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Your Communications GAME Plan


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Your Communications GAME Plan

  1. 1. YourCommunications GAME Plan Holly Minch LightBox Collaborative
  2. 2. Please make sure yourspeakers are ON!
  3. 3. You need a GAME plan
  4. 4. GoalsAudienceMessageEngagement
  5. 5. GAME plan: Goals
  6. 6. SMART Goal:Increase the number of preschool Medicaid children withan annual dental visit in 6 targeted cities over 18 months.
  7. 7. GAME plan: Audience
  8. 8. Segment your audiences
  9. 9. Decision Influentials Makers ??? ??? Your ???Constituents GAME plan: Your Audiences
  10. 10. Dental Low- Head Start incomeProviders Staff familiesEducators CBOsGAME plan: NJ Smiles Audiences
  11. 11. Target Audiences Who needs to hear your message? •Who must be moved to action? •Who has the power to help? •What do they care about? •What are their obstacles to engagement? •Who do they trust?
  12. 12. GAME plan: Message
  13. 13. “What?”“So what?” “Yeah, but…” “Now what?”
  14. 14. What’s the most common chronic disease among young children? Tooth decay; and it’s preventable. Together, we can NJ FamilyCare provides ensure New Jersey’s free dental benefits tochildren get dental care protect your children to support lifelong from this common health and wellness. chronic disease. Enroll your child today.
  15. 15. GAME plan: Engagement
  16. 16. EarnedMedia
  17. 17. SocialMedia
  18. 18. Everythingbut Media
  19. 19. GoalsAudienceMessageEngagement
  20. 20. For more information,
  21. 21. Holding good ideas up to the