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Mobile Glossary


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The mobile world is fast changing and filled with many outlandish terms to the uninitiated. Don’t feel intimidated! Here’s a quick glossary guide to some of the most popular terms you may encounter.

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Mobile Glossary

  1. 1. MOBILE MARKETING glossary Copyright © 2010 LCJ Media All rights reserved.
  2. 2. 2D Barcode A graphic image that can be photographed by a cell phone(QR Code) camera and causes the cell phone to take an action embedded in the graphic, such as providing details on a specific product. Requires software to be already operating on the phone.Acquisition Rate Percentage of respondents who opted in to participate in a mobile/initiative/campaign. Acquisition rate = total participants/total audience.Ad Impression The phenomenon in which consumers cease to notice ads because the ads are always in the same place or are unnoticeable for whatever reason.Ad Blindness An organization that acts as middleman between application and content providers, and mobile carriers. Provides message traffic throughput to multiple wireless operators or another aggregators; provides mobile initiative campaign oversight, and administration, as well as billing services.
  3. 3. Alerts Notifications, typically in the form of a text or multimedia message, containing time-sensitive information (event details, weather, news, services upates) that are pushed to a mobile subscriber who has opted-in to receive this information. Note: if the the mobile subscribers has not opted in to receive said information, the notification would considered SPAMAsynchronous A type of two-way communication that occurs with a time delay, allowing participants to respond at their own convenience.Average Revenue A commonly used financial benchmark to measure the average revenue generate by a mobile carriers mobilePer User (ARPU) subscriber, or “user”Background A background audio clip that is played throughout the MMS message. An example is a jingleAudio Ad
  4. 4. Banner Size The width and length dimensions (typically presented in pixels) of a banner/image advertisement placed on the mobile webBlink Message Text message that contains blinking text for the purpose of emphasisBluetooth A communication protocol that enables mobile devices equipped with a special chip to send and receive information wirelessly over shortranges using the 24GHz spectrum band.Brand Awareness A marketing campaign that is designed only to increaseCampaign awareness of a brand name and not set up to elicit direct response.
  5. 5. Call to Action A statement of instruction, typically promoted in print, web,(CTA) TV, radio, on-portal, or other forms of media (often embedded in advertising), that explains to a mobile subscriber how to respond to an opt-in for a particular promotion or mobile initiative, which is typically followed by a Notice.Chat Bots A computer-generated response sent to chat participants. These responses are sent without human interaction.Click The act of when a mobile subscriber interact with (highlights and click on) an advertisement (banner or text link) another actionable link, that has been served to their screen.Click Through The act of a website visitor who clicks on an ad and gets to(Web) the page that is being advertised.
  6. 6. Click -Through The process that takes a mobile subscriber to a jump or(Mobile) landing page once the mobile subscriber has clicked on a link.Click-Through A way of measuring the success of an online or mobileRate (CTR) advertising campaign. A CTR is obtained by dividing the number of users who clicked on an ad on a Web page by the number of times the ad was delivered (impressions).Click-to-Call A link on a mobile web page that when clicked initiates a phone call.Click-to-Video A ink on a mobile web page that when clicked initiates a video to play on a mobile device.
  7. 7. Contest A promotional mechanism that includes a prize and a game of skill. Consideration is allowed, but there cannot be any element of chance.Cost per A standard advertising rate of charging/paying for how manyThousand (CPM) thousands of people view an ad.Coupon A ticket, message, and/ or document that can be exchanged for a financial discount on a product or service.Data Plans Pricing Plans charged by cell phone carriers for mobile web access, text messaging, GPS, and other uses in addition to standard phone calls.
  8. 8. Double Opt-In The process of consumersʼ agreeing to a confirmation message that they want to receive a text message or email subscription.End-User A person who accessed and uses a product. (e.g. a user who watches a video using their mobile device)Guerrilla Low or no-cost marketing tactics that are ofter implementedMarketing Tactics at a grassroots level.Image Ad An image on a mobile web site with an active link that can be clicked on by the wireless subscriber. Once clicked, the wireless subscriber is redirected to a new page, another mobile web site or other destination where an offer resides.
  9. 9. Impressions A business metric for counting the number of times mobile subscribers have viewed a particular page, mobile advertisement on a mobile internet site or embedded within a text message or similar mobile medium.Index The database in which a search engine stores content from every Web page that its spier visits.Interactive Signs that become interactive when a direct responseSignage mechanism is added to them via mobile marketing.Jump Page The page or view to which a user is directed when they click(Landing Page) on an active link embedded in a banner, web page email or other view. A click-though lands the user on a jump page.
  10. 10. Keyword A word or name used to distinguish a targeted message within a Short Code Service.Media Worthy Information that is worth the attention of the editorial media and not just a sales pitch, which is more applicable to an advertising department.Microblogging Blogging in short snippets using a thirdparty service such as Twitter, Pownce, or Jaiku.Micropost The actual blog post of microblogging.
