Intro To Mobile Marketing


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New to mobile marketing? Get involved today to reach your customers instantly and in real time.

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  • Intro To Mobile Marketing

    2. 2. Simplicity + Adaptable + AdvertisingMobile is taking over the advertising business: there will be 5.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide by 2013 (PortioResearch) , while smartphone sales continue to show strong growth, resulting in a richer web experience for everyone. Inother words, as the mobile web comes into its own, so will brand expenditure on mobile marketing and advertising, whichis predicted to quadruple by 2014 (Juniper Research).With interactive, permission-based advertising quickly gaining ground, mobile is fast on its way to becoming one of theprimary ways to market your business. Were here to help you get on board and get you dramatic results through mobilemarketing.LCJ Media helps companies develop comprehensive mobile marketing strategies and implement executable goals to delivermeasurable results to your mobile customers. WHY GO MOBILE? • There are over 258 million wireless lines in the United States, representing per capita wireless phone penetration of 80%. • 49% of mobile users actively use SMS (short message service) regularly. • Globally there are twice as many users of SMS as there are active users of email. • SMS messages are typically read within 15 minutes of receipt, and responded to within 60 minutes. • 65% of email is spam, while only 10% of SMS is spam.
    3. 3. 6 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Works The consumer-worshiped mobile phone has emerged as a viable marketing channel that has marketing executives salivating. It already is creating new and effective ways to reach and connect with consumers at anytime from anywhere.  Here are six reasons why mobile phone marketing is fast becoming a powerful marketing tactic.Convenience - Consumers are now able to make reservations, find out their favorite clothing store is offering a 50% sale,order a meal to be picked up later, and even get a heads-up if their child is coming up on a waiting list for a certain preschool. All of these tasks are possible with mobile marketing.Personal - 91 percent of mobile users keep their phone within one meter of reach 24 hours a day seven days a week. Bycontacting your customers through their cell phones, you are being put into the same category as your customers’ friends andfamily. Businesses are discovering that it’s easy to provide that same feeling of individual treatment when they are contactingcustomers on a one-on-one basis.Quick - Mobile text marketing is quick.with text message marketing you can use that sense of urgency to help promote aspecial offer on a slow day or remind people of a lunch special you are featuring.ROI - Mobile marketing helps your marketing return on investment because the advertisement is often welcomed since it isbased on getting permission first. Marketing via the mobile phone channel can offer better results. With mobile marketing, thetracking and reporting for campaigns can occur literally in real time.Green - Mobile marketing is green. Many environmentally savvy customers appreciate that there is no waste of paper. Not onlydoes text message marketing reduce waste, the company’s message is also stored on the recipient’s phone. By transitioning toSMS mobile marketing, businesses reduce waste while actually promoting their company.The Wave - Mobile marketing is the wave of the future— mostly because Generation Y is our future. Mobile marketing isproving to be one of the most effective ways to this audience.  Generation Y alone is estimated to put out $200 billion annuallyin discretionary spending. As a result, advertisers are clamoring to reach them in digital and mobile environments because that’swhere they’re spending so much of their time. 
    4. 4. Strategy + Creativity + TechnologyAs the marketing landscape continues evolving at a rapid pace, brand strategies today must include a thoughtful,manageable plan that can be flawlessly executed and easily measured. The traditional process must be adjusted andimproved to see modern results. Our Mobile Approach is Simple... Target your prospect. Mobile marketing puts your message directly in the hands of your desired consumer. Psychographic, geographic and demographic targeting allows you to avoid costly penetration of an irrelevant audience. Track your results. Message delivery rates, response rates and sales conversion rates are transparent, and immediate. This allows marketers to invest further in profitable campaigns and cancel unprofitable campaigns in a timely manner, saving dollars and increasing return on investment. Increase sales. Talk to your prospect in a meaningful way, and deliver the message right into the palm of their hand. Customers “opt in” to receive desired communication from your firm. These messages are sought after, viewed favorably, and reacted to quickly by the recipient.
    5. 5. How Mobile Marketing WorksMobile campaigns are intended as a complement to your existing marketing campaigns. The contact device is the“keyword” (your unique tracking methodology) and “short code” (technology platform for interaction). The keywordand short code can be added to any existing marketing channel: Television, Radio, Print, Online, Outdoor, etc.SMS can be used in a variety of ways. Marketers can take advantage of the immediate and personal nature ofthe delivery to: HOW TO USE MOBLIE ADS• Provide information on the go. Discounts, contests, coupon or other offers.• Last minute offers/Not available elsewhere. Send users a special offer in real timethat is only available to SMS subscribers. Allow them to redeem the offerimmediately , using their wireless device. YOUR AD• Encourage Interaction. Ask recipients to participate in a poll, survey or contest. HERE• Provide ongoing reminders. Support flight reminders, hotel reservationreminders, and car rental reminders.
    6. 6. CAPTURE CUSTOMER DATA Congrats! Email to redeem your FREE business cards!Build your customer database by using the below mobile marketing tools: Simple SMS Text Messaging TEXT LCJ TO 67777 Text2Win Contests, Voting, Polling Surveys & Trivia IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Mobile Websites or WAP sites (Wireless Application Protocol) Mobile Coupons MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) 2D Barcodes (Mobile Capturing & Ticketing)
    7. 7. LCJ Media - Where Creativity Meets Possibility! Don’t Be Shy, Let’s Chat Today! Email us at