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PETROTECH OVERVIEW:<br />Petroleum products contain oils and chemical solvents than have vast potential to cause uncontrol...
Oil Tankers
Oil Tank Farms
Fire Fighting
Gas stations
Chemical Plants
Sewage / Water Treatment Plants
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Petrotech Overview For Rsg


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Petrotech Overview For Rsg

  1. 1. PETROTECH OVERVIEW:<br />Petroleum products contain oils and chemical solvents than have vast potential to cause uncontrollable fire and environmental damage.<br />Conventionally, these dangers are reduced through costly, labor intensive, containment, mitigation and disposal procedures.<br />PETROTECH is the fastest, most efficient, cost effective alternative for treatment of environmental pollution. PETROTECH accelerates Nature’s very own process of biodegradation.<br />PETROTECH’s process is extremely effective and efficient for oils, liquids, soils and sludge contaminated with volatile organic, semi‐volatile organic, pesticides, dioxins, and other similar compounds.<br />PETROTECH™ is an environmentally safe solution with applications for:<br />1. Fire & Pollution Control<br />2. Oil Spill (On‐Land / On‐Water) & Hydrocarbon Cleanup<br />3. Waste & Sewage Bio‐Remediation<br />4. Industrial Cleaning<br />5. Odor Control<br />Typical Deployments Applications for PETROTECH™ include (but are not limited to):<br /><ul><li>Oil / Gas Refineries
  2. 2. Oil Tankers
  3. 3. Oil Tank Farms
  4. 4. Fire Fighting
  5. 5. Gas stations
  6. 6. Chemical Plants
  7. 7. Sewage / Water Treatment Plants
  8. 8. Oil Drilling Sites
  9. 9. Super Fund Cleanup Sites
  10. 10. Airports
  11. 11. Emergency Response Teams
  12. 12. Marinas</li></ul>1. Fire and Pollution Control<br />PETROTECH extinguishes fires of all sorts; Remediates oil spills & toxic waste; and eliminates pollutants, gases, fumes and odors instantly. When applied to fire, PETROTECH engulfs the fire and the particulates causing the fire. PETROTECH is the ONLY fire retardant that extinguishes fires chemically‐free in seconds.<br />PETROTECH is patented in the United States and15+ countries around the world.<br />PETROTECH is listed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Oil Clean‐Up<br />Program.<br />Petrotech technology has been tested and proven effective in all classes of fires, including magnesium alloys. When applied to a petroleum spill or fire, Petrotech will result in:<br />•Fast Knock‐down<br />•Minimized re‐ignition<br />•A safer clean‐up<br />•Biodegradation of the fuel hydrocarbon<br />•Superior effectiveness on polar or non‐polar fuel<br />2. Oil Spill & Hydrocarbon Spill Cleanup (On‐Land & On‐Water)<br />PETROTECH is the natural choice for Oil Spill Control!<br />Any petrochemical spill, no matter how large or small, contains billions of petroleum‐ hydrocarbon molecules and the potential for a sudden and explosive fire. This danger must be contained, mitigated, and eliminated as soon as possible. PETROTECH effectively emulsifies all oils, including the notoriously difficult #6 Oil.<br />PETROTECH provides one of the fastest, most efficient, and environmentally‐sound methods available to contain and control petrochemical spills and discharges, while maintaining the safest environment possible.<br />A hydrocarbon clean‐up system, such as PETROTECH, has been found to supply most of the properties required by nature to facilitate the natural bio‐degradation of an oil pollutant. PETROTECH does not produce toxic by‐products and is ideal for the promotion of a cleaner environment.<br />3. Waste, Sewage & Soil Bio‐Remediation<br />PETROTECH accelerates biodegradation immediately when applied to waste. It also accelerates the decomposition of wastes, making it perfect for waste disposal, landfills, waste treatment facilities.<br />In addition, PETROTECH products eliminate odors instantly and completely.