  11. 11. MMS Message A message sent via Multimedia messaging service that con-(MMS, Multimedia tains multimedia objects.Messaging)Mobile Content This is typically an SMS message that either: a) containsAdvertising advertising text; or b) points mobile subscribers to a print, web or TV advertisement that promotes mobile ringtones, game, application, subscription services and other mobile products.Mobile Coupons Discounts or financial incentives offered via mobile devices. Usually delivered by text message.Mobile Marketing The use of wirelesses media as n integrated content delivery and direct response vehicle within a cross-media or stand-alone marketing communications program.
  12. 12. Mobile Specific Software that analyzes traffic and other data on mobileAnalytical websites.SoftwareOff Portal All mobile web content, applications, and programs that are(Off Deck) not specifically offered to cell phone users directly through their cell phone carrier.Optimization Process of modifying/ refining an advertising campaign so that it will perform more favorably for the advertiser, and extend reach, boost click-throughs and conversion rates, etc. Usually, done by using more qualified data about target market.Opt-In The process where a Subscriber provides explicit consent, after receiving Notice from the Mobile Marketer.
  13. 13. Opt-out The process thought which a s Subscriber revokes consent after receiving Notice form the Mobile Marketing. An example of an Optout process includes, but it not limited to, a Subscriber replying to an SMS message with the phrase “stop”.Page View Unit of measure that tracks the number of times users load a particular web of WAP site/page.Pay-Per-Click Online advertising model that allows an advertiser to pay for the ad only when a customer clicks on the ad and enters the advertiserʼs site.Penetration The percentage of the total population that owns a mobile phone.
  14. 14. Predictive Text Intelligent software that makes typing words/text messages easieron a mobile phone keypad. Utilizes a built in diction. As the mobile subscriber pressed certain keys, the software tries to predict the words the mobile subscriber intends to compose based on the letters that correspond to those keys.Predictive Text Intelligent software that makes typing words/text messages easieron a mobile phone keypad. Utilizes a built in diction. As the mobile subscriber pressed certain keys, the software tries to predict the words the mobile subscriber intends to compose based on the letters that correspond to those keys.Premium SMS Text messages that are paid for by the consumer, usually recurring subscription or a pay-to-vote option.Proximity Marketing tat pulls consumers towards the advertiser byMarketing attracting them to the content. Most often associated with Bluetooth marketing.
  15. 15. Pull Messaging Marketing that pulls consumers toward the advertiser by attracting them to the content.Push Messaging Marketing that pushes the message at the consumer usually by interrupting the actual content.Real Simple The model for content discovery and purchases that isSyndication provided by operators on-deck. This model is increasingly(RSS) emerging off-deck, and replicates the PC Web experience for sites designed for handsets.Redemption The number of percentage of consumers that actually took advantage of a particular offer.
  16. 16. Search Engine A form of marketing that seeks to promote websites byMarketing (SEM) increasing their visibility in search engine results pages.Search Engine The process of improving the volume and quality of traffic toOptimization a Mobile Web site from search engines via natural search re-(SEO) sults for targeted keywords.Short Code A five-to six- digit code that is used in a text message campaign.Short Message Standard text messaging.Service (SMS)
  17. 17. Redemption The number of percentage of consumers that actually took advantage of a particular offer.SMS Message A message sent via a Short Message Service. 160 characters in length and most commonly referred to as a text (or txt).Smartphone A handheld device that integrates mobile phone capabilities with the more common features of a handheld computer or PDS. Smartphones allow users to storeinformation, email, install programs, along with using a mobile phone in one device.Spider Also known as a bot, robot, or crawler. Programs used by a search engine to discover, download and index Mobile Web content.
  18. 18. Text Ad A static prepended or appended text attached to an advertisement.Text Link Creative use for mobile advertisements - represented by highlighted and clickable text(s) with a link embedded within the highlighted text. Usually limited to 16-24 characters.Text Message Marketing campaign using text messaging as the primaryCampaign tool.Text Message Voting via text message.Voting
  19. 19. Text-to-Mobile- An embedded link in a text message that whenclickedSite Link launches the mobile browser and loads the site activated in(Hyperlink) the link.Text-to-Win Contest in which someone wins by texting a particularContest short-codeTiny URL ( A site that takes lengthy URLs (website addresses) and converts them into short URLs that are copied and pasted more easily for consumer use.Transcoding Process of stripping our all unnecessary graphics and coding from a desktop-built website so that it will be displayed more effectively on a mobile device.
  20. 20. Unique User A specific mobile subscriber. Every mobile subscriber has some sort of alpha and/ or numeric code that is sent with each advertisement request. These unique identifiers are used to determine how many “unique users” view each ad.Unsolicited Commercial of SMS or MMS messages sent to subscribersMessages without seeking prior approval.Unsubscribe Process of opting out a a mobile subscription service/application.Vanity Specifically requested short code number. It spells out aShort Code content providerʼs name, brand, and an associated word or is easy to recall number sequence.
  21. 21. Visibility How well-placed yourWeb site is in thesearch engines for relevant keyword searches.Viral Marketing Marketing that is spread naturally from consumers via word of mouth. Often seen in forwarded email.Walled Garden The phrase describing carrier portals that only give certain content to consumers.WAP An increasingly popular format of choice for mobile web. It is specifically designed and formatted for display on a mobile device.Widget (mobile) A piece of code on a website that runs a small program on the site. Can be used on mobile devices as well as desktop sites.