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LEAP4LIFE GREAT RACE Eco Challenge 2012


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Virtual fitness racing with LEAP4LIFE's GREAT RACE series. This presentation overviews the Eco-Challenge race running in September 2012

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LEAP4LIFE GREAT RACE Eco Challenge 2012

  1. 1. The Adventure Continues…
  2. 2. 28 Days… 3
  3. 3. 24 Trails…
  4. 4. 4 Ecosystems…
  5. 5. COSTAL COMMUNITIESSeptember 3–9, 2012Along the rocky shores and sandybeaches of Hawai’i lie some of themost stubborn plants – tolerant ofharsh growing conditions. Theseareas are also home to colorfulcoral reefs, the mating grounds ofhumpback whales, and one of twonative Hawaiian mammals – themonk seal.In addition to the natural world, eachisland has its special coastallocales, from a historic colony oncehome to a Catholic saint and acommunity stricken with adebilitating illness to a wildlifepreserve saving nesting grounds forendangered birds.Racers will discover there is more tothe beach than surfing andsunbathing.
  6. 6. LOWLAND DRY ANDMESIC FORESTSeptember 10–16, 2012From the state tree, the tangledkuiki, to the native hoary bat, thelowland forests are present onnearly every island. These forests,known as kula, are hotspots forecological preservation andconservation efforts with manyendangered plant and animalspecies.The trees in this area were critical toancient Hawaiians with the lamatree, considered sacred to Laka, thegoddess of the hula, used as postsin the construction of homes and thewilwili used for boats andsurfboards. In many places, thisnatural ecosystem gave way tosugar plantations and otheragriculture.
  7. 7. WET FOREST ANDWOODLANDSeptember 17–23, 2012Known as wao akua the wet forestsof Hawai’i were reserved for thegods. And even after the arrival ofCaptain Cook in 1778, these landswere relatively untouched.Today they are the lush and colorfulhome to diverse species of colorfulnative birds, trees, ferns and otherplants. While these areas mayappear isolated and protected, theyare often vulnerable to invasion byalien plants.Throughout the event, racers willlearn more about the ways they canprotect the ecosystems in whichthey travel.
  8. 8. ALPINE DESERTSeptember 24–30, 2012Harsh, barren, cold and hostile –many would assume the summits ofMauna Kea, Mauna Loa andHaleakala to be lifeless. But thesilversword, found only on thosepeaks, reminds us that life finds away, as it grows in volcanic cinder.The sheer enormity of the dormantvolcanoes in this ecosystemdemonstrate the power of nature asit brings to mind the creation story ofthe islands themselves and theirbirth in fire.As the racers reach the end of theirjourney here, they’ll find confidence,knowing they have taken their firststeps on the way to greaterwellbeing.
  9. 9. Uniquely Hawaiian
  10. 10. HAWAIIAN CULTUREAncient Hawaiian myths revere fourtiki gods, Kanaloa, the god of thesea; Ku, the god of war; Lono, thegod of fertility and peace; and Kanethe god of light and life. As racersparticipate in the Eco-Challenge andare immersed in the ecosystems,they’ll be introduced to Hawaiianmysticism, traditions and lore. We’llexplore the impact this history hason modern Hawaiians and theirsense of ‘aina, or respect and carefor the land and sea.
  11. 11. ENDANGERED SPECIESHawaii is the extinction capital of theworld, with 75 percent of the U.S.’sknown extinctions occurring on theislands. Most of these extinctions,and the current endangeredspecies, are the result of humanintervention and the introduction ofalien plant and animal species.Before these plants and animalsdisappear, racers will be introducedto the Hawaiian monk seal, thehoary bat, the green sea turtles andthe Hawaiian goose and other birds,as they virtually travel through thediversity of Hawai’i and learn howthey can help save a species.
