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Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Brochure


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Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Brochure

  1. 1. Book Before February 17 and 25-26 April, 2012 Save £200 Business Design Centre Off Standard Pricing! LONDON | UKExamining Gram Strategies, Best Practice Experiences And Approaches To,Tackle The Challenges Of Sourcing, Integrating &Manufacturing Light Weight Materials ToDeliver Improved Fuel EconomyCommercially Viable Routes For Mass Market ApplicationExpert Insights From World Leading Vehicle !"#$%&&()*+&,-&%,./0&%*/1,2(/13)*),45/#*(*(6,7"8,9",OEMS Including: Dr Markus Pfestorf Manager Material Concepts For Body-In-White Construction BMW OEM BEST PRACTICE CASE STUDIES: In-Depth Focus Benchmarking Progress Christoph Haberling Environmental Product & Of Single And Multi-Material Solutions For Cost Effective Lightweighting Materials Technology Audi BODY-IN-WHITE WEIGHT SAVINGS: Scrutinising Approaches To Balancing Weight Gains From The Body Structure With The Impact On Performance Claudio Santoni Function Group Manager Body Structures MATERIALS SUPPLY: Aluminium, Magnesium, Carbon & Alternative McLaren Automotive Composite Suppliers’ Views On Enabling Widespread Adoption And Steps To Forging A Harmonised Global Supply Chain Mark White Chief Technical Specialist - Light SCALABILITY: Introducing Strategic Visions And Technical Solutions For Scaling Weight Vehicle Structures Up And Implementing High Volume Multi-Material Lightweight Solutions Jaguar Land Rover FORMING, TOOLING & JOINING: Comprehensive Per Material Analysis On Professor Frank Henning Lightweight Construction Carbon Fibre, Aluminium And Hybrid Materials Analysis To Systematically Fraunhofer Institute Improve Forming, Tooling And Joining Techniques For Lightweight Vehicles AUTOMATION: Extensive Per Material Analysis Of Meeting The RemainingPlus, Global Material Suppliers, Including: Challenges Of Automating Parts Processing For Sufficient Volume And Mass Market Scalability Dr. Jiro Sadanobu General Manager TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION: Identifying Teijin Solutions, Cultivating Collaboration and :9&,)&+&%/1,;<2, Capitalising On R&D breakthroughs To Support Reduced Cost Of Daniel Jubera Director Sales & Marketing Manufacturing Lightweight Materials 0",="#&,"%,)0/3,*(,="(0/=0,8*0, Novelis Europe Without Compromising Performance >/*#1&% Alex Markin Managing Director International Magnesium Group !"#$%&()*To register: call 44 (0)20 7033 4970 email
  2. 2. 25-26 April, 2012 Business Design Centre LONDON | UK Dear Colleague, !"#$%$&()"*)$!"$+,,*-$ Would you like to understand how to cost-effectively source, integrate and manufacture • Benchmark your gram strategy and lightweight metallic and composite materials into vehicle systems? benefit from a 360° analysis of how OEMs are approaching lightweighting If so, we invite you to join us at Global Automotive Lightweight Materials 2012 where challenges to meet emissions targets BMW, Audi, McLaren, Jaguar Land Rover, TATA Motors, Bugatti, Fiat Auto, Ford and and deliver improved fuel economy to many more will provide you with best practice experiences and their approach the customer to tackling the challenges of sourcing, integrating and manufacturing lightweight materials to deliver improved fuel economy. • Hear directly from Material Suppliers on their approach to establishing a Clearly lightweight materials will be a signi cant factor in meeting increasingly consolidated global supply chain, stringent carbon emission regulations, providing customers with improved MPG fuel allowing a commercially acceptable economy and boosting vehicle OEM gram strategies. source of advanced lightweight With joint ventures formed by BMW & SGL, Audi & Voith and Daimler & Toray, materials across the automotive industry arguably the world leaders in vehicle lightweighting, it seems adoption of advanced • Discover the most innovative metallic and composite materials is set to dramatically increase. Of