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GDEcD Small Business Presentation by Ryan Waldrep

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  2. ► Watch the “Southern Charm” video here:
  3. GLOBAL COMMERCE: STATEWIDE CONNECTIONS Regional Project Manager – Work with existing companies on expansion projects – Recruit new companies targeted for their region – Provide regional expertise and local connections
  5. WHAT ARE BUSINESS SIZES IN GEORGIA? ► There are 718,987 entities registered in Georgia (Georgia Secretary of State’s Office) ► The Department of Labor has employment information on 305,643 businesses ► 99.8% have less than 500 employees ► SBA’s definition of a “small business” ► 97.4% have less than 100 employees ► 94.1% have less than 50 employees ► 75.8% have less than 10 employees
  6. FROM W-2 TO FREELANCE 33% 67.2% 2015 Freelance W-2 13.4 % 86.6% 2010 50%50% 2020
  8. DIRECT SERVICES TO SMALL COMPANIES ► One-On-One Contact ► Tax credits, resources, connections ► Tourism, Arts, Film, Music ► Export assistance ► Centers of Innovation
  9. GEORGIA RANKS . . . ► #1 in US for best state for business-5th Consecutive Year (Site Selection Magazine) and 4th Consecutive Year (Area Development Magazine) ► Georgia scores an “A” for Small Businesses Friendliness ( ► Georgia ranks #9 for Most Entrepreneurial State; #1 Average of SBA Loans; #5 in Highest Growth in Number of SBA Loans (Nerdwallet) ► Top Five for best environment for small business and entrepreneurs ( ► Georgia ranks #4 in US for best environment for small business and entrepreneurs and earned an A- grade for overall friendliness to small business ( ► #2 for fastest growth in number of women-owned firms and #2 for highest number of black-owned firms (American Express OPEN) ► Georgia ranks #5 in US for top state for business and #2 in workforce (CNBC) ► Georgia ranks #1 in US as a top exporting state (Trade & Economic Analysis) ► GDEcD ranks #1 'best in class' state-level economic development agency in US (IEDC)
  10. SO HOW DO I GET INVOLVED? ► 2018 Georgia Small Business Week ► Micro site: business ►Resources ►Contacts ►Calendar of Events ► Small Business Blog
  11. Small business is BIG business in Georgia! Ryan Waldrep / Assistant Director, Entrepreneur & Small Business / arts film

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  1. If possible, include how you have helped connect a company to another company in GA for supplier or sales opportunities.
  2. 377 Announcements 30,309 new jobs Generating a record-breaking $6.33 billion in investments Georgia’s financial technology sector saw the most significant job growth, with an increase of 250 percent over FY 16. The software and technology industry increased projects by 30 percent (42 projects), representing 9,821 jobs and $1.4 billion in investments. The state’s workforce saw significant job growth in the following industries: logistics and distribution (85 percent), automotive (95 percent) and digital media (97 percent). The food processing sector also saw a 119 percent increase in projects over FY 16. Eighty-six Foreign Direct Investment international projects created more than 6,000 jobs and generated over $1.6 billion in investments. The Athens region saw the greatest number of new jobs (2,918) and the LaGrange region experienced the largest total investment with $766 million. Eighty percent of total economic development announcements were outside of the metro Atlanta region. International investments from European companies included 51 locations, creating 4,468 jobs and generating $809 million in investments. Among European companies, those from Germany, Ireland and Italy created the most jobs in Georgia. Investments from companies in Asian countries included 22 locations, creating 1,445 jobs and generating $751 million in investments. Companies from China, Japan and South Korea provided the largest investments among countries in Asia. Companies from Canada and the Middle East generated total investments of $34 million and $20.4 million, respectively. The Entrepreneur and Small Business team served 1,760 companies in FY 17, 60 percent of which were startup companies.
  3. GDEcD has touched every single Georgia County
  4. Millennial Generation Ride of entities and services like Uber and Lyft Technology makes it easier for individuals to make a living doing what they like, when they want to and on their own terms
  5. As the percentage of Millennials in the workforce have increased, the use of the gigeconomy has increased It is expected by 2020 that 50 percent of the workforce will work for themselves, as a freelance individual Technology makes it easier for individuals to own their own business Provide goods and services that were once unthinkable
  6. What do entrepreneurs want to know? What do they think about? How can I increase by marketshare/sales/profit?