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This session describes the Prescription for Success program: a model integrating ePortfolio, Writing Across the Curriculum, and Service Learning in a community college. Graduate nursing students provided structured ePortfolio and writing workshops to improve the information literacy, technology and writing skills of students in a pre-licensure associate degree program. Students in their capstone experience were eligible to submit their ePortfolios to the Nursing Student ePortfolio Showcase Award. ePortfolios were judged by a cadre of community partners from healthcare organizations and four year nursing programs. This presentation will provide an overview of the integrative curriculum with highlights from graduate student workshops and links to the Award ceremony.

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Lehman prescription for success2011 qcc

  1. 1. Mind to Mind, Hand to Hand: CUNY SI Mini-Conference Lehman College, New York October 7th, 2011 Patricia M. Burke, PhD, RNC, CNE Christine Porter, RN, Graduate Support Christine Chang, RN, Graduate Support
  2. 2. Objectives Identify innovative and high impact strategies to make student learning visible. Discuss the benefits of e-Portfolio as a forum for promoting Writing Across the Curriculum and Service Learning Illustrate the importance of peer led student instruction
  3. 3. Queensborough Community College More than 13,000 students are currently enrolled in Associate Degree or Certificate Programs at Queensborough Community College College, and another 10,000 students of all ages attend continuing education programs on our campus. Roughly equal populations of African Americans, Asians, Caucasians, and Latinos Over 140 countries are represented in the student body About half of students were born in another country 47% speak a language other than English at home
  4. 4. Prescription for Success: Using ePortfolio to prepare non-traditional students tocompete in the 21st century job market
  5. 5. Prescription for Success Writing Across the Curriculum Service Learning ePortfolio
  6. 6. High impact educational practices havebeen shown to correlate with higherlevels of student performance(Kuh, 2008)
  7. 7. High Impact Strategies Capstone Milestone Cornerstone
  8. 8. Graduate Student Instruction Writinghttp://www.epsilen.com/cchang29
  9. 9. Writing Across the Curriculum General Education Objective Communication Interdisciplinary collaboration
  10. 10. Workshop DescriptionThe Process of Writing: A. Overview of APA – Resources B. Pitfalls in writing 1. definition of plagiarism 2. how to avoid plagiarism C. Techniques to increase confidence in writing 1. making an outline 2. student proof reading (Draft, Rewriting) D. Resources a. College Writing Center b. CELL
  11. 11. Writing Assignment Grading CriteriaStudent Total Score Develop an essay that presents a coherent, Understanding of assigned reading. Incorporate references. Write in clear prose organized analysis or point of view.Able to develop an essay that is a focused response to the Superior understanding of readings expressed through Able to integrate references to background reading Able to achieve enhanced clarity through elaboration,questions asked. Demonstrates interrelationship between accurate summary or full explanation and application to smoothly into own essay and identify references detail, vocabulary use, or sentence complexity and variety.all parts of the assignment. clinical practice. consistently. Uses APA style. Correct spelling and grammar25-Superior 35-Superior 20-Superior 20-SuperiorAnswered questions related to assignment but some areas Adequate understanding of readings expressed through Able to select material from background reading and make Able to write clearly throughout the essay: sentences maywere weak . Essay demonstrated connections between summary or explanation (some clinical application). it relevant and appropriate: identify cited material contain occasional errors, the errors rarely impedeparts. consistently although perhaps awkwardly at times. comprehension. 30- Good20-Good 15- Good 15- GoodAnswered questions very superficially. Demonstrated no Indicates some understanding of readings but explanation is Limited ability to use background reading, may identify Able to be clear and intelligible at times, but severalinterrelationship of parts. incomplete – limited clinical application. background reading inconsistently or incorrectly, or simply sentences are not clear and comprehension is impeded. ESL summarize reading to show it has been read. errors10-Limited 25-Limited 10-Limited 10LimitedLittle or no ability to address the assignment; unable to link Demonstrates little of no understanding of text or complete Little or no ability to refer to background reading or to Little or no ability to write sentences without basic errorsthoughts between paragraphs. misunderstanding of text. make distinctions between background reading and own that severely impede comprehension. ideas.5-Severely Limited 10-Severely Limited 5-Severely Limited 5-Severely LimitedPresented late – 0 points Presented on time – 1 pointAdapted from CUNY Proficiency Exam – Scoring guide (Draft 7)
  12. 12. Partnerships to Transfer BSN in 10 Evidence Making Connections for Transfer Based Communication Practice Cultural ACES Competencies ADN Writing Media Intensive Literacy Service Skills LearningHumanities ePortfolio QSEN Knowledge Anatomy & Physiology Sociology Skills Biology Attitudes English Life Experience
  13. 13. Student Driven Not a part of the senior nursing courses curriculum Student Nurses Association sponsored workshops Peer Mentoring/ Inclusion of junior classes Financial support: Prescription for Success
  14. 14. Workshop Description What is ePortfolio? Why have one? Brief Tutorial Links to Resources – ACC, video instruction, ePortfolio webpage Formatting your ePortfolio (employment vs transfer) Review & Evaluation
  15. 15. Social Media Facebook: QCC Nursing page:  https://www.facebook.com/update_security_info.php?w izard=1#!/groups/141057399272/ You Tube: ePortfolio for the Nursing Student  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtCWY2TLMWc
  16. 16. Student Nurse ePortfolio Showcase Awards First Student Nurse ePortfolio Showcase Award, Fall 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulln-k35rQo 2nd Student Nurse ePortfolio Showcase Award, Spring 2011 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmyBUOwALU8
  17. 17. Contact Information Patricia Burke, PhD, CNE, RNC, Assistant Professor Email: PBurke@qcc.cuny.edu Christine Porter, RN Graduate Student Instructor (ePortfolio) Email: CPorterRN@gmail.com Christine Chang, RN Graduate Student Instructor (Writing) Email: cc2200@gmail.com
  18. 18. Questions