course though, Body-In-White weight reduction it is widely recognized that key challenges of both cost and performance must be strategies: Assessing the trade-offs tackled to achieve the levels of scalability required for mass market application. between weight, cost and performance Day One of Global Automotive Lightweight Materials 2012, through a comprehensive case for different multi-material solutions study analysis, will benchmark current approaches and identify remaining barriers • Share in comprehensive per material through a per material cost bene t analysis managing the trade offs between cost, analysis to decipher how to achieve performance and weight before welcoming Material Suppliers to examine the central concern of enabling a harmonized global supply chain, supporting you in nding sufficient scalability of lightweight pragmatic, cost-justi ed solutions to achieving scalability. materials: Assessing realistic solutions to both technically and commercially Day two will showcase the latest developments from research & development enable automation institutions to aid stakeholder collaboration and following that, you will witness key vehicle OEMs analysing manufacturing infrastructure concerns, the labour intensive • Deliver reduced CO2 emissions across forming and tooling processes and joining of dissimilar materials before closing the vehicle life cycle: Examine how to discussions with the crucial topic of examining how to decrease energy usage and make efficiencies and reduce wastage minimise material wastage across the manufacturing cycle. across composite material manufacture Designed by your industry peers, Global Automotive Lightweight Materials 2012 this idea • Engage in collaborative discussions and generation platform will deliver the latest solutions for a technical and commercially cultivate relationships across the supply viable lightweight strategy. Browse through the enclosed agenda and visit chain including leading R&D institutions, OEMs and Material Suppliers for the fastest way to register. Registe • Evaluate the latest technological r Befor Friday th e innovations for joining, tooling and 17 Feb I look forward to meeting you in April. to take ruary 2 O12 forming to assess how they can support the sup advantage of er early your gram strategy allowing cost- saving bird r you £2O ate, effective high volume manufacturing O See bac k page fo of lightweight materials without Ben Jeffreys r bookin g detail Conference Director, Automotive Innovation s compromising technical performanceSponsorship And Exhibition Opportunities At Global Automotive Lightweight Materials 2012Need to generate new sales leads, engage key decision makers, build new future business relationships in key markets, orsimply educate the industry about a new product? Then you need to sponsor or exhibit at Global Automotive LightweightMaterials 2012. Our busy exhibit area is an integral part of the Summit and is of genuine practical value to delegates, whoare looking for new solutions and technologies. Becoming a Conference Sponsor will help you position yourself as a marketleader and centre of excellence to the key decision makers in the automotive industry.For further information, email: info! or call: 44 (0)20 7033 4970
  3. 3. !"#$%"&$()*)+,--"&+$*##.)%$*/#")01&*1"(.)1,)2$(2)%,#3-")30"),4)*!%*+"!) #$(215"$(21)-*1"&$*#0)6),"-)/"01)7&*+1$+")+*0")013!$"0)5$12)+,016/""4$1)7"&)!"#$"%#&(?@(2$%*1)(*+,* -*1"&$*#)**#.0$0)*!)-*1"&$*#)0377#$"&)7"&07"+1$%"08),)*+2$"%$()0+*#"!"#$%!"#$%&(!)*+,%,-!.+/$&0( 88#$! CASE STUDY SUMMARY OPENING KEYNOTE PANEL: CASE STUDY 3: $#@! LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS GRAM STRATEGY MIXED MATERIAL SOLUTIONS FOR BODY-IN-WHITE!"#&! 