and bene-fits in the workplace, ensuring families are treated equally under the law and increas-ing public support among all Americans through innovaƟve advocacy, educaƟon andoutreach programs.Professor Eric Ganci is an award-winning DUI Trial Lawyer (SD Metro Magazine’s BestLawyers in San Diego, DUI/DWI, 2012; San Diego Daily Transcript Top Young InfluenƟal,2012; San Diego’s Top 40 Under 40 by San Diego Metro, 2011; San Diego County BarAssociaƟon Outstanding Service by a New Lawyer, 2011; San Diego Daily Transcript2010 Young AƩorney Finalist, 2010). Eric is qualified to train police in field sobrietytests and DUI invesƟgaƟon, is trained on DUI breath tesƟng (Intoxilyzer 8000, and DataMaster DMT) and was trained by the American Chemical Society on DUI blood tesƟng.Eric is a trial lawyer and owner with Renee Galente at Galente Ganci, APC. On the side,Eric is an acƟve musician with his San Diego live band karaoke group, Rock Out Karao-ke, and has earned several musical accomplishments, such as opening for Anthrax andhaving Ving Rhames say “I like your band’s cd.”
  7. 7. Ariane d’Arc Diniz - “It’s hard [for] me [to] describe all [that] I lived in TJSL onthese three weeks.It was a wonderful Ɵme to learn, to stay side by side of great people, amazingteachers, in this huge building. I think all good lawyers need this experience tolearn about [what is] beyond the law system [and] about a great society whohave a lot to teach us. Thanks TJSL! Thanks all teavhers, thanks Claudia, andthanks Carla McEwen, especially! Hope to see you in Brasilia!”Claudia Tunger - “[The] LEEP experience was very interesƟng and enriching.TJSL’s modern faciliƟes and amazing teachers created a great environment forLEEP to be so successful. I’m specially grateful for professor Golden, Jason Fiske,Semeraro and Gail. They are excellent professors and they interacted in a verynice way with the Brazilian students. The court visits was the final part of LEEPcourse and granted us the opportunity to be in contact with the judicial reality.Thanks, Carla McEwen!” Denis Cardoso - “I really like the LEEP program because I learned how the Ameri- can jusƟce works and I also learned the American way of wriƟng , which is so simple and for sure I intend to take over to Brazil. Thanks for everything, for the hospitality. I really enjoyed the LEEP Program.”
  8. 8. Elena RochaEric Gomes - “The Leep program, offered by one of the most modern school oflaw of United States, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, was a huge opportunity toget in touch with the U.S. Legal System and also to make a comparaƟve analyseswith the brazilian codified system.In addicƟon, is important to say that we had contact with the common law sys-tem, having classes with great professors and also having the opportunity to visitthe state and federal court during the jury trials, geƫng in touch with the theoryand also the pracƟcal of the judicial system in United States.”Erika Lopes - “LEEP was not just an introducƟon to the U.S. Legal System, but al-so to a new concept of [the] world. Geƫng to know a foreign law system is ex-tremely rewarding.”
  9. 9. Erika Menezes - “The LEEP Program was a great and incredible experience I hadat Thomas Jefferson School of Law. The course gave to me so much knowledgeand an amazing view of [the] U.S. legal system.”Flaviana BossoliHugo Miranda - “The LEEP program open new doors to me. I had an amazingƟme here and I would like to thank you all for this experience that will help me somuch in the future when I become a lawyer.”
  10. 10. Jose SimaoJuliana PenelliJulliana Carnelossi - “I would like to thank you all from Thomas Jefferson Schoolof Law for the amazing Ɵme. It was like a [dream] come true, from the schoolstructure to the wonderful classes and professors. This was an experience for therest of my life and [an opportunity for] professional growth. I do hope [to] have[the] opportunity to develop the knowledge I have gained here in my future lawcases. Finally, I want to congratulate and thank our friend Carla McEwen for all[her] help and support.”
