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Digital Academy | Class 09


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Has the internet made Everything rubbish?

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Digital Academy | Class 09

  1. 1. HAS THE INTERNET MADE EVERYTHING RUBBISH? 24TH OCTOBER 2013 Gareth Jones Chief Brand & Content Officer, Global Twitter: @GJ LinkedIn:
  2. 2. The cult of free destroys jobs and destroys quality
  3. 3. 40% of news stories shared on Facebook
  4. 4. The Daily Mail list of things that make you ill
  5. 5. There is real danger that power will be concentrated in a tiny number of geeky hands
  6. 6. We have to take our stories back
  7. 7. Incredible role for brands and smarter agencies to be helpful with data
  8. 8. Brand + agency + great idea = economic regeneration
  9. 9. Sony Mobile co-creates art in the Arctic
  10. 10. Digital technology has the power to liberate. It also has the power to enslave. If we are not vigilant, if we are not thinking clearly, we could unwittingly end up as economic slaves to algorithms. With the right support, the right funding and the right ideas from government and from business, we can tame the beast and harness it’s energy for the good of the many not just the geeky few
  11. 11. Customer Activity Cycle
  12. 12. Examples Digital Innovation RFID Wishlist management Digital Personal Shopper Virtual dealerships Connected objects Image here Image recognition & augmented realiity
  13. 13. EXERCISE 1 Thinking about your own brand and the customer activity cycle, identify an area of the journey where you can add value to the customer experience through digital innovation which has utility at its heart
  15. 15. What you should get out of this •  Understand the meaning of DBD •  Help you look at your organisation through a digital lens •  Start to ask the right questions
  16. 16. Digital Business Design •  This discipline blends organization design consultancy with digital know-how to enable businesses to structure, organize and skill up to grasp the opportunities afforded by Digital. •  Its about creating connected, collaborative communities within companies to drive innovation, reduce cost and create business value. Organization Capabilities Process
  17. 17. We help transform the digital age … businesses for … by leading them from Innovation through to Impact
  18. 18. •  What’s missing from my formula?
  19. 19. Organisational readiness!
  20. 20. Is my business the digital age? transformed for
  21. 21. What do I look at when I look at myself and how do I get the inside right?
  22. 22. 4 key areas •  •  •  •  Functions (departments) Skills Processes and guidelines Technology
  23. 23. Functions
  24. 24. What’s the question… •  Do I have all the functions I need for the digital age?
  25. 25. Traditional organisation •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Sales Marketing HR Legal Operations Support IT Etc….
  26. 26. Digital organisation •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Traditional + Social/Community management CRM Experience design Strategy Content Media Analytics Etc,,,
  27. 27. Skills
  28. 28. What’s the question… •  Do I have enough people and do they have the skills my organisation needs to fulfil our digital promise to our customers?
  29. 29. If not… •  What is the gap and how do I bridge it?
  30. 30. Up skill/train
  31. 31. Get Outside Help
  32. 32. What’s the question… •  How do I get the most out of my partner as an extension of my business?
  33. 33. Let them be…
  34. 34. BOTH
  35. 35. Processes and guidelines
  36. 36. What’s the question… •  What is the right way of doing things?
  37. 37. What to consider •  Clearly defined roles and responsibilities •  Integration points between teams internal and external •  Do’s and Don'ts •  Brand guidelines •  SLA’s •  Test and learn
  38. 38. Techology
  39. 39. The millions of dollars question!
  40. 40. What’s the question… •  What technology do I need and why do I need it to drive innovation?
  41. 41. What to consider •  Intranet •  CMS Mobile platform •  DAM •  Analytics
  42. 42. EXERCISE 2 Thinking about the digital innovation idea you developed earlier, think about what you would need to do from an organisational perspective to deliver that idea across functions, skills, process & guidelines and technology