88#&! Predicting how to accommodate the differing surface energy of metallic and composite materials Developing a commercially viable gram strategy for integrating lightweight materials – where are gains most likely to be Analysing the impact on joint performance of coefficient of What mixed-material solutions have shown feasibility for thermal expansion made? cost effective light weighting of the body-in-white to deliver improved fuel economy to the customer? Examining ‘hybrid’ joint techniques such as self pierce riveting Judging views on what materials strategies are realistically and adhesives for improved joints between metallic and available for single material usage or a mixed-material Evaluating high strength steel for structural components composite components usage - What level of expectation can be delivered from these and carbon fibre for non-structural components to deliver strategies in the short, medium and long-term? promising crash impact resistance results !B48&%..84!&84!1$2#/3%$2#/!"8)./45(/$8)6A,)+.B1C3, D.?;=;+;3C1,EB3<=9)F>39B.1F1*G Understanding the existing challenges, how these are being How can we enable accurate prediction of crash modelling approached and where the most viable areas for commercial and crash behaviour of composites to ensure structural &#8! success lie performance? Tackling the bottlenecks of material supply and high capital &#$! To what extent are current simulation models applicable to costs of material application – assessing the most viable routes composites? to high volume production Understanding the complex joining, tooling and corrosion MATERIAL SUPPLIERS’ VIEW ON FORGING A COMMERCIALLY Marrying the expertise of material developers with OEMs demands of a multi-material body in white structures VIABLE ROUTE TO MARKET FOR A CONSOLIDATED AND knowledge of material application to establish a realistic and Identifying a solution to the issues of joining metallic to HARMONISED SUPPLY PARTNERSHIP mutually beneficial path to high volume production composites Examining thermal responses and impact on MATERIAL SUPPLY PARTNERSHIPS Assessing the impact of future technological developments and choice of composites strategically preparing for future light weight requirements to Benchmarking progress towards mass market application &#%! meet legislation demands and consumer needs for fuel economy and assessing pragmatic solutions to meet the remaining!"#$%&()*+!"#$%&!%(#)$(*+!,-%($*+$./!0!1$2#/3%$2#/!,/45(/54%.6()*+), challenges enabling advantageous weight benefits within a-)./0123, commercially viable cost Understanding the current fragmented nature of supply,#-%!"#$./%01*/)2#1+!7*)*2%4!7*/%4$*+!"8)(%-/.!984!:8;<=>)=?#$/%! ,#-%!"#$./%01*/)2#1+!7*)*2%4!7*/%4$*+!"8)(%-/.!984!:8;<=>)=?#$/%! and considering pragmatic steps towards a commercially"8)./45(/$8)6456 "8)./45(/$8)6456 viable solution!7#8% Drawing on expertise from university and R&D 8$#!! knowledge centres to enhance interaction with the OEM BEST PRACTICES: CASE STUDY 4: COST EFFECTIVE LIGHT-WEIGHTING OF automotive industry BENCHMARKING PROGRESS AND IDENTIFYING REMAINING THE UNDERBODY Reviewing and analysing two large EU projects to develop CHALLENGES THROUGH COST-PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF carbon fibre-based composite technologies for high- ALUMINIUM, MAGNESIUM, CARBON FIBRE AND ALTERNATIVE 8$#8! volume application COMPOSITES SOLUTIONS Discussing future strategies to guarantee efficient 1$2+&%$3 collaborations on composites for a cost-effective CASE STUDY 1: LUXURY MARKET BODY-IN-WHITE & VEHICLE SYSTEM Proposing how to design the floor plan to accommodate lightweight strategy advanced metallic and composite materials - Assessing !B48C%(/!1%*;%46HDIJEJ5K!7#&! software solutions to assist design optimization Evaluating the performance vs cost of alternative lightweight @#8! materials to varying environmental conditions: potholes, MATERIAL SUPPLIERS’ PANEL weather and dirt Introducing low volume manufacturer’s views on the lowest @#$! Highlighting crash load responses and cost benchmarks from possible investment routes to complete the tooling processes steel to indicate performance levels of lightweight materials Examining strategies for cheaper low cost press tooling to i. Metallic Materials improve ROI ii. Composite Materials Evaluating the current manufacturing practices of low volume Suppliers views on cost projections and capability for large manufacturers to provide guidelines for future high volume adoption Assessing areas where the most gain can be made to lightweight series production Using the economic constraints of operating a small volume the floor plan – capitalising on new technologies When realistically can each material be available in quantity? production process as a guide efficiency through high volume !