  11. 11. Karen Maeda - “I really appreciate the program and I feel that my knowledgeabout the U.S. Legal System improved. We enjoyed a lot in this two weeks andI’m taking great experience not only the classes but also all the college’s faciliƟesfor the students.”Livia Gomes - “For me the LEEP program was great. I would like to thank all fromThomas Jefferson School of Law for the amazing and will help me so much in thefuture. As a student of law in Brazil, I have to say that the beƩer classes of my lifewas here. I hope that in the future I become a good lawyer. Thank you all!”Marcia Lan
  12. 12. Mariana RezendeMaximiano Pedro - “It was a great experience to have been here learning aboutthe fundamentals of U.S. Law. For sure, it will be a Ɵme to be remembered forthe rest of our lives. As wise people say, every day we learn a liƩle bit more, and Ican assure that by this Ɵme I’ve learned a lot about kindness, fellowship, and pro-fessionalism. The graƟtude for me is the most important virtue of the humankind, and [these] liƩle words express my graƟtude.”Natalia Guimares - “This experience was unforgeƩable. In a few weeks you canlearn a lot of different things. For me it was a dream that came true. ThanksThomas Jefferson and in special, Carla McEwen, for that.
  13. 13. Patricia Reche - “It was an amazing experience in my life! I’m proud to have tohave chosen Thomas Jefferson School of Law! I’m sure it’ll make much differencein my new life internaƟonal professional! Thank you for everything!”Pedro Bacha - “Tenho muito orgulho de ter sido aluno da Thomas JeffersonSchool of Law, e ter cursado o LEEP - Brazil/2013. O programa me permiƟu umaintensa imersão no Direito Norte Americano, com aulas dinâmicas lecionadas porexcelentes professores, contando ainda com uma impressionante estrutura İsicado novo campus, certamente considerada a faculdade de Direito mais modernade todo o mundo. Orgulho-me ainda de encontrar na direção desse magníficotemplo do Direito a Dra. Carla McEwen, que conduziu-nos com maestria nessaexperiência inesquecível. Por enquanto muito obrigado Thomas Jefferson Schoolof Law, na certeza de que em breve nos reencontraremos!"Pedro Balthazar
  14. 14. Pedro Costa - “Dear professors, I would like to thank Thomas Jefferson [for] theopportunity to be [here] during these 2 weeks and improve a lot my skills in Eng-lish and in American Law. This Ɵme was definitely wonderful.”Rodolpho Gonzalez - “The greatest reward on this exchange program I had wasthe experience, not only the knowledge. What amazed me the most was how ac-cessible the teachers were. The cerƟficate is just the ending. And aŌer all, it’s notjust about the ending. The reward comes from the journey.”Sandra Nogueira - “Dear professors, I’d [the] best Ɵme and enjoy myself learningwith the best professors that I’d the honor to know. Thank you [for] all of yourspecial aƩenƟon and kindness with me. I hope to see you soon.”
  15. 15. Tarcisio Soares - “I really enjoyed the law course, and absorbed a lot of precise informaƟon about the legal system of the United States of America. I personally thank professor Jason Fiske, professor ScoƩ McEwen and specially Professor Thomas Golden, [who] in my opinion was the best professor we had. Thanks again.” Thiago Dos SantosThomas Jefferson School of Law and the Legal EducaƟon andExchange Program would like to thank all of the parƟcipants for their dedicaƟon and parƟcipaƟon!
