True spirit ecommerce wireframe


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True spirit ecommerce wireframe

  1. 1. Design by: Lissa Doty
 Student Project. General Assembly UXDI Winter 2013
  2. 2. About the Product: 
 TrueSpirit is a school uniform website for parents who want an easy way to shop for clothes online and get feedback about their choices from family and friends. TrueSpirit offers a co-shopping experience with the ability to share, edit, and approve clothing choices, making it a perfect option for busy families. ! ! About the Project: 
 TrueSpirit is a student project for General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive. We were given user research, scenarios, and personas, and, we were tasked with creating wireframes for a fresh, modern school uniform website.

  3. 3. screens
  4. 4. CASE STUDY
  5. 5. Research Method: ! Competitive analysis ! We researched school uniform sites, as well as other ecommerce sites.! 
 Findings: ! Many clothing e-commerce sites offer the ability to share your likes and favorites publicly on social media, but no easy way to privately collaborate on purchasing decisions.! 
 Opportunities Identified: ! Offering a way for busy parents (and fashion-impaired parents), to get quick feedback on clothing choices could inspire increased brand loyalty, resulting in more return visits.!
  6. 6. User interviews Method: ! We were given user personas and scenarios; all user research was done by our teacher and designers-inresidence.
  7. 7. Personas
  8. 8. Scenarios Method: ! ! We were given user scenarios
 - shopping (but not buying) at work! - shopping for children with opinions! - fashion-challenged parents
 And came up with the flowing user journey: ! ! SET UP AND FIRST RUN
 Opportunities Identified: ! ! Co-shopping.!
  9. 9. Design Iteration 1 Method: ! Sketched out ideas on paper, and then put them into Omnigraffle, where I was able to test user flow on my classmates.
 Privacy was a big concern.! ! Opportunities Identified: ! Sharing privately, without involving social media.! ! !
  10. 10. Design Iteration 2 - Hypothesis Method: ! I tested my prototype on my classmates, who had also been assigned this same project.! Findings: 
 Everyone was interested in the concept of sharing your shopping bag.! ! Opportunities Identified: ! Move forward with increased emphasis on versatility and ease of sharing.! !
  11. 11. Prototype Method: ! I created a prototype in Omnigraffle that captured the screen-based version of the experience. ! ! AWARENESS 
 Awareness of the product! ! SET UP AND FIRST RUN" First time experience
 - setting up an account
 CORE PRODUCT EXPERIENCE! Shopping for required school uniforms! Sharing your choices with family and friends! getting feedback about choices and buying with! confidence.

  12. 12. TrueSpirit allows users to share their shopping bag with friends and family. Recipients can give a thumbs up or down, suggest additional colors, and add items from the school clothing list. For fashion-challenged parents, feedback from people they trust could mean an overall increase in the number of items they purchase, and increased confidence in what they bought. HELLO BEAUTIFUL HERE’S WHAT’S NEW FOR YOU CASE STUDY
  13. 13. THANK YOU Lissa Doty!