@485-!"#$%&!A)2$)%%4!0!:8;<!A)2$)%%4$)26>:>:51;1,? What is being done to secure supply? manufacture What is currently being done to eliminate the lack of materials 8$#%!8!#!! and competing demands of the aerospace industry? 8#!! How can key bottlenecks be pragmatically solved in a8!#$! commercially viable way for all stakeholders? CASE STUDY 5: STEEL AND ALUMINIUM FURTHER WEIGHT !@%)%4*+!7*)*2%46>3=L=. CASE STUDY 2: SINGLE MATERIAL COMPOSITE VIEW FOR SAVINGS !D$4%(/84!E5/8F8/$G%!,*+%.!H!7*4I%/$)26M123F=?N+,1O3 BODY STRUCTURES $#!! !7*)*2$)2!D$4%(/846D.;3,.);=1.)F5)*.3?=+<P,1+O8!#%! %#$! Highlighting recent advances in steel technology that could provide cost effective weight savings within existing framework %#&! Understanding composites material characteristics for – will this rival the weight aluminium body structures? accurate assessment of how they can be best utilised for what %#@!!QR#@! Determining future technology developments as a catalyst you want them to do for extracting further mass from the vehicle – what are the Estimating how to increase the fibre volume fraction and expected timeframes of introduction and costs associated with the most optimal fibre alignment strategy to improve part new and innovative technology? performance Examining the opportunities for a multi-material steel & Benchmarking against steel to dictate the performance levels aluminium body in white to display cost & weight results required by composite materials Introducing software optimisation as a tool for extracting Highlighting composite materials responses to crash situations further weight from future steel body-in-white structures to define the required energy absorption characteristics !,%)$84!7*)*2%4!:8;<!,/45(/54%.6()*+),-)./0123, !95)(/$8)!@485-!7*)*2%4!0!:8;<!,/45(/54%.659-),3.:+;1<1;=23 $#&!
  4. 4. >/3,98" 3!"&1*9$()*)+,-7&"2"0$%")-*34*+13&$()+.+#")**#.0$0)1,)$$1$*1") *31,-*1$,):)$+&"*0")4,&-$(;)1,,#$():)<,$$()=3*#$1.)1,)(3*&*1"")7*&1)-./0%#&(?A(2$%*1)(*+,* 7"&4,&-*+"):)!"#$%"&)+,01)"44$+$"+$"0!"#$%!"#$%&(!)*+,%,-!.+/$&0( 8!#$!U3??=1.:V SOFTWARE – OPTIMISING THE DESIGN PROCESS KEYNOTE PANEL: INCREASING STAKEHOLDER $#%! COLLABORATION Summarising recent aluminium automation developments and cost estimates to predict the material’s future applicability!"#&! as a mass market contender for body in white structures Assessing the most effective CAD/CAE software packages for Evaluating aluminium as the ‘short-term’ scalable optimising the design process for composites lightweighting solution for body in white structures – how Evaluating software design processes to introduce specific Drawing on the contribution of research institutions to reduce significant are the remaining barriers to mass market adoption steps for an holistically designed body structure OEM R&D risk and cost and what is the vision for tackling these? Effectively utilising software packages to help predict the Leveraging the ‘tried and tested’ from R&D institutions to Contemplating the scalability of aluminium to rival current high behaviours of composites – how reliable are current tools in guide future commercial strategy for integration of lightweight strength steel manufacturing times and cost per part their analysis and results? materials and realisation of a more fuel efficient vehicle !()*+),-)./0123, Investigating the remaining challenges with software packages Examining the opportunity for industry wide relationship maturity for alternative materials usage for body structures building to meet supply and demand of predicted future 8!#%!U3??=1.4V! !E..8($*/%!%*F!1%*;6INE1<<3,9=)FI3B=9F3?: material volumes Identifying previous automation of high-volume metallic I1F21P,1+OXN=9B3,51;1,?