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Adaptive Channel - Brochure


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Adaptive Channel - Brochure

  3. 3. YOUR CONTENT AND SERVICESWE promotional material, corporate brochures, customer satisfaction survey, company news, videos, slide shows…INTEGRATEALL +CONTENTS OUR CONTENT newspapers, magazines, tv news, tv shows, film trailers, fashion shows, customized live mag on leisures (lifestyle, well being, tourism…) = ADAPTIVE CHANNEL
  4. 4. ALL YOUR NEEDS ARE COVERED — In flight, on board or in room entertainment systemWE SERVE — Lounges entertainment systemTHE — Newsstand for passengers available from start to end of passenger journey on an iPad you provideHOSPITALITY — or passenger devices News distributionINDUSTRY to all types of devices (iPad, Android, Smartphone,AIRLINES PC, Mac, TV…)AIRPORT — Indoor and outdoorHOTELS positioningTRAIN OPERATORS (airports,ETC. train stations…) WE ALSO PROVIDE SUPPORT SERVICES — iPad rental — iPad security systems — Full content protection — Customized iPad racks and trolleys — Hotline
  5. 5. STEP 1 YOUR CONTENT AND OURA CLOUD CONTENT Automatic synchronisationBASED of all devicesARCHITECTUREFOR AN STEP 2 Works in online and offline mode CONTENTEFFICIENT AGGREGATION ANDWORLDWIDE VALIDATION CLOUD BASED PLATFORM Back officeCONTENT tools : fleet management,SYNDICATION content management, monitoring, reporting… STEP 3 YOUR CONTENT DISTRIBUTION TO ALL TYPES OF DEVICES Cloud based solution: adjusts to your needs, highly reliable (based on Amazon infrastructure)
  8. 8. LIVE MAG IS YOUR ELECTRONIC MAGAZINE IN FLIGHT IN ROOMA HIGHLY ON BOARDCUSTOMIZABLE composed from over 400 weekly newsSOLUTION in over 45 specific subjects covering entertainment, housing, tourism and well-being. OUR SOLUTION IS TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE around your company values and your customer’s center of interest
  9. 9. YOUR LOGO AND YOUR COLORS ALLOW CLEARA BRANDED IDENTIFICATIONSOLUTION by your customer that you provide him the service A MORE IMMERSIVE AND ENGAGING EXPERIENCE your customers stay in your environment during their journey and beyond
  10. 10. A WIDERANGE OFCONTENTSAVAILABLE CONTENTSINCLUDEWall Street Journal, Le Point, Paris Match,ELLE, ELLE Déco, ELLE à Table,Auto Moto, France 24 TV news,video documentaries, internationaland local city guides (best restaurants,bars, shows, festivals…), fashion shows,great chefs videos, lifestyle slideshows,various leisure and entertainmentcontents, film trailers currently intheaters and coming soon…MOST OF OUR SPECIFIC CONTENT IS AVAILABLE IN FRENCH, ENGLISH, ARABIC AND CHINESE
  11. 11. 1. NO CAPITAL EXPENDITURE you do not need to invest in hardware or software, all our service is available for a monthly fee 2. GREAT USER EXPERIENCE — OS device currently provide the best user experience i in consumer electronics and the most easy to use interface — llow your customers to receive the latest news whether a at home or when anywhere abroad — our solution works online as well as offline 3. HIGHLY SCALABLE you may start with as many iPad as you need10 and then scale up or down depending on your business needs 4. EXTREMELY CUSTOMIZABLEREASONS you can totally brand our solution with your logo and colours, as well as include your promotional material and a selection of our content centered on your values and your customer’s centers of interestTO USE 5. GENERATE NEW REVENUESOUR our solution allows you to add new revenue generating services such as duty free, boutique, information on promotional offers…ENTERTAIMENT 6. PROVIDE YOUR CUSTOMERS WITH NEW VALUE ADDED SERVICESSOLUTION such as customer satisfaction surveys while your customer is both available and experiencing your service 7. DEVELOP YOUR CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT your marketing team will appreciate the ability to know your customers better and communicate directly with them when needed and at close to no cost 8. DIFFERENTIATE YOUR OFFER TO PREMIUM CUSTOMERS by providing them with great quality contents and services which will make them feel special 9. REDUCE YOUR COSTS — udget savvy airlines save fuel after ripping out legacy aircraft B entertainment systems weighing tons — educe newspapers and magazines physical distribution R and logistical costs 10. OUR SOLUTION IS FULLY OPERATIONAL in Air France business lounges and with business airlines
  12. 12. CONTACT DAVID FAIRAND +33 (0)5 34 32 03 70 +33 (0)6 61 34 98 OFFICES IN PARIS, TOULOUSE SHANGHAI HEAD OFFICE Parc Technologique du Canal 10 avenue de l’Europe 31520 Ramonville St Agne France