  16. 16. Russian AƩorneys Guest ParƟcipants Daniil Petrukh Sofia Malysheva Russia, Krasnoyarsk Russia, Krasnoyarsk “ParƟcipaƟon in LEEP program was not only a great oppor-tunity to learn the most important informaƟon about US LegalSystem but also a unique chance to meet lawyers from Brasil and other countries by taking part in an internaƟonal ideas exchange”
  17. 17. Claudia Duran is the intern and Social Media/ Public RelaƟons Manager for the Legal EducaƟon and Exchange Program. She’s been a member of the LEEP team since November of 2012. Since then, she’s created and managed LEEP’s TwiƩer, Google+, and LinkedIn profiles, co-managed its Facebook page, and created an all-new LEEP logo. “My main objecƟve is to maintain the programs bright, posiƟve image and to increase our online presence.” Currently, she is working on creaƟng a YouTube chan- nel to showcase the LEEP professors. An Honors student who studied electrical engineering, she aƩended Southwestern College where she was also student government president and served on her college’s Board of Trustees. She ‘s pursuing a career in Social Media Manage- ment.“Serving on the team that made this year’s LEEP possible has been an ex-perience I will never forget. From the very first day, it was as if anothercountry had entered our classrooms. The Brazilian aƩorneys havebrought their intelligent points of view forward and have been very open-minded in understand our legal system. Outside the classroom, it is likethey bring a parade everywhere they go. Their vibrant personaliƟes andeagerness to learn has most definitely been refreshing. I’m very happythat the parƟcipants decided to take part in this because I know it hasbeen as much a learning experience for them as it has been for me, andfor that I am very grateful.”
  18. 18. Special thanks to Judge Yvonne Campos for her warm welcome to our LEEP parƟcipants Dr. Carla McEwen and Judge Yvonne Campos. Judge Yvonne Campos with some of the LEEP parƟcipants.
  19. 19. And a special thanks to Judge Adler for the enlightening lecture to our LEEP parƟcipants. Judge Adler and USA Supreme Court JusƟce Ruth Ginsburg.
  20. 20. “The San Diego County Bar AssociaƟon (SDCBA) and Brazil’s São Paulo Bar AssociaƟon have come to a newcooperaƟon agreement that was arranged by Thomas Jefferson School of Law.The agreement was signed on Friday January 25 at the bar associaƟons’ beauƟful new offices at 401 West AStreet by the SDCBA ExecuƟve Director Ellen Miller-Sharp and George Niaradi , the Counsel for InternaƟonalAffairs of the São Paulo Bar AssociaƟon.TJSL has very a strong connecƟon to the Brazilian legal community, and hosts groups of Brazilian aƩorneystwice a year at the law school to study the U.S. legal system, under the Legal EducaƟon and Exchange Pro-gram (LEEP.)“Thomas Jefferson School of Law and LEEP have given all the support to make this cooperaƟon agreementpossible,” said Carla McEwen, director of the LEEP Program at TJSL.“Through our meeƟngs with the São Paulo Bar, we’ve recognized that many of the iniƟaƟves and programsof the San Diego County Bar AssociaƟon mirror those of the São Paulo Bar," said SDCBA’s Miller-Sharp. “Weare proud to help expand São Paulo’s programing and our own as we work together to address issues ofcommon concern to both of our memberships and to ciƟzens of both San Diego and Sao Paulo. This is anexciƟng Ɵme for our organizaƟon, and we look forward to exploring all of the opportuniƟes this new part-nership brings.”“This is an opportunity for our young lawyers to learn more about the U.S. legal system,” said Niaradi. “According to Carla McEwen, “This agreement will reinforce LEEPs’ philosophy that aims to minimize thestress in the legal cross culture differences also expands San Diego and São Paulo Bar members’ legalknowledge.”The two bar associaƟons will be hosƟng events and exchanging lawyers to promote both knowledge andunderstanding of member of both bar associaƟons of each county’s legal systems – which are very different,with Brazil’s system being based on Napoleonic Law.“Today we build a structure for cooperaƟon between two important internaƟonal law insƟtuƟons hopingone day we can reach a globalizaƟon where there will be a structure for an InternaƟonal Court of Law serv-ing all the ciƟzens in the world. We will conƟnue exchange legal knowledge and eliminaƟng legal cross cul-ture issues with the ulƟmate goal of a global understanding of human rights and jusƟce.,” said McEwen. “ CHRIS SANDERS