(1=.;I3.;+,3 Increasing collaboration and synergy between vehicle OEM manufacturing accomplishments to reveal successful part and service providers to distribute responsibility and cost for production scaling &#$! research into manufacturing methods Forecasting investment levels and payback period to develop &#&! Identifying new and improved sources in collaboration with automated processing for magnesium government: Capitalising on transferable lessons from Key avenues and areas of future technological development aerospace for the integration and application of composites that could produce a commercially viable solution for REDUCING OVERALL CO2 EMISSIONS BY DECREASING ENERGY USAGE & EVALUATING HOW TO COMPLY WITH THE END OF !,/45(/54*+!D54*J$+$/<!E);!,<./%F!K%+$*J$+$/<6 widespread adoption of magnesium? LIFE VEHICLE DIRECTIVE THROUGH MINIMISED MATERIALA,)+.B1C3,D.?;=;+;3 WASTAGE 88#$!U3??=1.EV !B48C%(/!7*)*2%46183!"*4J8)!L%#$(+%!%(#)8+82<! CO2 OUTPUT AND END OF LIFE VEHICLE DIRECTIVEB48C%(/66),S=9T5).+C)9;+,=.*P,1+O What are the key bottlenecks preventing automation of @#!!!7#!! carbon fibre parts processing? Can these be pragmatically be countered in a commercially viable timeframe? 54&!6%-#27+%-#2!1$2+&%$3( MANUFACTURING INFRASTRUCTURE: What type of technology would be necessary to allow the EXPLORING THE FEASIBILITY OF LEVERAGING EXISTING Summarising the mixed-materials used in today’s cars INFRASTRUCTURE AND IMPLEMENTING A COST EFFECTIVE efficient processing of carbon fibre for high volume? Dealing with increased CO2 output across the whole process APPROACH TO SETTING UP NEW PLANTS TO ENABLE VOLUME How feasible are the cost projections to enable automation of chain of lightweight materials PRODUCTION OF ADVANCED LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS manufacturing processes suitable for carbon fibre processing? Understanding the Life Cycle Assessment of cars and the!7#8! Assessing realistic solutions to both technically enable impact of lightweight materials in meeting the End of Life automation, and strategically in terms of cost effectiveness Vehicle Directive How could mass-market volume manufacturing impact on Influences of the energy mix used for conventional and electric carbon fibre composite part quality? drives Assessing manufacturing processing requirements of !%(#)$(*+!,-%($*+$./6A1,/ Conclusions for future lightweight materials lightweight metallics and composite materials to outline the !A)G$48)F%)/*+!B48;5(/!H!7*/%4$*+.! 88#%! best strategies for infrastructure deployment %(#)8+82<6:+/= Uncovering the global cost challenges of building new plants in @#&! a commercially viable timeframe and assessing specific topline 8$#8! challenges with: BIG PICTURE VISION: i: Aluminium ENABLING COST EFFECTIVE SCALABILITY OF MULTI-MATERIAL ASSESSING THE SPECIFIC BENEFITS AND LIMITATIONS LIGHTWEIGHT SOLUTIONS ii: Magnesium EXPERIENCED IN THE FORMING, TOOLING & JOINING OF Pragmatic considerations for setting up a new plant - DIFFERENT LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS TO DELIVER VOLUME ACHIEVING SCALABILITY MANUFACTURING PANEL forecasting the investment levels required to accommodate PRODUCTION FOR ECONOMIES OF SCALE predicted high volume composite manufacturing %#$! Assessing what materials can realistically be integrated into 8#8!!U3??=1.:E1<O1?=;3?V the current steel infrastructure? Is it feasible to integrate build lines? Evaluating how light weight composite and metallic materials Identifying the feasibility of a stamp-forming process to deliver can be integrated into a high volume application Analysing the transferability of current manufacturing plants part quality and reduce time and cost per part manufacturing Understanding the necessary investments required to deliver to streamline future adoption of forming, tooling & joining processes an automated and highly efficient manufacturing process technologies Comparing self-pierce riveting and hot or cold curing Analysing how to decrease production time to improve cost per Introducing new manufacturing technologies into existing part ratios plants to produce new component parts at increased rates adhesives to maximise join performance Examining how to develop composite tooling materials that Assessing strategies to indicate plant investments required to !7*)*2%4!7*/%4$*+.!D%.