  12. 12. Virtual Fitness RacingCorporate WellnessVirtual fitness racing within a GREAT RACEmakes it easy to introduce your employees to ahealthier, more active lifestyle. Your Company Your Employee Teams Your Employees Achieve Sponsors Teams Race (Virtually) Goals and Earn AwardsYour employees form 10-person teams to raceagainst other teams from all around the world. Thegoal? Healthier lifestyles for everyone – but alsopersonal rewards and awards that are a part of theLEAP4LIFE program. At the end of the GREAT RACEevent, each racer continues to reside in theLEAP4LIFE online community. 14
  13. 13. Eco-Challenge 2012GREAT RACE: Hawaiian Islands Eco-ChallengeA 4-week, 28 day virtual racing event intended tointroduce health & wellness with a performanceperspective. In the Eco Challenge, racers are taken “offthe major roadways” and into well known, backpackingand hiking trail environments via simulation. Racersexperience specific nature features, historic elements,and conditions of the ecosystems and locations throughstorytelling as they compete through daily activity.LEAP4LIFE’S GREAT RACEHawaiian Islands Eco-Challenge• 4 week event featuring 4 unique ecosystems and 24 trail heads across the Hawaiian Islands• 10-person race teams form to compete for prize packages, awards and a healthier lifestyle by increasing daily fitness activities and caloric burn. 15
  14. 14. Eco-Challenge 2012GREAT RACE: Hawaiian Islands Eco-ChallengeOver a 28-day period, teams will collectively attempt to burn210,000 calories across their 10-member teams in pursuitof improved health and over $2,000 in cash prizes!Cash prizes will be awarded to the 1st place teams acrossthree performance levels, plus other prizes and awards fortop individual performances.GREAT RACE EXPERIENCEPast Participants Quotes“This challenge has been great thus far. It keeps me onmy toes & I have such great...I mean the GREATESTteammates!! Support & motivation is what I needed toget started....” – Lorelei C“My favorite part of the challenge, was just thecompetition itself. I am very competitive by nature andfound myself doing extra just because I wanted ourteam to win.” -Melisa G“Participating in the virtual Great Race across theHawaiian islands made me realize that you must stepoutside of your comfort zone to discover your innercourage to step it up, to discover new things.” -Elyson R 16
  15. 15. Eco-Challenge 2012GREAT RACE: Hawaiian Islands Eco-Challenge 17 17 17
  16. 16. Eco-Challenge 2012 GREAT RACE: Hawaiian Islands Eco-Challenge GREAT RACE Event: 9/3/12 – 9/30/12 Race Registration: Now – 8/13/12 Pre-Race Warm-up Events: 8/6/12 – 9/2/12 Race Structure: 10-person teams, virtual race Race Registration & Entry Details: $120 per Racer; $1,200 per Company Team • 10-person teams; minimum one team • Register at: Race Package Includes: • All event coordination and communications • Pre-race warm-up events and LEAP4LIFE on-boarding • 4-week LEAP4LIFE GREAT RACE EVENT • Fitness programming, measurement, & reporting • GREAT RACE Racer Kit, including • Personal biometric device and online goal setting and performance tracking software suite* • GREAT RACE commemorative bib, brochure & starter package • 1-yr subscription to LEAP4LIFE* 18*Applicable to first time GREAT RACE participants and new LEAP4LIFE Members
  17. 17. Race Sponsorship GREAT RACE Eco-Challenge Packages Via the GREAT RACE, Coalition Partners have the opportunity to deliver targeted communications and brand messaging to consumers in rich media and traditional media formats such as racing kits, email and online brand placements.Coalition Partner Offering$250 Flat Fee Race SponsorshipPackage Includes:• Sponsorship of one (1) GREAT RACE event (Trailhead) via brand placement and race communications on event dates (see schedule for timing and availability)• Full brand page development and integration within LEAP4LIFE’s Stadium – exposing your brand, special offers, and communications to all LEAP4LIFE members• Insertion of one (1) promotional offer/item into GREAT RACE racer kits (size, weight and timing restrictions apply)• Reporting 19