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Service in the third dimension - 3D Printing at Maynooth University Library

Internet Librarian 2015

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Service in the third dimension - 3D Printing at Maynooth University Library

  1. 1. Lorna Dodd Senior Librarian, Learning, Research & Information Services Maynooth University, @LornaDodd Hugh Murphy Senior Librarian, Collection Management Services Maynooth University, @hughtweet Service in the third dimension
  2. 2. “…a method for creating physical objects from digital designs. 3D printers build objects out of many very thin layers of material...” Matthew B. Hoy, 2013 What is 3D Printing?
  3. 3. Why should the Library get involved? 1. Shift in emphasis from storing and archiving resources to supporting the production of knowledge 2. Changes in how students are taught at third level…… learning by doing and creating and engaging in problem solving 3. Evolution in the way students interact with the world around them requires an evolution in the services we provide
  4. 4. You never know a game changer…. …. until it’s changed the game
  5. 5. Why is 3D Printing right for Maynooth University Library?
  6. 6. Fits with Maynooth University Strategic Plan which aims to “̍… harness the potential of new technologies to enable greater flexibility and effectiveness in teaching and learning on- and off- campus..” AND “…invest in and develop library and information technologyservices as critical enablers of our strategic goals…” Maynooth University Strategic Plan 2012-2017
  7. 7. It’s just another new service…. 3D printing enhances and emphasises the importance of our services Being proactive and innovative with a focus on creativity is part of our service
  8. 8. Exploratory Research Visited Chicago to see how 3D printing works in other Libraries … …Talked to Stakeholders to see if we can anticipate and meet their needs… …Reviewed the literature and talked to vendors
  9. 9. Our 3D printer
  10. 10. Launching the service… Ran an initial three month pilot phase Created an accompanying LibGuide Outline terms of use and copyright Free of charge
  11. 11. Mainstreaming the service Move the printer to a more visible location Train more staff Decide on pricing Develop further policies
  12. 12. Promotion Used a variety of methods including a social media campaign, targeting key people on campus, highlighting the service during orientation and holding exhibitions in the Library foyer
  13. 13. Usage: 154 Requests from March to October; over 95% were completed; 77% were received via web-form
  14. 14. ….“That’s not your job”…
  15. 15. “3Dprinting revolutionises our traditional relationshipwith cultural heritage...Artefacts that could only be seenbehinda glass displaycase can now be touchedand felt. At the same time, exact replicascan travel out of the country of originand thus become accessible …across the globe!” Dr Konstantinos Papadopoulos Postdoctoral Researcher in Digital Humanities
  16. 16. The Library at the centre of everything
  17. 17. “…having access to the 3D printer within the Library, facilitates an open collaboration between a diversity of people who don't already have access to the technology within their respective departments.“ Stephen Cullen Msc student in Design Innovation
  18. 18. The future outlooks for managing 3D printing services in university libraries appear very positive. With careful planning and execution, implementation of a library 3D printing studio can be fantastic opportunity for academic libraries worldwide. A model for managing 3D printing services in academic libraries by Scalfani, Vincent F; Sahib, Josh Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, 2013, Volume 72