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5 Tips for Using Credit Wisely


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Using credit wisely is a critical component of overall financial health. These simple tips can help you better manage your credit and lower your debt, improving your personal finances.

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5 Tips for Using Credit Wisely

  1. 1. 5 Tips for Using Credit Wisely
  2. 2. Developing good habits when using credit is essential from the moment you’re approved for your first card. Use your credit wisely by following these simple tips:LCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371
  3. 3. Maintain a low Debt to Income Ratio Don’t take on more than you can handle. A Debt to Income Ratio of about 36% is considered safe by most experts.LCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371
  4. 4. Calculating Your Debt to Income RatioTable A: Monthly Payments Amount Table B: Monthly Income Amount DueMortgage Income from wagesCredit Card Payments Rental IncomeCar Loans Wages from AlimonyStudent Loans OvertimeOther Payments Total Total To Calculate Your Debt to Income Ratio: = Divide Total From Table A by Table B and multiply by 100
  5. 5. Pay off your cards in full every month. By paying off your monthly balance you will: •Avoid expensive interest and late fees •Maintain a low debt to income ratio •Keep your outstanding credit balances to a minimumLCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371
  6. 6. Make payments on time. Every time. Late payments wreak havoc on credit scores and result in costly fees. Paying your bill on time will: •Save you expensive late fees •Avoid harassing collection attempts by creditors •Build CreditLCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371
  7. 7. Pay more than the minimum payment.Even if it’s just five dollars. By design, making only the minimum payment will keep you in debt as long as possible. Even a few extra dollars a month will help you save money and get out of debt faster.LCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371
  8. 8. Be Selective. Don’t sign up for every credit offer or promotion that comes along. Having too many cards can put you at risk for accumulating too much debt and will also have a negative affect on your credit score.LCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371
  9. 9. Using credit wisely is a critical component of any financial plan. By using your cards wisely, you will be ✔ able to: •Save money •Maintain a good credit score •Enjoy better financial health overall.LCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371
  10. 10. If you are experiencing financial difficulties in Manitoba or Ontario visit Trustees are available to answer your questions at our Winnipeg and Kenora locations. Call us now to schedule your free consultation.LCTaylor: 1.800.463.8371