<br />Soil Remediation<br />For over 15 years, Petrotech has been used by experts in soil remediation!<br />As a result of vastly differing soil compositions as well as a variety of other factors such as temperature and moisture, bacterial activity may differ greatly from local to local, often yielding a wide range of results. When dealing with soil remediation, it is important to understand that many inorganic substances are not biodegradable.<br />Among these substances are metals (i.e. lead, zinc, mercury, etc) and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Generally, long‐chained saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons, and aromatic hydrocarbons react favorably to bioremediation procedures.<br />Statistically: bioremediation without assistance (i.e. without the use of Petrotech) has only been effective in 50% of known cases. Through the use of Petrotech, a very significant increase in the “cure” statistics occurs.<br />Typical Applications:<br />•Can be used to in treatment plants<br />•Waste disposal plants and equipment<br />•Odor control in landfills;<br />•Accelerates the decomposition of hydrocarbons in landfills<br />•Industrial and Household usage<br />•Ecological wastewater treatment<br />•Waste Water Garden Sites<br />4. Industrial Cleaning<br />A solution of 5% Petrotech is effective in the surface cleaning of stone, concrete and similar materials when applied with pressure using any standard pressure washer. Cleaning of metallic parts using a washing machine is usually accomplished with only a 3% solution.<br />Effective:EconomicEnvironmentally safe Alternative to hazardous chemicalsUtilizes readily available equipment.Eliminates protective clothing & special material handling equipment required for caustic chemicals.Biodegrades hydrocarbon residues on surfaces without harmful vapors and the associated air pollution.<br />Typical Applications:<br />•Carpet Cleaning<br />•Clothes Cleaning<br />•Hand Cleaning<br />•Pressure Cleaning<br />•Parts Cleaning<br />•Boating<br />Question:<br />Why is Petrotech the best known product to use?<br />Answer:<br />All Petrotech Products are:<br />•Water‐based, completely natural and 100% biodegradable<br />•specifically engineered as cleanup, mitigation, and fire fighting agents for a wide range of hydrocarbon fuel products<br />•neither the cause nor the catalyst for specific chemical reactions<br />•non‐toxic<br />•non‐corrosive<br />•bacteria‐free<br />•ozone safe<br />The Petrotech Advantage<br />ƒEffectiveness<br />PETROTECH products use a combination of the highest quality Suppressants, Dispersants, and Bio‐Accelerants (ALL IN ONE)<br />ƒSimplify Inventory<br />Multi‐use products for Spill Response, Fire Fighting, Soil and Ground water<br />Bioremediation<br />ƒReduce Operating Cost<br />Increased remediation process drastically cuts project time<br />ƒNo Special Equipment Requirements<br />ƒReduced Operator Risk<br />All products are water‐based, non‐carcinogenic, non‐corrosive, non‐hazardous, and ozone‐safe<br />Environmentally Safe<br />Non‐toxic to fish, wildlife and vegetation<br />Watch PETROTECH™ "In-Action"<br />Real World Applications... cleaning, controlling and eliminating environmental pollutions.<br />1. Oil Spill Clean-Up "On Water ": Sea of Galilea Oil Spill<br />2. Oil Spill Clean-Up "On Land": Oil Spill Clean-up at Factory<br />3. Oil Tanker Clean-Out: US Army - Ft. Stewart, GA <br />4. Fire Control: Jet Fuel Fire<br />Petrotech is Listed and Approved with following Agencies Worldwide:<br />• U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)<br />• Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection<br />• Greek Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)<br />• Nigeria Ministry of the Environment<br />• Euronorm EN‐3<br />• T.U.V.<br />• U.S. Forestry & Agriculture<br />• CEDRE (European Community)<br />• Singapore Port Authority<br />• ISO 9000<br />• WGK 0‐1<br />• 0 ‐ Norms (Austria)<br />• ABS (American Bureau of Shipping)<br />• E.M.P.A. (Swiss)<br /> <br />