Domino's Pizza TurnAround Campaign


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Domino's Pizza acts on customer feedback and reinvents the recipe from scratch. They launched an integrated campaign with documentary style footage covering the 18-month process.

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  • Integrated Campaign – Television, Direct mail, Online
  • 2009
  • Domino’s Responds Immediately:Objective: Reassure customers, strengthen brand loyalty™ conducted a study among 243 Americans to test the believability of Dominos President, Patrick Doyle, as he apologized for a prank that was video taped.
  • Domino’s had already had research tactics in motion at the time of the hoax:Transactional SurveysMail SurveysMonitored Social Media ChannelsHeld Focus Groups
  • Domino’s uses its Pizza Tracker to engage customers while getting them to provide feedback on Domino’s Pizza products and services. Customers not only track the status of their pizza but also see the pizza being built as they choose their toppings. Its fun and keeps the customer engaged and on the website. There are weakness…Weakness for the Tracker: Customers need to keep the page/tab open, eat their pizza and then come back to their monitor to complete the survey and rate the taste. Weakness for the box: its kind of chunky, how many people would actually mail this back?
  • What they find is that a lot of customers were not pleased with the quality of Pizza Domino’s was delivering.
  • Domino’s responds by re-inventing their pizza recipe and re-vitalizing the brandand create a documentary of the process, which involved franchisees and suppliers, as well as consumers and Domino's executives.The Objectives of the campaign are to: Create Awareness and Strengthen relationships with customers regarding Domino’s new recipe - Domino’s has heard your feedback and is doing something about itChange Attitude andBehavior by getting new customers interested in trying the new pizza recipe and winning back old customers lost to their competitionTry something that has never been done before- Share negative feedback with their customers and actually act on it! New Recipe is Launched December 27, 2009The TV and the Online Campaigns are Launched December 28, 2009
  • While the TV spots are airing on Top-rated entertainment and sports channels….Domino's promoted its "Pizza Turnaround" message via a banner ad on YouTube's home page. The ad included an embedded 15-second TV spot and a link into the full docu-commercial. Objective: The banner ad/trailer entices viewers to visit the Social to see an in-depth version of the documentary- which ultimately ends up on YouTube
  • YouTube views for Official Domino’s videos:Trailer: 247,732 views Docu-commercial:814,224 views Door-to-Door Harshest Critics Video:136,415 views *Currently YouTube Channel- houses 33 videos and has 1,878 subscribers Followers @dominos: 32,447Agency:Crispin Porter + Bogusky- New Pizza Hashtag (#newpizza)#dominos ( coupons, news, customer feedback)
  • The follow up to that campaign is Pizza Holdouts which uses the same documentary-style type ads to follow their over-the-top efforts to get three people who hadn't yet tried their new pizza to try it. Strategy: get people who hadn't yet tried their new pizza to try it. Objectives: Engage and entertain customers, generate awareness, prove to naysayers that the pizza tastes better, Reward customers for spreading the message, and reward the hold-outs that crossed overTaste Bud Bounty Hunter Game:Allows your FaceBook account to access and use the Taste Bud Bounty Hunter GameManual entry of name and email address is requiredEach bounty you place, is automatically posted on your FaceBook profile
  • The campaigns are successful!
  • Achievements since the campaign launch include…Awards and a NominationPublicitySpoofs on YouTube thathave over 60K views!
  • Domino's Pizza TurnAround Campaign

    1. 1. Two-Way Symmetrical Social Media Campaign <br />By: Lissette Colón<br />PUR 3000 <br />Case Study: Domino’s Turn-Around Campaign<br />
    2. 2. Brief summary of Domino’s Hoax and response<br />Two employees of Domino’s post a YouTube video of themselves handling food inappropriately<br />The YouTube video got over a million hits within days<br />Domino’s President Patrick Doyle immediately responds with a YouTube video of his own, with a statement<br />The two employees were arrested and obviously lost their jobs! <br />
    3. 3. MediaCurves – 243ppl believability<br />
    4. 4. Domino’s Tactical Research<br /><ul><li>Domino’s incorporated a transactional Survey on their website, along with a Pizza Tracker that acts as a dashboard for your pizza delivery (Pretty Cool)
    5. 5. Redesigned packaging/boxes to include feedback requests
    6. 6. Kept a tally of feedback and public opinion found on social media channels such as Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube
    7. 7. Held Focus Groups</li></li></ul><li>
    8. 8. Sauce has a ketchup-like taste and consistency<br />Crust taste like cardboard<br />Frozen pizza is superior<br />Customer feedback is mostly negative<br />
    9. 9. Domino’s Launches its Pizza Turn-Around Campaign<br />The original TV Spots include unseen consumers making a series of highly negative statements about Domino's pizza while the same statements are summarized in large white type against black backgrounds. <br />Cut to Domino's President Patrick Doyle, who announces: "There comes a time when you know you've got to make a change." <br />The commercial closes with a link to <br />
    10. 10. Create Awareness and Strengthen relationships with customers regarding Domino’s new recipe - Domino’s has heard your feedback and is doing something about it<br />Change Attitude and Behavior by getting new customers interested in trying the new pizza recipe and winning back old customers lost to their competition<br />Objectives of the campaign<br />
    11. 11. Domino’s Tactics<br />Domino’s places a banner ad on YouTube's home page -The ad includes an embedded 15-second TV spot <br />Launches PizzaturnaroundMicrosite<br />#newpizza Twitter feed<br />Documentary Video<br />Microsite includes live feeds, press coverage, Pizza Holdouts videos<br />Website has a Pizza Tracker feature to engage with online customers<br />
    12. 12. The latest tweets with the #newpizza hashtag as sidebar widget<br /><br />
    13. 13. <ul><li>Building on the New Pizza Theme
    14. 14. Created another Docu-Commercial on YouTube to highlight the pizza chain’s efforts to get everyone to try their new pizza
    15. 15. Taste Bud Bounty Hunter Game tied into FaceBook-winners get coupons, free pizza</li></ul><br />Pizza Holdout Ad campaign –Social media to compliment TV commercials, the game is to hunt down friends and place a bounty on them via the Taste Bud Bounty hunter game. The friend in question is gifted with a coupon for free pizza w/purchase of a second pizza. <br />
    16. 16. Domino’s sales shot up 14% in the first quarter of the campaign and have risen steadily since. <br />US stock prices jump over 50% in the months following the campaign launch. <br />Currently The chain's stock is near a 52-week high<br />Evaluation<br />
    17. 17. YouTube views for Official Domino’s videos:<br />Trailer: 247,732 views <br />Docu-commercial: 814,224 views <br />Door-to-Door Harshest Critics Video: 136,415 views <br />Currently YouTube Channel- houses 33 videos and has 1,878 subscribers<br />Twitter Followers @dominos: 32,447<br />Social Media Metrics<br />
    18. 18. Domino's Pizza Becomes First Pizza Delivery Company to Win Back-To-Back Chain of the Year Honors from Pizza Today Magazine<br />The campaign was even nominated for the prestigious Cannes Lion Award.  <br />The campaign received publicity on The Colbert Report, Conan O’Brien, Mad Money, CBS’ The early Show, Gayle King on Oprah Radio, Fox news and others…<br />YouTube Videos Spoofed 10 + times<br />Achievements <br />
    19. 19. Thank you!<br />