  21. 21. Thomas Jefferson School of Law Dedicated in a Moving and Joyous CeremonyWritten by Chris Saunders Director of News & Media Relations It could well have been the most glorious evening in the history of Thom-as Jefferson School of Law, the ϐirst event in a joyous three-day celebration of the law school. "We are here to both formally dedicate the new, extraordinary building, but also to mark a ritual in the develop-ment of this law school," said Master of Ceremonies, Beth Kransberger, TJSLs Associate Dean for Student Af-fairs. "Were are thrilled that you all have honored us with your presence." The pride in everyone’s eyes was evident, as TJSL held the formal dedication ceremony for its new downtown campus at the Historic Balboa Theater on February 7. There was a stage full of luminaries led by U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and an audience of proud, cheering students, faculty, alumni, trus-tees, the legal community and friends of TJSL. Special guests also included the retired Chief Justice of Brazil Car-los Ayres Britto, and former French Supreme Court Justice Noe lle Lenoir. “I am glad to be with you this evening to celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s brand-new facility,” said Justice Ginsburg. “To make a ϐine law school, of course, it takes more than just legal state of the art housing and equipment. It takes a dedicated creative faculty – determined to educate students to regard law not simply as a trade but as a public calling.” See Justice Ginsburg’s Full Remarks “This is a day of celebration for Thomas Jefferson School of Law,” said Randy Jones, chairman of the TJSL Board of Trustees. “Let it stand as a lasting tribute to those who worked tirelessly to create the facility we are dedicating today as a symbol of our ongoing commitment to the rule of law in our society.” In his remarks, Dean Rudy Hasl likened the conception to completion of the law school with Homer’s Odyssey, a journey that faced many of the same challenges Odysseus faced - the Sirens, Cyclops and Scylla and Charybdis (the clashing rocks and whirlpool.) “Our odyssey began in 2005 when I arranged for our then Board Chair, Sandy Kahn, to come up to Seattle for an ABA Conference on law school architecture, called Bytes, Bricks, and Continuous Renovations. That conference set in motion a series of events that culminated in our dedication to-day. “ The school now stands as a monument to the mission of TJSL to create a “diverse, welcoming atmos-phere,” as Dean Hasl put it. And Dean Hasl also spoke of the incredible connection between the law school’s namesake Thomas Jefferson, and a discovery made during the excavation of the construction site: “I still remember the call in February 2009 when the excavator discovered the fossil remains of a Columbian Mammoth (300,000 years old), a shell bed of unique scallop shells, the remains of a baleen Whale ( 500,000 years old), and even gold particles from an ancient river bed. But none of these discoveries slowed us down. They established an even closer connection to the namesake for this institution – Thomas Jefferson - who was known as the father of American Paleontology and had a fascination with the discoveries of mammoth remains in the Hudson Valley and in Big Bone Lick, Kentucky. The Notes on the State of Virginia, an original copy of which is in the library, make clear that an incentive for the Lewis & Clark expedition was the discovery of mam-moths in the western United States. I invite you to look at the fossil collection on the 4th ϐloor of the library and to see the Jefferson written and signed documents in the lobby.”
  22. 22. Thomas Jefferson School of Law Dedicated in a Moving and Joyous Ceremony TJSL Dean Rudy Hasl , US Supreme Court JusƟce Ruth Ginsburg , Brazil Chief Supreme Court JusƟce Ayres BriƩo, Ms. Adriele BriƩo.
  23. 23. January 2013Supreme Court JusƟce Ayres BriƩo was honored at TJSL DedicaƟon Ceremony
  24. 24. ComparaƟve Law IntroducƟon - Dr. Gail RobinsonLegal WriƟng and Ingles Juridico—Dr. Carla McEwen and Prof.Jason Fiske IntroducƟon to Us Legal System—Prof. Thomas Golden Legal Research—Leigh Inman Torts— Prof.Renee Galente Contract— Prof.Renee Galente AnƟtrust regulaƟon—Prof. Steve Semeraro ArbitraƟon MediaƟon - Prof. ScoƩ McEwen Civil Process– Prof. Salim Khawaja Criminal Law—DUI—Eric Ganci InternaƟonal Law— Associate Dean— Prof. William Byrnes
  25. 25. Thomas Jefferson School of Law1155 Island Avenue San Diego CA 92101+1 (619) 961 4343www.tjsl.eduleep@tjsl.edu @TJSLLEEP