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LCF History Presentation


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View Lutheran Church of Framingham history, wider church membership, and local structure including officers and committees.

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LCF History Presentation

  1. 1. The Lutheran Church of Framingham A Community of Faith Dedicated to Giving Glory to God in Christ byWorship, Service, Education, Fellowship and Outreach
  2. 2. It is by grace that you have beensaved, through faith; not by anything of yourown, but by a gift from God… Ephesians2:8 As Lutherans, we believe that we are sinful and unable to get in a good and right relationship with God on our own. We are made right with God (saved from our sin) by God’s gift of Jesus Christ – His Son and Our Savior – who paid the price for what we do wrong. We cannot earn God’s Love, for God already loves us. We can, however, respond to this love by accepting it, giving thanks for it, learning more about it and sharing it with those around us.
  3. 3. “I have placed my rainbow in the clouds as a sign of my promise until the end of time, to you and to all the earth.” Genesis 9:13
  4. 4. A Brief History of LCF• First Worship – Easter Sunday 1956 at the Athenaeum Hall, Concord Street, Saxonville• Charter Signing 1958• Edgell Road Facility built in 1960• Early Years Rented Charlotte Dunning School (Frost Street) for Sunday School Classes
  5. 5.  Pastoral Leadership  The Rev. Andrew Finger 1956-1991  Pastor Emeritus  Founding Pastor  The Rev. David Cote’ 1992-1995  The Rev. Richard Hurst, Sr., 1996-2011  Open Call 2012
  6. 6. National Church AffiliationLutheran Church – Missouri Synod 1956-1976Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches1976-1988Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 1988- The Rev. Mark Hansen, Presiding Bishop (Chicago, IL) Baptized Members: 4,850,776 Congregations: 10,549 Synods: 65 in nine geographic regions
  7. 7. Regional Jurisdiction• The New England Synod – The Rev. Margaret Payne, Presiding Bishop • 2000 - 2012 • 20 Upland Street, Worcester, MA 01607 ) – 68,000 Members – 190 Congregations in 15 conferences • LCF in Boston Metro Conference• 2012 – Election Year
  8. 8. “We Are Simultaneously Saints And Sinners..” The Lutheran Church teaches that the “Saint” part is where we are made right before God by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The “Sinner” part is the reminder that we are imperfect beings who will mess things up with God every chance we get!
  9. 9. Four Areas of Ministry to EachOther and to the World 1) Worship 2) Christian Life & Service 3) Education 4) Administration
  10. 10. 1) Worship – Covers all the areas that make every opportunity to worship a special time! Worship & Music Committee Assists with filling the various aspects of church service each week and on special occasions. They help Pastor plan worship and arrange for special music. It is also functional in taking care of altar needs, making outdoor chapel service possible, and coordinating the use of our two worship books.
  11. 11. Good Friday Stations of the Crossin the Outdoor Chapel
  12. 12. …Worship Ushers – These are the first people that you meet upon entering the Church on Sunday, welcoming all to the worship service and handing out bulletins. Upon arriving at church, ushers turn on the lights and set up and proofread the hymn board. During the service, they take attendance, collect the offering and direct communion. Lectors – Read the lessons every Sunday morning. Lessons are available for practice prior to the service. Many lectors go on to read the prayers but that is not a mandatory function of this position. Communion Servers – Assist in distributing communion at the Altar during the Sunday morning service. Acolyte –They are responsible for lighting the candles at the beginning of the service, extinguishing the candles at the end of the service, receiving the offering plate and assisting Pastor as needed. Altar Guild – Sets up the altar for communion prior to service and cleaning up the altar after service. This person also changes the banners when necessary. Gift Bearers – Bring up the gifts to the altar along side the ushers after the offering is taken. This is a great opportunity for the young members of the congregation to participate.
  13. 13. “Come tome, all you wholabour and areoverburdened,and I will giveyou rest.” Matt 11:26
  14. 14. 2) Christian Life & Service– This area of the church encourages fellowships and friendships within thechurch and helps with sharing our joys with the communities around us. Outreach Committee – Spreads the faith through out the congregation and community.
  15. 15. Katie’s Quilters Quilt Dedication They are made with love* Meet Wed Mornings and sent with God’s* Have made 1000’s of Quilts Blessings! Warm for*Given them to Lutheran World Body & Soul Relief, Lutheran Social Services and Other Programs
  16. 16. “He leads me beside still waters;He restores my soul…” Psalm 23
  17. 17. …Christian Life & Service… Parish Life Committee –Organizes social events. This committee is not made up of individuals who run every aspect of an event, this committee is known for drawing support and assistance from the whole congregation.
  18. 18. LCF Supports the Outdoor Ministries of the New England Synod at Camp Calumet in NHActivities and Programs for Adults & Children
  19. 19. We also make good use of Calumet– as individuals and as a congregation! LCF Camping at Calumet
  20. 20. …Christian Life & Service… Christian Service Committee – Visits shut ins and ill members of the congregation. Kind words, thoughtful cards and healing prayers frequently follow this committee.
  21. 21. …Christian Life & Service… Stewardship Committee – Works hard to assist in filling all the volunteer positions with in the church and helps members to strive to use the gifts of God as lovingly and effectively as possible.