$2)!H!%./6M=??). facilitate high volume production can facilitate complex composite parts efficiently and cost!7#@! effectively %#%!!7#%! !@485-!7*/%4$*+.!1*J84*/84<!D$4%(/846 R#!!!"#$%&(!"34(%,-!.+/$&0( 8#@!!U3??=1.453;)FF=9V R#8! MANUFACTURING PROCESSING: EVALUATING THE MANUFACTURABILITY AND ASSEMBLY COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH ALUMINIUM, MAGNESIUM, Assessing how to utilise existing process and technologies to CARBON FIBRE AND ALTERNATIVE COMPOSITES TO OFF maximise forming, joining and tooling capabilities efficiency SET REMAINING CHALLENGES AND GENERATE A REALISTIC Evaluating how to drive efficiencies of joint performance of Book Before FUTURE STRATEGY FOR HIGH VOLUME PRODUCTION welding, riveting and adhesive bonding whilst maintaining part February 17 and quality AUTOMATION Analysing optimum proportions of extrusions, castings and Save £2008!#$!Q88#%! Off Standard stampings for cost-effective body-in-white light weighting Pricing! !%(#)8+82<!7*)*2%4!&84!7EK@6E123.;,G1$2+&%$3!"4/*$&%(4, W.=23,?=;G
  5. 5. +B;>6G>9<$C8.&$@.:>96::$8@26B!>G6:$+!$!;6$6G69! A;8$A>==$C8.$766!F56789:!&+!6$!;8.<;!$=6+56&:;>? +,,*-)$@1$8HI(*/)(,/"*$!1#4Advanced Lightweight Materials for the automotive sector is a growingarea of technological development. You may be pioneering these 55% Vehicle OEMsadvances, but do your customers know what differentiates you from 15% Material Suppliersyour competitors? Use targeted, editorially reviewed keynotes and case 25% Material Manufacturer Suppliersstudies to demonstrate thought leadership to your target audience. 5% R&D Institutions&+>:6$@&+95$+A+&696::$+95$>9B&6+:6$C8.&$?&8D>=6Any solutions selected by Vehicle OEMs must be subjected tocareful comparative cost-benefit analysis. Of course automakerstake into account, profile, credibility and market leadership when .,/0/,1$+,,*-$2"3$!/,0)4selecting suppliers to support, their lightweighting strategies. Yourorganisation must be at the forefront when these decisions are made.Cement your leadership position with targeted branding and profilingcampaigns directed at the leading Vehicle OEMs.766!$+95$96!A8&E$A>!;$56B>:>89$7+E6&:Thought leadership, branding and profiling are converted into 20% Heads of Lightweighting Strategycontracts through extensive face-to-face relationship building. 16% Chief EngineersAs a dedicated event to Lightweight Materials, this intimate forum 12% Heads of Exteriorenables you to meet specific job titles in one place at one time, giving 24% Senior Managers of Body Structuresyou the best possible chance of influencing key decision makers. 10% Material Directors 18% Engineers (BIW, Design, Composites) To secure your sponsorship or to discuss further, please contact Steve Thomas on 44 (0)20 7033 4970 or email steve! G69.6$>9D8&7+!>89 The Summit will be held at the :?6+E6&$=>:!$ Business Design Centre 52 Upper StreetY,5),T+?KC3?;1,C+%7*)*2%4!7*/%4$*+!"8)(%-/.!984!:8;<=>)=?#$/%!"8)./45(/$8)+456% LondonY,#EB,=?;1OBH)Z3,F=.*[!7*/%4$*+.!%(#)8+82<!D%G%+8-F%)/6:+/= N1 0QHEF)+/=1U).;1.=[!95)(/$8)!@485-!7*)*2%4!0!:8;<!,/45(/54%.659-),3.:+;1<1;=23 +44 (0)207 288 6272JF=23,U9B)+3,;3[!@%)%4*+!7*)*2%46!4+*);;=! !@485-!"#$%&!A)2$)%%4!0!:8;<!A)2$)%%4$)26>:>:51;1,? Situated in fashionable Islington, the Business Design Centre is5),T6B=;3[!"#$%&!%(#)$(*+!,-%($*+$./!0!1$2#/3%$2#/!,/45(/54%.6()*+),-)./0123, London’s most stylish exhibition centre in the UK. Opened 20 yearsK,1C#A,).TH3..=.*[!1$2#/3%$2#/!"8)./45(/$8)6A,)+.B1C3,D.?;=;+;3 ago in 1986, and formerly the Royal Agricultural Hall, the building01?)..)U3,,)[!@485-!7*/%4$*+.!1*J84*/84<!D$4%(/846AD:> was rescued from demolition in 1981 by entrepreneur Sam MorrisY).H1+?;1.[!%(#)$(*+!,-%($*+$./6A1,/ and was fully restored and re-opened as the UK’s first integrated trade, exhibition and conference complex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
  6. 6. Yes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