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The most common grammatical errors made by non native

This is a presentaion of the most grammatical errors that learners of English make whilst learning grammar.

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The most common grammatical errors made by non native

  1. 1. The most common grammatical errors made by non-native English speakers. Do you make mistakes like these?
  2. 2. Grammatical Errors • plural noun "many cat" instead of many cats. • Subject-verb agreement "he like cheese" , she like cheese, she go, my father work instead of "he likes cheese".
  3. 3. Grammatical Errors • Verb tense "yesterday I eat, "tomorrow I eat" instead of I eat, I ate, I have eaten • Articles - The/a/an I went to store" or "He likes movie" instead of I went to the store or He likes the movie.
  4. 4. Grammatical Errors • Confusing prepositions He got a job in Microsoft instead of "He got a job at Microsoft" • Phrasal Verbs Return back instead of give back
  5. 5. Grammatical Errors • Past tense instead of present perfect: Were you ever in China? instead of Have you ever been to China?