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2014: Year of the Digitally-Native HCP


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In 2014, more than half of all European HCPs will be digital natives. Yet pharmaceutical industry investment in digital vs traditional channels lags far behind other sectors at an underwhelming 8%. In this infographic we break down the Great Digital Divide among healthcare professionals, demonstrating why pharma must urgently shift the balance of communications to digital to remain relevant and visible to healthcare professionals.

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2014: Year of the Digitally-Native HCP

  1. 1. ANALOG NATIVEDIGITALLY-NATIVE HCPAGES 27-46MAINLY DIGITALEXPERIENCEAGES 47-65LOWER DIGITALEXPERIENCEA doctor who qualified during or after the internet went mainstream– and has relied on digital interactions through connective digitaltechnologies for his/her entire professional careerDIGITAL NATIVE[dij•i•tl ney•tiv]ACCELERATIONOF TECHNOLOGYThe pace at which new technologiesare developed has increased dramaticallyin recent years.195019401930 1960 1980 19901970 2000 2010 2020 2030 2040 2050DIGITAL TIPPING POINTin 2014, the majority of HCPswill be digitally native.1968-87 1980-99 1986-2005 1991-2010 1995-20142000 2004 2009 20202040608010026%38%67%15%PERCENTAGEOFHCPSWHOAREDIGITALNATIVEDOCTORS ARE CHANGING51%BORN2014TIPPINGPOINTOFTHE2014: The Year Digitally-Native HCPSCHOOL UNIVERSITY QUALIFIES RETIRESMEDICAL DEGREECOMMERCIALISATIONOF WWW199519891977Apple II introducedbecoming firstsuccessful PC1990Offical public faceof the internetlaunched1984The MotorolaDynaTac 2007Apple iPhonelaunched2010Apple iPadlaunchedMedscapenew EU students enrollingin medical school each yearHCPs born before internet inventedYears of practice before internet inventedInternet exposure before promotionPracticing HCPS/internet accessibility.ARE YOU READY FOR 2014? Email for more info.