  22. 22. …Christian Life & Service Katie’s Quilters – This group of women has completed an amazing number of quilts that benefit Lutheran Social Services and Lutheran World Relief. They meet most Wednesday mornings. Continental Breakfast – On the second Sunday of almost every month, volunteers team up (2 or more) to host a simple coffee hour in the Narthex immediately following the Sunday morning service. Salvation Army – On the 3rd Friday of every month, we assist with setting up, serving and cleaning up a meal at the Salvation Army in downtown Framingham. The appropriate time commitment is 4:30-6:30 pm. Thanksgiving Baskets – Members and youth alike are called to help with shopping, assembling and delivering Thanksgiving baskets full of food to members of our community. Shopping takes place on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Assembly takes place the following day, Sunday. Chaperone/Volunteer Opportunities – Assisting & overseeing our youth for many of the following activities: Eve of St. Nick, Spaghetti Dinner, Youth Quake, Sleepovers, Family Fun Fair, Family & Friends Dinner, Annual Church Yard Sale. Angel Tree – Provide prayers and Christmas gifts for children who have a parent in prison. Veterans’ Brunch – Memorial Weekend brunch with Veterans and their families as our special guests of honor. Family & Friends Dinner – 6th Wed Evening in Lent – a fellowship meal open to everyone!
  23. 23. It starts with a gift. But its so much more.Every child has a story. For 1.5 million American children, that story is filled with theabandonment, loneliness, and shame that comes from having a mom or dad in prison. At Angel Tree, we find ways to reach out to these children, by sharing Christs love with them at Christmas and by developing year-round relationships. In the end, its so much more than giving Christmas gifts-its about restoring families. Every year LCF participates in the Angel Tree program. After receiving the names of 3-10 children who have a parent who is in prison, we contact the families to find out what the children would like and make arrangements for further contacts.People in the church give money to purchase gifts, volunteers go out to buy the items, yet other people wrap them up and then we deliver them.
  24. 24. Thanksgiving Baskets for 50+ Families
  25. 25. 3) Education – This area focuses on the educational enrichment of all ourmembers. Christian Education Committee – Guides all the educational aspects of the church; Sunday school, adult discussions, Bible studies, and other special programs.
  26. 26.  Each year the youth of LCF  The Greentree Homes financially support two programs of Lutheran Social Services of New  Making a difference in the lives of England (LSSNE) adolescents is what the Greentree Homes in Brockton, Massachusetts, are all about. In June, we close the Sunday School Year with a “Youth Walk”. One half of the funds raised support the Green  Our goal is to provide professional help Tree Homes of LSSNE and the other and programs which will enable our half is used for youth activities and young residents, ages 12 to 17, to focus programs at LCF. on the issues which brought about their need for placement. Each November we have a Youth Spaghetti Supper which raises money  During a residents stay at Greentree they for confirmation activities. A portion of grow through self knowledge, and heal in the proceeds (from 10-50%) are the embrace of a caring community, as donated to the Good News Garage. they begin to develop positive values and attitudes.
  27. 27. Scout Sunday
  28. 28. …Education Sunday School Teacher– You can assist with the success of Sunday school by volunteering your time or talents. You can be a Sunday school teacher, aide or substitute. Good Friday Youth Event – On Good Friday, the youth of the church are invited to the church for arts & crafts and “Stations of the Cross”. The program takes place from 10:00 – 12:30 and many volunteers are needed to assist with craft projects and snacks. Christmas Pageant – Assist in the directing of the youth Christmas pageant. Responsibilities could include helping the youth with their lines, picking out the appropriate costume or holding rehearsals. Special Programs – Assistance with teaching First Communion class, Lenten programs, and other activities.
  29. 29. The “Eve of St. Nick”Delivery Elves visit 100+ Children in 7 Communities!
  30. 30. 4) Administration… – The Lutheran Church of Framingham is such a success because of all the activities that go on behind the scenes. There are many ways you can help. Properties Committee – This committee is responsible for looking after the church, grounds and the parsonage. Assistance with special work projects & clean up days is of great help to this committee.
  31. 31. …Administration… Finance Committee – Using the congregation’s pledges and other sources of income, all the foreseen expenses are covered through this group’s efforts. This group is responsible for compiling a yearly budget.
  32. 32. …Administration Counters – Every week two volunteers count the offering, prepare the bank deposit and drop the deposit off at the bank immediately following the service. Anyone who can fill out a deposit slip is capable of filling this position. Snow Shoveling – A volunteer to shovel snow is needed every Sunday from November to April. Only the walkway needs to be cleared by 9:00 am every Sunday. Council Officers – President, Vice President, Secretary, Financial Secretary & Treasurer. Special Projects – Cleaning, planting, trimming, painting, & fixing projects pop up all the time.
  33. 33. Look at the birds in the sky. They donot sow or reap or gather into barns;yet your heavenly Father feeds them.Are you not worth much more thanthey are? Matt 6:26
  34. 34. Congregational Structure &LeadershipVoters’ Meetings Meets Once in June and Once in Dec Decides Budget and Policies Makes Decisions about Church Properties and Capital Improvements Receives Reports from Committees Special Voters’ Meetings may be called to address specific issues All active adult members are eligible to vote
  35. 35. Congregational Structure &LeadershipCongregation Council President Vice President Secretary Financial Secretary (Records Income and Issues Financial Statements) Treasurer (Pays Expenses and Files Tax Reports) Pastor is only permanent member Members elected at Semi-Annual Voters’ Meeting in December Committee Chairs (Eight Standing Committees – These Council Members are Elected as Chairs of Specific Committees
  36. 36. Standing Committees Worship and Music Outreach Parish Life Christian Service Stewardship Christian Education Properties Finance
  37. 37. “He leads me beside still waters;He restores my soul…” Psalm 23