True spirit design spec lissa doty


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True spirit design spec lissa doty

  1. 1. trueSpirit Design Specifications Prepared for: General Assembly's UX Design Immersive By: Lissa Doty Last update: Dec 5, 2013 Student Project. General Assembly UXDI Winter 2013
  2. 2. Sitemap Sign In 1.0 Home 1.1 Find School 2.0 Girls 4.0 School Spirit 3.0 Boys 5.0 Search 6.0 Bag 7.0 Footer 1.1.1 Results 2.1.Tops 2.2 Bottoms 3.1 Tops 3.2 Bottoms 4.1 iPhone case 6.1 Buy Sort 4.2 Logo Hoodie 6.2 Email Size 2.3 Outerwear 3.3 Outerwear 3.4 Accessorie s 7.2 Customer Service School Page 4.3 Logo Tshirt 6.3 Edit 2.4 Accessorie s 7.1 About Us 4.4 Plush Toy 7.3 FAQ Color 7.4 Social Media 4.5 Backpack Same search as home
  3. 3. Navigation Schema School Spirit Girls Boys Search Bag Footer Tops Tops iPhone Case Results Buy About Us Formal Shirts Formal Shirts Logo Hoodie Email Customer Service Polo Shirts Polo Shirts Logo TShirt Edit FAQ T-Shirts T-Shirts Plush Toy Tank Tops Tank Tops Backpack Sweaters Sweaters Hoodies Hoodies Social Media
  4. 4. User Flow: Sarah Green, first time user First time user HOMEPAGE SCHOOL LANDING PAGE Finds School Searches for sweaters SWEATER Adds sweater to bag, shops more, views bag Son views bag on iphone, edits items, sends back EDITED BAG BAG ON IPHONE Enters email address for son, emails bag Sarah views edited bag, then buys it CHECKOUT BAG Signs up, creating a profile BAG
  5. 5. Notes Wireframes iphone email Carrier 1. Swipe down to see the school's list of clothing. Required items are listed first. All items are marked as either Required or Optional. All items are clickable, and when they are clicked, the Product page is displayed as it is here. 12:00 PM Page Title http://truespirit/email/8746325 1 Google 2. Users can give a thumbs up/down by clicking on the appropriate icon. This up/down info is displayed in the sender's bag. School Clothing List Cardigan Sweater Required $45 3. Swipe up to see a complete product description. Swipe down when you're done to make it disappear. 4 Medium 5 4. Recipient can change sizes and colors. Edited are reflected in the sender's bag. Quantity 1 6 2 ADD 3 5. Swipe left/right to view the contents of the bag, one piece at a time. Product Description 6. Recipients can add items.